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Give gifts and say good wishes to loved ones – the wonderful lesson. Weddings, birthdays, professional holidays – all these occasions are good for family gatherings with delicious food, contests and toast. Congratulations to the nephew should be especially reverent. After all, do you know this man from birth and love as your own child. Consider every word and wish, as they will materialists.

Child birthday party

While the child is small for his birthday he wants a new toy. Oral congratulations to the nephew of younger age to anything. But the older children look forward to kind words and praise in his address. Especially the kids will love the poem with the mention of their name.

I Wish happiness to your home

Success … (name) - phone home!

To Live a life without troubles,

Good luck and victories.

You are Cunning and clever nephew.

Will you be big head!

Intelligent and smart boy,

You will achieve mahakavi!congratulations nephew

Magic the fun

No matter what the age was no man, he is always waiting for a miracle. This year to congratulate my nephew's birthday party extraordinary. If financial resources allow, invite animators with perky program. Let them wear the costume of your favorite character of the child. Fun contests and games, quizzes and skits will delight children. For correct answers and completed tasks can give babies gifts. These funny greetings nephew will bring all the excitement is about.

Not every budget allows to arrange such entertainment. You can play the role of facilitator. The children will be comfortable to have fun with a well-known man!


Aunts and uncles usually spoil their nephews. Because these little angels - children of brothers and sisters, relatives and the most expensive in the world. The kids get gifts from loved ones for no reason. A birthday certainly will not manage without them. Accompany your gift with warm words.congratulations to the wedding nephew


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«My favorite baby, I know you since you were born, you're like my own son. I saw you took the first steps, heard your first words. I have protected and cherished you, and now you're a real man, our protector. To grow courageous and bold. Do this to make your family proud. Nature has given you all you need and more. You're beautiful, smart, clever. Always keep yourself in shape and well learn! Happy birthday, beloved one!”

Such a beautiful message to nephew from aunt sounds beautiful and inspirational. If the nephew has grown up and turned into a fine young man, these words will never fit him. It must be serious, though you still perceive him as a little boy.

“Favorite nephew, I want to congratulate you not only your birthday, but the fact that you met our expectations! All well and good that you have invested in your parents – justified. You're a decent person, smart, nice and direct! Keep it all, carry through your cheerful disposition and easy character. Let never meet the grief and difficulties in your way!”

Now you know how to congratulate with happy birthday nephew. To be sincere, let him feel your support and love.

The big day

One of the most striking and significant events – wedding, knocked on your door. Nephew decided to legalize their relationship with the beloved, and prepares a chic celebration? Do not panic, just need to prepare well and everything goes like clockwork. Pre-wedding worries – a very pleasant experience. As a close relative, aunt have to help with the organisation of the festival, look on a wedding day stunning and beautiful to say it! The excitement and storm of emotions, words can fly out of my head. So record your greetings nephew in a beautiful card and read it solemnly.happy birthday nephew

Today we Have happiness,

Yes, what! The family joined two!

You are a great couple

Let it be so!

And the house may be full of light and warmth!

Respect each other, take care of,

More children And give birth!

The most important thing in life – family!

Wedding day I congratulate you!

Patience and respect

If you do not like to memorize lines by heart, congratulation for the wedding of nephew could be present in prose! Tighten speech need not, a couple of suggestions and you can shout loudly “Bitter”! Put in your words of wisdom and advice, tenderness and care.congratulations to nephew from aunt

“My dear bride and groom, today the most important day in your life. Now we are all one family. Love each other, and respect and always find a compromise! You have embarked on the difficult road, the key to a strong marriage – be a diplomat! Take care of your family hearth, and we will always support and help! Kiss!”

Humor is always appropriate

Wedding – this is the most fun holiday of all known. Therefore, less lyrical, more humor! Will obratites in the costume of a Gypsy and ask the lead to announce that Carmen wants to say a few words to the newlyweds! Under the cheerful music, bright swinging skirts, leaves aunt or uncle (which is even funnier), and say your congratulations to the wedding of his nephew.

“I am a fortune teller inseventh generation, predict the future and the past! Let me guess, who is the bridegroom and the bride who is! The room is silent, do not prompt, and then bring damage!" Gypsy waving his hands, gets out of the bag a crystal ball and looks through it. Slowly coming to the young and pokes a finger at them! "The spirit of great-grandfather, tells me that the couple you are! So be happy all life. I implore that you never broke up and brought to light the camp kids! Let the gold and dollars are falling on your head! Let it be as wished by the great Carmen! ”

Gypsy is removed by winding music. Guests laugh heartily. Such mock-congratulations nephew will look extraordinary and will be remembered by all.funny greetings nephew

Weather home

How nice to see couples. They are touching, tender, caring their eyes sparkle with happiness, the smile on the face. Especially rejoices the heart, if these people are relatives to you. Give the newlyweds the family hearth, which they light at the same time. This beautiful souvenir can be done by hand. Buy unusual candle holder and one thick candle. congratulations nephewDecorate them with flowers, rhinestones, beads. While the couple will light their family hearth, say congratulations to the wedding of his nephew. In this little moment of tears all. It is only recently the bridegroom was a tot and rode a tricycle. Years passed like a moment, and now he was the groom!

Congratulations of their relatives from the heart, do not skimp on the kind words and wishes!

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