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For the First time spectacular aquarium fish with the romantic name Princess of Burundi (Neolamprologus brichardi) was described in 1952, ichthyologist of the Poll. To our country this beauty was introduced in 1972 is the fish family Cichlidae, order Perciformes. It is native to warm African lake Tanganyika.

Fish Description

Popular with aquarists Princess of Burundi deserved not only for the ruggedness and durability, but also for an attractive appearance. The body of this fish is painted in a nice pink-beige color. On each scale, as well as on the fins, there are small specks of shade of brick. From the eyes of fish to its gills is interrupted in one place a rather wide black band. Above it is a large bright yellow spot. During spawning, the tail and the head of the male turn blue.

Princess of Burundi

Many other cichlid Princess of Burundi is different and rather unusual fins. Their edges trimmed with white, and the tips effectively lengthened because of what they have lisoobrobna. In good conditions the body length of this fish can reach 9-14.

How to

Water at home Princess of Burundi, the lake Tanganyika, tight, has a slightly alkaline reaction. In order for the fish to feel comfortable in the aquarium you should try to create such conditions. Most suitable for this cichlids water temperature is +22 ... +25 degrees. To stimulate spawning, this figure increases to about 28 degrees. Hardness (dH) water in the aquarium should be 8-20 and acidity (pH) - 7.1-8.6.

The Lack of oxygen in the water fish Princess of Burundi not tolerate too well. Therefore, the tank should be equipped with a powerful aerator. To determine that the Princess can't breathe, can by its behavior. During oxygen starvation of these fish begin to swim with his tail, and, like any other inhabitants of the aquarium, rise closer to the surface of the water.

fish Princess of Burundi

In Addition to the aerator for this zalicki need to install a filter (preferably filled with marble chips). Keep a couple of these fish allowed in the tank to 50 liters. This Princess is enough. However, since this cichlid pack, it is better to purchase one male and several females and placed them in the aquarium more – 150-200 liters. In such circumstances, perhaps the owner of the fish will be able to look at their group spawn.


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In the aquarium for the Princess of Burundi it is best to create a rock landscape. Also, be sure to plant the plants. This can be, for example, Vallisneria, Kambala, etc. Under the plant will need to use special pots. The fact that this cichlid green spaces trying to dig out. To replace the water in the aquarium this fish should be once a week for 10-25 % of the volume.

The Princess of Burundi: compatibility with other fish

This beautiful Prized fish among aquarists including for his calm, peaceful disposition. Any other major not too aggressive fish it gets along just fine. Very often it is kept together, for example, with Rainbowfishes and Terenami. Allowed to run it in a single aquarium, and species of the Cichlidae. Sometimes these fish kept with Guppies and Molly also prefer hard alkaline water. But this is possible only if the aquarium is very large and the fish grew up together.

the Princess of Burundi contents

This Zehlicka becomes Aggressive usually during spawning. During this period, fish from the common tank, it is desirable to isolate in special intended for the withdrawal of fry.


Flocks of these cichlids is always based on kinship. In addition, there is a strict hierarchy. The core of the pack is a pair of producers. The second step in the hierarchy is to help them care for the fry of the younger females. The next group is normal hatchlings. And the most powerless members of the pack are fish that have already reached 3-4 months of age. These aquarium inhabitants are not even their territory. In nature they swim in the upper layers of water and are often subjected to attacks by predators.

How to feed

The nature of the Princess of Burundi, the contents of which - the procedure is relatively simple, it feeds on small shellfish, zooplankton and aquatic insects. In the aquarium it usually give a live feed. Also, this fish can eat dry. However, she does this reluctantly. Some aquarists give the Princess of Burundi and finely chopped marine fish. River to feed this cichlid, of course, impossible. This meat may contain viruses and bacteria that can cause this aquarium inhabitant dangerous disease.


Puberty in fish, the Princess of Burundi begins at the age of 8-10 months. Pre-spawning females have long, noticeable genital papilla. Lays eggs that fish quite often. It is able to spawn about every 20 days. While fish often form pairs, but sometimes they occur and group spawning.

the Princess of Burundi compatible

The Volume of the spawning tank Princess of Burundi shall be not less than 50 litres. These eggsfish lay either flat stones or on the inside of the shelters. They care for her very carefully, not allowing future offspring to anyone within a radius of 25 cm the Fecundity of the Princess of Burundi is high. At one time a pair can lay up to 200 eggs. The female lays batches of about 30-80 PCs.

How is the fish

Larvae Hatch from the eggs on the third day. Already in 8-9 days, they turn into fry. To feed such a young calidos should live dust. Very often it happens that manufacturers are starting to care not only about their offspring, but about someone else of the same species. In the first two days the fry are kept strictly by my mother. Then begin to sail in a light place in search of food. About 7 days after hatching, their eyes are blue, and 14 – there is a white fringe on the fins.

the Princess of Burundi photo

Parents Care for the fry within two weeks. After the young fish start an independent life.

Interesting facts

For the First time in the USSR delivered 14 fry this interesting cichlids. Unfortunately, the first Soviet aquarists took them for a new kind of Apistogramma. As a result, the fish has created inappropriate conditions of detention, which is why almost all of the fry died. Survived only three individuals.

Some aquarists initially accept this cichlid very fearful. The fact that the Princess of Burundi at the slightest noise or sudden movements of the owner immediately hides. However, in reality it's just a normal reaction to possible danger. After a few seconds the fish are beginning to peek out from behind cover and come out to a free space.

aquarium fish Princess of Burundi

As already mentioned, the Princess of Burundi (photo above confirms it clearly), in contrast to all other lamprologus, fish schooling. In each group of such cichlid has its own rules and regulations, to violate that not any one individual. All delinquent unruly members of the pack are exiled. The fish severely beat the offender. Very often expelled from the pack also females who are unable to protect their offspring.

The fry aquarium fish Princess of Burundi in General care very carefully. In nature, protecting the fry, these little cichlids can attack even large predatory fish by biting it with their sharp teeth.

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