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How many holidays there are in our lives – and birthdays, and anniversaries, and New Year, and Christmas, and many others. However, there is one day in the year that is considered a significant date for all Russians – it is the Day of the Flag of the Russian Federation. This holiday is celebrated annually on August 22. It was established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1994.

This holiday is celebrated both in the family circle and by the labor collective. You can also spend the Day of the Russian Flag at school. We will suggest the scenario in this article.

Start of the holiday

The host (B) enters the stage and greets the children.

In: Hello, guys! I am very happy to see you today and invite you to take part in our game show. Do you know what day it is? Of course, today we celebrate the Day of the State Russian Flag! And how many of you know why the state needs a flag at all? People invented it and other symbols so that everyone could see which country they were citizens of. For example, every athlete from Russia, going to competitions in other countries, necessarily takes with him our white-blue-red flag.

First game contests

In the introduction, you can limit yourself to this information, and you can add more about how the Day of the Russian Flag appeared. You can modify the script at your own discretion. And after the introductory part, it's time to move on to the contests.

The first contest. Eight children are invited to the stage, they are lined up in a circle. From hand to hand, the guys pass the flag to the music. When the music ends, the child holding the flag is eliminated from the circle.

The second contest. We continue to celebrate the Day of the Russian Flag. Events held during the holiday should be directly related to this symbol. You can form 2 teams of five children each. Let the guys come up with names for their teams. At a certain distance, 10 flags are placed. One person from each team starts at the same time. Their task is to take one of the flags and go back. The team whose participants bring 5 panels faster will win.


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The third contest, which can be held on the Day of the Russian Flag. Events held on this day may also be of the nature of a small task. The host suggests that during a certain period of time, you study all the items of clothing and, if it contains all the colors of the national flag, go up on stage and get a well-deserved prize.

Let's turn to the history

Not only the usual game contests can be held on the Day of the Russian Flag. The scenario that is proposed in this article includes contests that seem to take the children back many years.

For one of them, you will need ten letters, a jump rope (you can use a rope) and two hoops.

Q: Our ancestors always took the flag with them when they went into battle. The position of flag bearer was very honorable. And the biggest shame for the troops is the loss of the flag on the battlefield. And now, boys and girls, you are becoming fighters. Your task is to pick up a secret letter with a message. However, you will not be able to perform this task just like that. There are several obstacles to overcome. Each fighter crawls under the rope, then climbs into the hoop, takes the letter and returns to the team in the same way.

For the other one, you will need ten picture cards and two flags.

In: Do you know when people got their first flags? Three thousand years ago, they were used by the Indians. Now you will turn into two Indian tribes who will have to decorate their flag. And we will choose the winner.

Sea travelers

The more diverse topics of competitions will be offered to children, the more interesting the Day of the Russian Flag will be. The scenario proposed by us contains contests of marine themes.

For the first competition, you need to collect two teams. There are five children in each of them.

In: I think you all know that one of the greatest Russian tsars was Peter the Great. It was by his decree that, since 1705, the flag of white-blue-red colors began to be raised over every Russian ship. Today you will also sail on the ships. You only need to choose the captains.

The leader gives the captains of the ships a hoop, the other participants receive a flag. The teams line up in rows, with a skipping rope stretched out on the floor in front of them. Its opposite end is the other shore. The captains take the first participants with flags, transport them to the "other shore", leave the flag there and take the passenger back. The team that moves all the flags across the "sea" faster wins this way.

For the second contest, you must distribute paper boats to all team members. On the wall, using paper, waves are depicted. The task is simple – the children take turns running up to the wall, launch their boat into the sea, attaching it to the paper waves with tape, and return back to their team. It is best to use double-sided tape.

Parents with us

Very often, the Day of the Flag of the Russian Federation in schools and kindergartens is held together with parents. Therefore, you can arrange a competition in which they will take an active part. You can type several teams, each of which will have two people – a child and a parent. They are awarded two flags – the flag of Russia and the flag of the city. The presenter can read a text or a poem that often mentions the name of the city and the word Russia. As soon as the word Russia is heard, the participant holding the flag of the Russian Federation must raise it with a shout of "Hurrah!". When the name of the city sounds, the participant does the same with a different flag. The winner is the one who was the most attentive.

After that, you can continue the holiday at the table with a lot of delicious dishes and, of course, dance from the heart.

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