The most evil dog in the world: list of breeds with photos


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I Must say that the most evil dogs in the world are the most dangerous. A couple of years ago, the network flashed “duck” that a few tiny doggies like Yorkshire killed his mistress while she was asleep. Jokes aside, the aggressor can become the representative of almost any breed - there were even documented cases of attacks of St. Bernard, and fatalities. Below are the most aggressive dog breeds (with pictures).

the most evil dog in the worldAmerican scientists conducted a study in which they studied the habits of about 6,000 dogs of various breeds. They found that the most evil dog in the world – fees. Indeed, this breed is active, hunting instincts she is great, but applying them is often not. Particularly aggressive they behave toward other dogs.the Most dangerous dog in the world

But in another study, the rating was headed by pit bulls and Rottweilers. In this case, has studied the characters of dogs and their behavior in different situations, and official data on executed their attacks on people. The main aggressors were determined by the percentage of the General population of animals of the breed and the number of their attacks. In the "black list" hit also, caucau, volcopy, German shepherd, bullmastiff. I must say that in this rating was lit only by the representatives of large breeds, as after the bite of a small dog people do not go to medical institutions and, accordingly, no such statistics.

dog breeds with picturesReasons for the aggression of the animal

Any handler will tell you that the most dangerous dogs in the world - rude. Not all people, getting a dog, take care of taming. Meanwhile, the experience of communicating with people that are acquired by the dogs during training, socialize the animal. It is enough to remember yard guard dogs – no matter, mutts or shepherd-dog sitting all his life on the circuit and in contact with the owners only at feeding time, don't trust anyone. They will rush not only to strangers but to family members.


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Dogs also developed territorial instinct. Two dogs can be on a walk best friends, but as soon as one dog crosses the threshold of the house of another, the fight begins.

SpanielAnother reason for bad dog behavior-heredity. It would seem that the breed is not prone to aggression, and the dog for no reason can jump to humans. Occasionally of ornamental or guard dogs you can meet the animals with uncontrolled aggression. Vivid examples – a small Spaniel and the Newfoundland. To fight this, unfortunately, is impossible.


In some rankings, huskies, Malamutes and other Northern representatives of the species also was noted as perhaps the most evil dog in the world, but they are dangerous not so much from the point of view of attacking person, but because of his hyperactivity. These dogs need to constantly spend my energy on running or workout, otherwise they'll just destroy an apartment or a house.


The Most evil dog in the world among the "pocket" breeds

The Causes of aggression these crumbs are the same as large dogs – protection of the owners and bad parenting. As cynical as it may sound, many owners of little dogs do not get yourself a pet, but an expensive toy, a fashion accessory, so they especially do not care about their training. Untrained dog just knows that she can't behave so, but understands that the best defense is a good offense. Instinct tells her to never touched her, she needs to show how evil she is. The most aggressive kids, according to Americans – is a Chihuahua and Papillon. These dogs do not tolerate familiarity and relationships can't be a living toy for children.


When breeding, especially those that are designed to help people who were aggressive culling of animals. But long experience of breeders shows that to make the evil dog from almost any dog.

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