All-Russian Civil Defense Day (October 4): history and features of the holiday


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In the middle of autumn, Russia celebrates the Day of Civil Defense. On October 4, we all remember how important protection and safety are for the people of the country. Why this particular date? How did it all start? How long has this holiday been celebrated?

Russian Civil Defense Day. A little history

So, what is this event? The Day of Civil Defense on October 4 has been celebrated for quite a long time. Back in 1932, the USSR approved the regulations on the local air defense system. After 29 years, it was converted to GO. At this point, the theoretical foundations for the protection of citizens began to be developed. On the territory of the country, a wide variety of organizational, engineering, anti-epidemic, sanitary and hygienic and other special events began to be held.

Civil Defense Day (October 4) is a date that reminds the residents of Russia that they are safe. And this is despite the fact that in recent years, activities in this area are mostly related to problems that are quite peaceful in the country. Nevertheless, the protection of the population, of course, is always needed.

Civil defense at the present stage

To date, GO is a complex of various measures to protect residents, cultural and material values from any dangers. If earlier the activities of these bodies were focused on actions aimed at combating military conflicts, then at the present time their use is also necessary in constantly emerging emergency situations. GO structures face a rather difficult task. They must prevent and eliminate the consequences of various accidents. Moreover, they conduct explanatory work among the population about how a person should behave in any current extreme situation. Civil Defense Day (October 4) is aimed at these moments.


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Civil defense in Russia, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is becoming more and more modern, developing in accordance with the military-political situation, state structure, social and economic spheres. Warning and control systems are being improved every year. A lot of attention is paid to improving the protection of objects important for the security of the state from threats of a man-made or natural nature, from terrorism. The GO system introduces a variety of new technologies, becoming increasingly important in the modern world.

On October 4, various programs and actions are also held dedicated to protecting the population from emergencies, ensuring fire safety, etc.

State and civil defense – a single whole

GO and the country in modern conditions are inseparable concepts. October 4 is a holiday in Russia, which clearly says this. On this day, all kinds of events prove the active provision of life and safety of others thanks to civil defense, which is developing and organized in accordance with the general processes and laws inherent in the country in a certain period of time. In a word, October 4 is a holiday in Russia that reminds us of the state's defense capability, of the fulfillment of not only social, but also economic functions.

About practical exercises

Civil Defense Day is not a simple event. On October 4, various practical exercises are held in Russia. The occurrence of large-scale emergencies simply requires such measures. All kinds of training are conducted in order to improve the knowledge and skills of civil defense leaders in various issues related to the elimination of any problems of a man-made and natural nature. This practice is extremely necessary for the education of responsibility for public and personal security, for the formation of the ability to provide mutual assistance in the current difficult situation.

Such exercises are attended, among other things, not only by responsible and competent persons or authorities, but also by ordinary students. In various educational institutions, special classes are held, where children can learn about the history of the creation of GO, and about its tasks. At the same time, the younger generation acquires all the necessary skills in the event of unforeseen emergencies.

Other activities

The Day of Civil Defense of Russia is not celebrated in vain. This is actually a very important multi-disciplinary and complex structure that is part of the system of ensuring the national security of the state. Whether in peacetime or wartime, GO solves a lot of problems.

Naturally, in order to emphasize its importance, not only practical exercises are held, but also a lot of different events. Sports competitions are held among schoolchildren, congratulatory concerts are organized in the palaces of culture for employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they are also awarded awards and prizes.

Civil defense-protection of the inhabitants of our country

The national security system, built in the twentieth century, plays a huge role in the life of our state. The need to revise the standard approaches to human protection was proved by the tragedies of Chernobyl, Beslan, Spitak, Dubrovka, and Lensk.

The coming century has made its own adjustments. GO protects people's lives, property, and the environment also in peacetime. This is a reliable link in the implementation of the country's strategy to prevent various threats and risks.

So, the All-Russian Civil Defense Day is designed to celebrate how important it is for our country. This is one of the components of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for more than a dozen years. In order to solve all the tasks of civil defense quickly and efficiently, many crisis management centers have been created in Russia. In addition, in many cities there are also special duty dispatching services designed to solve various tasks around the clock related to the elimination of accidents, catastrophes, natural disasters, etc. d.

On the eve of this wonderful holiday, it is mandatory to congratulate all veterans of civil defense and all people associated with this activity. They care about us, so don't forget that!

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