The truncation of the head of John the Baptist: the signs and customs


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Every year September 11 is the greatest celebration for the Orthodox Church – the beheading of St. John the Baptist. On this day occurred the painful demise of John the Baptist. It commanded one of the four rulers in Tetrarchia Galilee of Herod, executed, and beheaded.

It So happened that since ancient times this day is celebrated the memory of this servant of God. John the Baptist more respected all the saints.

Commemoration of beheading of St. John the Baptist: history of the celebration

A painful death in 32 year from Christmas forerunner of the Lord says in the gospel of Matthew and Mark.

Dividing into 4 plots of land of Palestine, and later the death of Herod the Great, Herod Antipas became the leader of Gaul. He was married to the daughter of king Aretas. After leaving his wife, Herod began to live with wife and brother – Herodias. John always led him to clean water, but Herod was afraid to cause physical abuse to the prophet and put him in jail.

The Ruler made a great celebration in honor of his birthday, which invited a large number of distinguished guests. At a birthday party in front of all danced the daughter of Herodias-Salome. Herod enjoyed the dance and he swore to all present that he would fulfill any request or whim. Salome asked her mother, and she was ordered to cut off the head of the prophet. Herod had no choice and he gave the order to do it.

The Beheading of John the Baptist's head was presented to Salome. Pin she pierced the tongue of John the Baptist, then buried his head into the ground. The wife of Chuza, the Manager of the house found the head and hide it in a pot, buried in the land of Herod, which was situated on the mount of olives. The disciples of the prophet buried the remains of the body. After these events the Christians and began to spend this holiday.


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But it tells the story of the feast of commemoration of beheading of St. John the Baptist, this was not the end, God was angry at people who killed the prophet, so punished them. In winter, Salome tried to cross the river, Sikora, but failed in the cold streams of water. To get out of it, she was not destined, after all, she cut his head and pointed piece of ice. This head was brought to Herod and Herodias. Aref started the payback for the death of his daughter and in a rage gave orders to send Herod and Herodias in prison in Gaul, where they soon died.

Noble innocent after many years purchased the land on which were buried the remains of St. John the Baptist. But on the ground that the Church was built, but before his death innocent hid his head in the same place, where she dug.

After a certain period of time, the Church founded by innocent, was abandoned.

the truncated head of John the Baptist

The First finding of the head

During the power of the ruler Constantine the Great two Orthodox monks twice a dream the image of St. John the Baptist, which indicates the area where is located its head. Finding this relic, the monks put it in a bag made from camel hair, and went to his home. On the way, they meet a stranger who carried a bag.

The Holy prophet appeared in a dream to the stranger and ordered to run away from the monks head in the vessel.

The Stranger for a long time kept in his family this vessel, but later it took over the priest Eustathius. Having learned about miracles that could create the head, he decided to use it. His sacrilege soon learned, the priest hid his head, hoping to re-master it. But the Lord did not allow that to happen. Inside the cave, which was near Emessa on the location of the relics was erected a new monastery.

the truncated head of John the Baptist what not to do

The Second finding of the head

Next, in the fifth century, a mentor and a novice of the Lavra saw a dream in which the prophet John spoke about the location of burial of the head, and again she was found. The sacred head was moved to the city of Constantinople.

The Celebration of the first and second finding of the head takes place February 24, according to the old calendar.

Further searches head

The Next mention of the head of John the Baptist is in the middle of the 9th century.

In Constantinople, the revolution occurred because of the relocation of St. John Chrysostom and the head of St. John the Baptist hid in Emessa. Further, in times of persecution for the icons, it moved to Komana. But performing the night prayer, the Patriarch Ignatius saw the image of John the Baptist and found out about the place that holds his head.

Today there is a perception that the head is located on the territory of mount Athos, but the Ministers of this do not apply.

the truncated head of John the Baptist that no

Relics of John the Baptist

Where today is the head of John the Baptist - is not known, but some of his relics is in the Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God in the settlement of Vinogradovo.

The construction of the temple was due to the owner of the estate Vinogradovo – Alexander Glebov.

What is forbidden to do in the holiday?

Most people ask this question: “For some reason, absolutely do not cut into the items round shape on the beheading of John the Baptist?”. As you can see from previously read, this is all interconnected with the agonizing death of the prophet, which cut off the head.

So, on the day of the beheading of John the Baptist what not to do?One of the most fundamental prohibitions is to take in hands something sharp. This day is strictly forbidden something to cutting or sawing. It is forbidden even to cut bread. On this day you can break into pieces or buy already sliced.

Even in the holiday Truncated head of John the Baptist what not to do? Banned in this day eat tomatoes or watermelons. It is impossible to consume food and other products round shape, which are red in color. Religious people believe that all of these products remind of the sufferings of John the Baptist.

Also under the special prohibition is section cutting and cutting cabbage. It is forbidden even to booze and salt.

Is Strictly prohibited on the feast of the Truncation of the head of John the Baptist to bring food on the dish.

It is Impossible to carry out any festivals and concerts, weddings and wedding. Conduct baptisms, dances, singing, and any celebrations. It is considered a mortal sin, like the one that made Salome. You can neither sing, nor dance.

the feast of the commemoration of beheading of St. John the Baptist


During the celebration of the beheading of St. John the Baptist strict fasting is installed, in order to Express sorrow, regret, suffering, and sorrow about the painful demise of the Great prophet.

It is Forbidden to use throughout the day dairy, meat and fish products.

History icons of John the Baptist

Up To this point in time there are icons of the beheading of John the Baptist, created in the early Byzantine era. The picture of the Alexandria chronicle and a painting of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Çavuşin, Cappadocia, Turkey.

In the middle Byzantine era were widespread following the iconographic contents: prophet is in the reclining position, the soldier swings over his neck with his sword; the background for the thumbnail is the desert.

The Head of St. John was written separately from the whole body. From his neck flowed in streams of blood, and standing next to him, "the executioner" put the murder weapon in its sheath.

In the icons of ancient Rus describes the head in the vessel in the background was used by the Church. On both sides were the Incas and the ruler Constantine.

Many times, the painters had depicted the prophet on his knees, his hands were tied in front, and the soldier who ordered the execution of the king, started to bring the gun over John the Baptist.

commemoration of beheading of St. John the Baptist icon

Prayers of the beheading of John the Baptist

Through prayer, people begin to learn that they are not alone on this planet that there is a God who is above us. He can hear all our secrets, secrets, flaws, and help in difficult times. The prayers of the saints help to know themselves, to find the path that is intended for each person life.

At this point in time there are several prayers to the prophet John the Baptist (the forerunner, Troparion, the Kontakion of the forerunner and Exaltation of the forerunner) for a petition good of your own family, victory over evil spirits and expose the evil plans.

the truncated head of John the Baptist prayer

Orthodox rites and incantations carried out in the occasion

In the Orthodox feast of the Truncated head of John the Baptist, all believers must go to Church, say a prayer and apologize for all their crimes. Our ancestors also believed that if this day to make a wish, then John the Baptist will be able to help in its execution.

Usually pray for the health of their children, relatives and all others.

Among the major religious rites that are held in this festival, there are the following:

  1. The Reading of prayers. The ideal option would be to appeal to the miraculous icon of St. John the Baptist, if you don't, you can read the prayer in front of any icon depicting a Saint. It is noted that the prayers will contribute to getting rid of severe headaches and other diseases.
  2. Adherence to a strict post. According to some priests, if in this day to follow the post, you will be able to rid yourself of a number of sins. Prohibited the consumption of fatty and smoked foods and any alcoholic beverages. The ideal solution would be to spend the whole day reading prayers.
  3. Be Sure to go to Church and put a candle.

the truncated head of John the Baptist omens

Folk rituals and charms

If we consider this feast, not on the part of the Ministers of the Church, and from the ordinary people, the day of the beheading of John the Baptist omens, superstitions, rituals and conspiracy following:

  1. On this day be sure to collect from the gardens of carrots and beets.
  2. During Russia this day carried out a conspiracy on the horses, so that they were more healthy. Today, by analogy with horses, runs a conspiracy of cars. Before you make the conspiracy, you should sprinkle it on the car 3 pinches of salt, and then to say special words: “From all sorts of troubles from evil men, from the influence of devils. Amen”.
  3. If the people dear to you for a long time hurts, it is not excluded that it has the evil eye. This day can be most effectively get rid of it. This would require a three times wash with water drawn from a well or source, then read the following words: “Help me mother nature to be cleansed of defilement and sin and envy is a stranger to drip mylife back on track, to not tormented my body and soul various hardships. Let it be”. The plot and the whole ritual should be repeated for 3 days.
  4. In this day need to say goodbye to summer and prep for winter.

Perform all these manipulations ensured the person a healthy and happy life.

Christians sincerely believe that the suffering of John the Baptist was not in vain, because he defended the thoughts of God, so all need to be equal to this man who was not afraid to go against the great king. If every believer in that day will abide by all the rules, it will also contribute to upholding the good thoughts and ideas.

If you for some reason are not able to hold the post or to attend the temple, then simply pray before the icon of John the Baptist – it is a sign of respect.

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