Hot water bottle with cherry pits with their hands: technique of manufacture and recommendations


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Most parents know the pain newborn baby colic arising in his stomach. Which only means do not go to move, to save him from this pain. Well help to alleviate the suffering of the child warm diaper, you want to put the baby on the patient's abdomen. The only negative is the fabric cools very quickly, and the diaper have to heat again and again. In such a situation will need thermograma with cherry seeds as filler.

Let's see what the advantages of such warmers for baby and how to sew it yourself at home.

Toy-hot water bottle with cherry pits: description

The Product is an innovative product designed to retain heat and create comfort. These products resemble familiar soft toys, but instead of the traditional filler used here are cherry stones. Unlike the padding polyester and environmentally friendly nontoxic, environmentally friendly, natural material. It is completely hypoallergenic and has a special energy.

warmer newborn cherry pitsTo attract attention toddler baby leg warmer with cherry seeds are sewn in the form of animals or cartoon characters. As the upper material made with natural cotton and linen fabrics in bright colors. Natural filler has excellent medicinal qualities, which significantly expands the scope of the warmer.

Why the need For warmer-toy

Warmer toy with cherry seeds primarily performs the function of the thermostat. The fact is that this natural material is rapidly heated and gives off heat slowly. Hot water bottle with cherry pits helps in the following cases:

  • Promotes rapid fall asleep baby. For this purpose it must be heated before going to sleep and give the baby in his hands. The warmth will help the baby relax and fall asleep faster.
  • This is a great alternative to the traditional mustard plaster for coughs. This warmer must be put on your chest and leave in this position for ten minutes.
  • Chilled toy will help with sprains, bruises and injuries.
  • Heating pad with cherry stones for a newborn helps to get rid of colic. For this purpose it is heated and apply on the stomach. The spasm passes and the baby becomes easier.
  • Cold hot water bottle will relieve headaches, lift your mood, restore energy, relieve swelling of the legs.

hot water bottle with cherry pits for newbornsEnvironmentally friendly Thanks to the hypoallergenic filler toy-warmer can be used as a cushion.

Healing properties of cherry stones

Due to the natural heat heating pad is a soothing, relieves muscle tension, relieves pain. This is not a new panacea for all ills, and time-tested means. And filled with warmer newborn cherry seeds not just. Natural materials have, in addition to high heat-conducting qualities, a special natural energy. Enough to give a nice touch a toy to the child, and he immediately calms down.

baby warmer with cherry pitsHeating pad with cherry stones gives the desired warmth and coolness, it does not contain harmful components and materials. This is a natural battery, which retains heat and freshness better than any compress based on the ice.

How to prepare a heating pad to use

To use the warmers in hot mode it should be preheated. For this toy you need to put a microwave for 2 minutes at a power of 500-600 watts. Also heat like a conventional oven. They need to be heated to 80 degrees and send back the toy for 15 minutes. Remember that re-heated product is possible only after its complete cooling.

To use the toy in a cool mode, it is wrapped in a plastic bag and put in freezer for an hour. In addition, the warmer can be used without pre-heating or cooling, at room temperature.

Heating pad with cherry stones for a newborn requires especially careful care of her. Some toys from this series can really be washed in the washing machine. But this is only on condition that the filler is in a separate pouch that you can pull. In this case, erased only the case from a toy, and do the cherry pits remain dry.

toy hot water bottle with cherry pitsWarmer, which are made at home, are made without any additional cover.So wash them not, or if you wish, you need to rip the seam of the toy and pull out the filler. After that, the warmer you will have to close.

Games with a hot water bottle toy

Often warmer with the natural filler is made in the shape of an animal, so choose the child's favorite toy (and one that will provide your kid with health benefits) will be difficult. All products are sewn so that they were comfortable to play, to hug.

Heating pad with cherry seeds can replace the expensive educational toys. This filler develops tactile sensations of the baby and fine motor skills.

Children's hot water bottle with cherry pits with your hands

Thermograma dry with natural fillings, including cherry pits, offer today, buy and domestic and foreign manufacturers. This is due to the great demand for ecological toys for kids. But those who even slightly knows how to sew, you can make a heating pad with their hands.

hot water bottle with cherry pitsFor sewing warmers you will need:

  • Large piece of fabric one color for the main parts of the toy;
  • Small piece of cloth of a different color for the back side of ears and tail;
  • Synthetic padding (stuffing) for head, upper and lower extremities, tail and ears;
  • Have been properly prepared cherry stones.

Cutting fabric and preparing the filler

Toy Manufacturer in the form of a Bunny starts with the construction of the pattern and preparing the materials for the top products and content. First of all it concerns the cherry pits. Before stuffing a toy they should be well washed, boil in water with a little vinegar and dry thoroughly.

hot water bottle with cherry pits with their handsAll parts of the toy must first be applied to the pattern, then cut and ironed onto fabric. Don't forget when cutting, add seam. In the end you should have 4 pieces of fabric on lower and upper extremity, 2 or 4 for the body (depending on whether the seam in the middle, or only two sides), 4 elements for the ears (2 of them one color and 2 of another), 3 of the flap to form the head and round tail.

Detailed instructions for making heating pads

After everything was done the cut of the fabric, you can proceed with the stitching. First interconnect elements of the upper and lower limbs, ears and head. They need to sew to the body of the Bunny and fill with filler. Thanks to this hot water bottle with cherry pits will look like a real stuffed toy. The joints of the fabric between the body and the limbs you need to sew (to grab) from the inside. If this is not done, the batting and the seeds will be mixed, and the toy will lose a presentable appearance.

hot water bottle with cherry pits reviewsNow you can sew the body of a hare. This should be done on the reverse side overlock seam. When will have a small hole, the toy need to turn out. From a plastic bottle to make a funnel and to pour the bone in the case through the hole. Sew up the hare. On the reverse side to sew on the tail, filled with batting and embroider eyes on the head.

As a result of simple steps to get a hot water bottle with cherry pits. Reviews mom confirmed that to do it very quickly, no more than two hours, and it costs several times cheaper than store bought. By the way, the price of the warmers in the store is about two thousand rubles, but the quality is almost superior to those made by hand.

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