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Almost a third of his life a small child spends in sleep. And older children is very important to sleep and rest well — it depends on their activity, performance and mood for the whole day. And to bed them more like soft, cozy bed, not in bed, where “the hard sheet” and “biting the blanket”. And the key to a comfortable and peaceful sleep of course, is well-chosen bed linen.

Baby bedding: size, picture quality

There is much talk about what should be the ideal baby clothes. What kit to choose: colorful with bright and large drawings or simple with a little abstraction? And, maybe, just plain? From calico or calico? However, one fact remains undeniable — it is necessary that the bedding was high quality, and sleep on them to be comfortable.

In our days there are a variety of options for bedding for children — with the image of favourite heroes from fairy tales and cartoons, sleepy bears smiling and kindly stars. For every age you can choose the appropriate pattern and color. Most importantly, not to be mistaken with the choice of the manufacturer. How often, by buying cheap goods of foreign origin, immediately after meeting with a washing machine we with horror have seen that the linen is faded, the picture turned into a blurred pale spot, and the dimensions of the bed are smaller.

How to determine the size?

The Usual set, whether it is adults or children, consists of a bed sheet, pair of pillowcases and a duvet cover. However, dimensional art is different for everyone. For example, the dimensions of the baby bedding in the crib of a newborn will look like the following: pillow case — 40x60, duvet cover — 112х146, sheets — 127х146 centimeters.


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When Choosing bedding for a child, it is important to remember that children's skin easily reacts to any dye added when the color of underwear. Therefore, it is not worth chasing such a fashion drawings of princesses and cars, ponies and cartoon characters. For the crumbs better suited to a monochrome set with a small, subtle pattern. Set newborn added to the protective rim, a canopy, pillow, mattress cover and side pockets that also should be chosen in one color.

bed linen size

Older children

The sizes of the bedding in the crib are slightly smaller than the standard for a ' big kid. For a child of kindergarten age is best to purchase a set with the following dimensions: bed sheets — 100х145, pillow case — 40x60, duvet cover — 110х145 inches. Immediately it should be noted that there are also Eurosatory, which are much larger than domestic. Therefore, before purchasing is certainly worth a look not only at colors, but at the size of children's bedding. The table is drawn usually on the label of kit.

sizes of bed linen in crib

You Also need to carefully study the composition. The material (cotton, calico, linen, satin, cotton) shall not contain toxic compounds as well as to smell badly — it will directly show that the paint contained unsafe dyes. Buying children's bedding set, the sizes must be considered. Thus it is necessary to abandon the facilities with seams. They will deliver a child with constant discomfort.

Bedding for Teens

Dimensions baby bedding, of course, differ from choices made for teenagers. For children of this age has its own standard size chart. For example, the pillow case should be at the level of 50x70 cm, sheets — 150х220, will increase the size of duvet cover — 145х215 inches. Remain unchanged one — the choice of quality when buying. Depending on color options, you can safely indulge in fantasy. For Teens will fit most bright and bold choices: from avant-garde and ending with the new-fangled heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, films.

Again, you should pay attention to fabric composition. It is better to abandon a kit, synthetic, the contents of which will exceed the natural base. Despite the fact that the skin of older children is not so receptive as kids, to risk health still not worth it. So, what we need to know first of all, choosing baby bedding? We have to study the size and composition of the material.

sizes of bed linen table

What you need to know more?

What can happen if it is wrong to choose baby bedding? The size of the selected set must match the dimensions of the beds. Usually given standard value, but today, many bedrooms are made on individual order, and, therefore, the data may simply not be the same. When searching for underwear, you should measure the length and width of the bed to later not was that bed just a little.

How can we know the size of children's bedding? The table is usually located on the label of the kit — at least for domestic producers. Issues may arise with the Chinese linen, the composition and value of which is usually provided in their own language. It is best to abandon such acquisitions, no matter how economical they mayit seemed.

sizes of bed linen

Why it is important to choose bedding by age?

Actually, it's really important when you buy baby bedding. Size, it would seem that having a small difference may not greatly affect the child's sleep. Actually, it can. This depends on how comfortable the child will feel in a dream.

baby bedding sizes

For example, baby bedding. The dimensions are given for three age groups, with the calculation of the mobility of the child's body weight, and also stop on the bed. After all, if the baby is sleeping most of the day, the teenager spends on the bed only at night.

To ensure that a child is not confused in the dream, in bed sheet, it makes a little more than that which is included in the standard kit. The dimensions of the baby bedding in the crib will differ from the bedroom accessories for teenagers — it's funny to imagine a grown man sleeping under a duvet cover, which closes only halfway. The quality, composition and size — are the main factors that determine how comfortable the child is during sleep.

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