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Every birthday of a baby is primarily a holiday for young parents. With great impatience, parents are waiting for the child to turn one year old. Every mom knows how many months her child is, up to one day. And when, finally, this momentous day comes, a truly festive mood is created in the family. And now let's be frank – this holiday is more for adults than for the birthday boy himself. Directly to the child, the joy is only from a delicious and beautiful cake with bright lights.

The name day on the occasion of the two-year anniversary is another matter. By this time, the child becomes more intelligent, he has his own interests and can be entertained with something. And most importantly, the child already has a certain circle of friends who can be invited to the holiday. After all, what a birthday without friends!

Many parents have a question "How to celebrate a child's birthday?" 2 years is already a serious date, and the task, of course, is responsible, but quite doable. First you need to make two plans. The first one will concern the preparation of the entire event, God forbid to miss something. The second plan is the birthday scenario itself. 2 years is not a reason to approach the matter carelessly.

How does the most important holiday of the year begin

And now the child is 2 years old. How to mark? Let's start in order. It is very important to decide on the venue of the event. It should be taken into account that the age of the invited guests is not exactly the same, and the host of the celebration will have to devote time to both adults and children.

In this situation, there are two options: to spend a holiday at home or go to the playroom. Each option has its pros and cons. Let's focus on each in more detail.

Home option

The beauty lies in the fact that the child is familiar with the situation, next to his toys and favorite jokes. Parents of invited children can be sure that all sanitary standards are met. After all, little pranksters will want to explore all corners and try new toys on their teeth, no child's birthday in 2 years is complete without this.

Another positive aspect of holding a child's birthday at home is that you don't have to carry a lot of bags with food and accessories for contests.

Now about the cons. How to celebrate 2 years of age for a child and not demolish the room? Before calling guests, circle your apartment with a critical look, or even better - walk around it on your knees (so you will be the same height as a two-year-old child). Now you will know exactly how many sharp corners you have, where there are very valuable and breakable objects. Having done such a fun exercise, you can understand whether your house is ready to receive children who will run around all the rooms.

If you decide to spend your birthday at home, prepare mentally for what awaits you at the end of the evening, everyone's "favorite" cleaning and washing dishes.

Field event

How to celebrate a child's birthday (2 years old) outside the home? All game rooms are designed for young children both in terms of safety and the availability of entertainment. This also applies to the area of the room, the main thing is not to forget to book the hall in advance so that no one is there except your children. Animators who work here will tell you how to organize a child's birthday in 2 years.

If the choice fell on the playroom, then your efforts to organize the holiday are minimized. The question of how to celebrate a child's birthday (2 years old) will no longer hang like a sword of Damocles. It will be necessary to cover a light festive table and decide on the animators. Someone turns to the professionals of this business, and someone copes on their own.If you decide to turn to animators, be extremely careful in choosing characters. Children are still very young and can raise a tantrum over any character, even if they seem very cute to you.

Marking houses

If you are interested in the question of how to celebrate a child's birthday in two years at home, use the tips for inspiration.

Birthday boy's room

To begin with, we will decorate the baby's bedroom. It is better to do this at night, when the child is sleeping, so that a real festive surprise will turn out. The most win–win option is to inflate a lot of simple multicolored balloons and hang them all over the room or use helium balloons and let them go to the ceiling. You can tie colorful ribbons to them, and then one game for children called "Catch the Ball" is ready.If the birthday boy has older brothers and sisters, let them also think about how to celebrate the 2 years of the child, and help decorate the room. It can be crafts, drawings made with your own hands, and even a wall newspaper with the hero of the occasion in the main role.

Prepare a festive outfit for the baby. But don't forget about safety and convenience. Of course, a girl in a fluffy dress looks very touching and looks like a real princess, but think about whether your princess will constantly cling to the hem.

Making an action plan

It is also necessary to take care of how to celebrate 2 years of a child without stress and fatigue. To do this, you need to carefully approach the issue of compiling a guest list. Try not to have too many people invited, especially unfamiliar people.

The question of how to celebrate a holiday for a child at 2 years old will not do without drawing up a menu. You can experiment with adults as much as you want. Invent multi-layered salads and several types of hot dishes. Everything should be easier with the children's menu. Firstly, there is still a lot that children cannot do (by the way, do not forget to clarify whether the invited children have allergies), and secondly, they will still not be able to appreciate the exquisite taste of the dish and your efforts. Prepare a simple cut of high-quality meat products (preferably boiled meat), cook mashed potatoes or cereals. For children, the main thing is sweet. There are many recipes based on cottage cheese, berries, sponge dough. Don't forget to serve sliced fruits and juices.

Don't forget about the fun

It becomes more or less clear how to celebrate a birthday for a 2-year-old child. Let's move on to the cultural program. How to celebrate a child's birthday? A 2-year-old child is not a reason to leave him free swimming with his guests, as many adults sometimes do. Be sure to pay attention to the kids, plunge into the world of carefree childhood with them and forget about your problems and worries for a while. Children are the best antidepressant.

If possible, prepare a puppet theater with the older children and play a small performance. With pre-prepared balloons, you can have a lot of fun. Do not forget about cartoons, at this age it is a great entertainment, and adults are an extra reason to congratulate the parents of the birthday boy.

Some tips on how to celebrate a child's birthday (2 years old) without whims

  1. Be sure to create all the conditions for a good sleep for the birthday boy. He should be in a great mood and full of energy to meet his guests.
  2. If the child has problems with nutrition, try not to feed him before the festive feast. Otherwise, he will not eat himself and will distract other children.
  3. When choosing the time of the celebration, consult with the mothers who will come with the kids when the kids go to bed at lunch. After all, a good mood should be not only for the birthday boy, but also for the guests.

If only children are visiting

If you plan to hold a children's holiday first for children, and invite adults separately, it will be useful to make a birthday scenario, 2 years is a rather difficult age and it will not be easy to organize children without a hint.

When choosing contests and games, do not forget that children are big fidgets and will not be able to spend more than 5 minutes on your tasks. One more tip: do not spend more than two hours on a holiday, after all, such noisy events are not easy for young children. You don't want a cheerful holiday to turn into a sad roar.

Fun contests

In addition to the above proposed activities, you can hold a few more playful games that will interest even two-year-olds.

For this contest, you will have to do needlework, or rather, applique. Draw an image of nature on the drawing board. For example, a tree and a flower grow in a clearing, draw a lake or a river nearby. Now we need to cut out animals, insects that can live in these places. Stick a picture on one side of the cardboard, and a Velcro on the other. Secure the second part of the adhesive tape near the intended habitat. The child's task will be to distribute the animals to their houses.

A very fun contest will turn out if you put the sounds of nature or animals to the children (they can be downloaded from the Internet) and offer the child, for example, to fly like a bird during the singing of birds, to take shelter under an umbrella when he hears the sound of rain.

It is better to hold outdoor games before the festive dinner, then there is a chance that no "nekhochuha" will refuse to eat. After the children have regained their strength, you can put cartoons on them and let them play with toys.

The last difficulty that may arise on your holiday is parting. It cannot be excluded that the child will throw a tantrum when they come to pick him up. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, as a final stage, send the children outside. Thus, combine business with pleasure: and the children will breathe fresh air, and going home will not be such a problem.

Good luck with the celebration and happy birthday!

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