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Kids love to solve puzzles. About transport today there are many short poems, which in allegorical form describes the trams, buses, metro. In front of the child aims – correctly identify the encrypted object.

Preliminary work before guessing riddles about transport

Before you can offer children an exciting experience, you should hold a conversation. Kids need to understand that transport can be air, water, land and underground.

You should Also teach them to distinguish between types of vehicles according to their functionality. Trucks carrying freight, public – a large number of people and goes on a certain route.

A Separate category – personal transport. This group includes cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and more.

During the conversation, children should be encouraged to look at the pictures and photos with different types of vehicles. Then play game “what is it called?” when kids single transport at the photos. And after all this, you can ask children riddles about the transport.

It Should be noted that this activity develops and trains children's logic. Also the puzzles expand their horizons and enrich your vocabulary. But the most important thing – they develop creative thinking, learn to see commonalities in completely different items, compare attributes and note.

riddles about transport

For Example, the riddle about the truck the roar of the engine is compared to a roaring lion, the engine power – with horsepower. But the main features that differentiate the truck from all the other modes of transport – is the presence of the body in which goods are transported.


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The Cabin is a large I have,

A force more than the horse!

He Roars like a lion, my powerful motor,

And the body of the cargo? So there's space!

Riddles about public transport

In addition to the well-known trucks and cars there are other vehicles. Urban children from early childhood familiar with many types of public transport. But for kids living in rural areas, it is quite hard to navigate it. And they need to explain that in the cities there are vehicles moving with the help of electricity. It's a subway, trams and trolleybuses. For them will need a wire through which current is supplied to the operating mechanism. But gasoline and diesel fuel they are not required.

Metro is different from all modes of transport, powered by electricity, because it is most part underground. But the functional difference between trams and trolleybuses is that the latter does not require rails. These features reflect the riddles about transport, which offer young children.

riddles about transportation for kids


Making riddles about the transport kids, adults should enjoy themed pictures. And here is a must to remember about the trolley.

Off the rails – on the road

Rides – roll the house two horns.

Holds the wire

Horns in the house always.

Ride in it I'm not afraid –

Veterochek ride!


Coming up with riddles about transportation for children, be sure to reflect the main differences between this type of vehicle.

riddles about public transportation

For Example, the tram from all other ground transportation is characterized by the fact that it needs rails and wire.

On rails in a hurry for wheels house

But nobody lives in the house.

It is important for everyone! He has a concern:

On it, people go to kindergarten, to work.

Horns he holds on the wire

And he takes people back and forth.

Metro station

Now the Most modern form of public transport is the underground. Metro is not in every city. So, before you think about this mystery, you must undertake preparatory work. Be sure to tell your children why people are building the subway under the ground, why would trains need rails.

riddles about transportation for kids age 3

But if authors create riddles about transportation for children 3 years of age, often resort to such obviously advantageous embodiment, as a rhyming answer. Even if the kids don't know the exact answer, the verses give a hint.

Here is cosy and warmly,

There is always-always bright!

There is No snow, no rain –

A haven for all people!

The whole City under the ground!

Transferred to the district of any

Train passengers at the moment –

The Path is clear and at the hour of “peak”.

A Lot we will talk about

Our station …

The Answer is obvious, because it rhymes with the penultimate line of the poem. Of course, we are talking about the metro!

Every adult knows what is best, children learn new through the tale and the game. Mystery just combines both. Because it is indispensable in the development of children.

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