Bath birch broom. Harvesting for the future


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What no brooms are used in the baths! Connoisseurs bath procedures commend and oak, and fir, and eucalyptus varieties. Knit them out of spruce, nettle, maple, ash, juniper… Experts say that harvesting birch brooms – art, which is no place for Amateurs. Actually, pohlestat in pleasure absolutely any broom, main, the branches had leaves. That is, if you urgently need a broom, and you can buy it anywhere, you can use the branches of any tree. But it will be a disposable product. Moreover, it is possible that it will fall apart in the steaming process.birch broom harvesting

If you are a fan of bath procedures, you probably know how to create the right birch broom. Harvesting must be carried out in June-July, and to cut branches is necessary, away from highways and industrial facilities. Simply put – in a clean place. You go to the bath for health, and not to breathe in the steam exhaust recycled gas and gasoline.

In addition, there is little to choose environmentally friendly birch, it is necessary also to communicate, to dry, and then store the brooms. Surely you've encountered those that bought the broom could not withstand even a single visit, what is there to say that it was enough for two, and even three a hike in the bath. There is an important right and proper harvesting birch brooms. The timing of when you need to knit them, as stated above, but about how to knit and store, it will be discussed further.


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harvesting birch broomsFor a hike in raw materials you need to choose a dry and Sunny day. It's not a mushroom, so an early rise is required. Dew, covering leaves in the morning, despite the fact that it shines beautifully under the sunlight, subsequently, will cause them to darken and curl. But do not be greedy-do not try from one tree to impose brooms in commercial quantities. Although birch and curly, but the highest meaning of its existence is not a birch broom. The harvesting of branches in a barbaric amount is considered a harm to the nature.

Branches need to be cut off not less than 60 cm in length, as the more “effective” surface, the better to bathe, but do not forget that you will need to leave 20 cm at the handle. But if you are carried away and gather too big a broom, it will be heavy and your hands will get tired faster than on the body will deliver the right amount of sweat while you bathe. After you cut the branches, you need to link them from a birch broom. The work piece should be hung and dried in the shade, and this process is not fast. You need to ensure that the bundles of branches is well ventilated, you need every day to turn, so that the leaves have not started to rot. After you made sure that the products are sufficiently well dried, they can be laid on top of each other and determine the storage in a dry and dark place.harvesting birch brooms timeline

Now a little about the mating. The rods should be laid so that the thick branches were located inside and outside was more subtle. This will give the broom elasticity. In any case do not bind the branches with tape. Yes, this method is very convenient, but you have no broom, and a parody of it. Only tightly bound with twine a bundle of branches worthy to wear the proud title of "birch broom". Harvesting right of the attribute you created for the bath must be neat and taut. She did not stick out in different directions of the bars, no bristle leaves. With this broom you will not be ashamed to go to the bath, and if I have to bath in a few to defend the brand of your products, it will not disgrace.

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