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Hairdryer Babyliss — this is a very convenient device for drying and styling hair. The first devices of this brand appeared in the distant 60-ies of XX century and to this day occupy a leading position in the list of such devices. The company's product range increased gradually Babyliss

  • In 1969, was promoted Feng;
  • In 1973 – styling brush, the principle of which was to the hot air supply;
  • In 1977 – electrical crimper, frizz hair;
  • In 1979 – the first irons designed for straightening.

Many women know that high-quality and functional dryer not only affects the ease of styling hair, but also on the health of the hair.

Dryer: types and purpose

Currently, the range of truly great. Professionals produce products for different purposes. These products differ in technical characteristics, design, size. It should be noted that some parameters, such as capacity, number of nozzles etc., directly affect the price of the device. So hair dryer Babyliss on purpose divided into the following types:

  • The simplest and cheapest model is only used for drying, there is an important, first and foremost, reliability.
  • Portable dryer combines the basic functions and small size. Its advantages are the compact dimensions and light weight.
  • Hairdryer for drying and styling. In these models, in the first place a set of useful functions and properties. For example, a variety of nozzles, number of modes, cooling air, etc.
  • Professional hair dryer with latest improvements. Typically, such devices include high power 2000-2200W. It is worth noting that these models are usually the most expensive.

babyliss dryer

Babyliss hair dryer for drying to choose easily. Enough to make sure that he is of average power, made of metal with no harmful impurities, has a strong fan and a comfortable handle. This hair dryer is usually equipped with two nozzles:

  • The first is designed to feed a wide current of air;
  • The second gives a narrow stream to get access to the hair roots.

Dryer that you want to take on the road, chosen according to the principle: compact size, light weight, less buttons. Typically, these models have a foldable handle and disconnect the wire. Attachments for it too little, as a rule, to dry hair and standard styling. Babyliss portable hair dryer (reviews women make such a conclusion) has established itself as the most convenient, practical and quality option that is ideal for long journeys.


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Much more difficult to choose a hair dryer that combines several functions. In the first place still remains the requirement of reliability of the heating element. It needs to ensure a gentle effect on hair and, of course, do not overdry them. Manufacturers solve this problem by using buttons for mode selection. Already many models are equipped with 3 types: intensive, standard, weak.


Select dryer Babyliss by criterion of power. From this indicator will depend on the maximum temperature and rate of drying of the hair. Currently, the sale is a large selection of models, capacity ranging from 250 to 2200 W. typically, the highest rates correspond to a professional device.

It is important to remember that too powerful Hairdryer with a strong jet of air is not very convenient for use at home, usually it is activated only by masters in the time of the creation of the special design of the pilings. Working with such devices, you must have skill, as in a short drying time need to have time to style your hair. Therefore, experts suggest to limit for domestic use with a capacity of 700 to 1,600 watts. Portable dryers, which are taken on the road, enough 250-600 watts.babyliss hair dryer reviews

Design Features

Usually the Hairdryers are made with a handle, a lever arranged with a certain angle to the holder. This helps the hair to another person. In domestic conditions the dryer is required to sumowski and samokleyki, because the handle angle is not very convenient for beginners. Then we can recommend to buy the dryer in the form of a brush with a detachable nozzle for drying/styling and dryer babyliss

Additional tips

Hairdryer Babyliss is convenient because you can dry your hair and put them in the right direction. For this process, the producers specially equipped with models of different nozzles. If during installation correctly to pick them up, then hair will be immaculate.

First you need to dry your hair. Then while they are still damp, change the head and add volume at the roots, curl the tips, put strands of waves. For this it is convenient to use round iron comb. For each type of presentation has its own nozzle. Recently become popular diffuser, because it allows you to create a very good amount.

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