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How can a Russian person be without holidays! We walk with pleasure and on a grand scale all days: professional and international, religious and comic - just give us a reason. The first month of the year when you can really turn around, roam with all your heart - October.


holidays in October

The month when the work on harvesting and processing the harvest ends, when the first "white flies" are already flying and falling, spinning, on the same snow-white dresses of brides. October is the month of weddings. It's time to go on holidays in October.

In Russia it was called octombrem, octobrem, muddy, leaf-fall, winter, winter, wedding, pazdernik, zazimnik, praise month.

The weather is very changeable in October: it seems to have absorbed the whole year into itself, it happens to be warm in summer, and the rains pour down with might and main, and the February winds blow, and in the morning it's already snowy and frosty, like in winter. Such is October - the month of the crossroads.

Signs of October

holidays in October in Russia

Of course, believe it or not, but we will list a few signs of this month for reference here. And suddenly you have to use them. Or check for the sake of scientific interest.

The web will tell you about the good weather in autumn, if there is a lot of it in the forest, then it will be a long and warm autumn. Even mosquitoes flying in leaf fall also conjure warmth.

If the leaves on the birches last until half of October and longer, then the snow will not fall until winter.

If the birds fly low, the winter will be fierce, cold, and if they fly high, wait for a warm and calm winter.

If the trees keep the leaf in color for a long time, then the winter will be short and warm. But after a quick fall of leaves, a prolonged cold will come.

If the first snow fell on wet ground, it will stay there, and it will quickly come off dry ground.

The thunder of heaven in October foreshadows a winter without snow, frost and long days.

Holidays in October in Russia

The first of October. On this day, come, call, send a postcard, in general, pay attention to relatives and friends of elderly people. The Russian Ground forces also celebrate their professional holidays in October. And the whole world considers the first of October to be music Day!


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October third. Special purpose militia detachments were formed back in the USSR, and since 2002 they have had an official day to honor themselves - the brave and invincible. In short, "all on the floor - the riot police are walking"!

The fourth of October. Holidays in October on this day are for real men - soldiers of the civil defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and cosmonauts. Hurray!

October fifth. Dear our beloved teachers, prepare buckets, fill baths - there will be billions of flowers today! Employees of the criminal investigation department will also receive their portion of congratulations.

October sixth. Sometimes there is no peace from you, but there is no trace to live without insurance. Happy holidays, insurers!

October seventh. On this day, the headquarters units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation were formed. Employees of the headquarters, vivat!

October eighth. We all stand at attention, today is the commander's holiday! Commanders of ships that fly above the ground, walk on big water and in the seas almost at the bottom.

October ninth. For fourteen days John the Theologian lived under water after the shipwreck. At the end of the second week, a wave washed him ashore at the feet of the disciple Prokhor - the day is revered as the repose of the Apostle John the Theologian. Postal workers can also enjoy their professional holiday today.

October 12. The holiday is celebrated by personnel officers - fighters against negligence and sloppiness in the working team! Hurray!

holidays in october 2014October 14 - what a holiday! The protection of the Most Holy Theotokos! When she appeared above the temple before the worshippers surrounded by heavenly angels. On this day, we ask her for protection and help.

October fifteenth. There are women in Russian villages! There is more! So we will congratulate them today, thank them for their work, for their steadfastness and loyalty to their cause.

October sixteenth. Anesthesiologists are honored all over the world, and in Russia the authorities. We take cognac to the chef!

October twentieth. Holidays in October on this day are celebrated by the communications troops of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, surface sailors and air traffic controllers.

October twenty-third. Trading engine? Advertising! And no matter how annoying she sometimes was, it's time for us to congratulate advertisers today!

October twenty-fourth. Everything is very mysterious, but the congratulations will understand that this is about them - special purpose units.

The twenty-fifth of October was shared by employees of the cable industry and customs officers of the Russian Federation. Happy holidays!

October twenty-eighth. There's a whole bunch gathered here! We cordially congratulate the grandparents, as well as the animators who create the brightest memories, and the employees of the Russian army aviation!

October twenty-ninth. Employees of the internal Security service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, congratulations!

October thirtieth. Celebrate those whose service is not visible, not dangerous, but difficult - technical engineers. All the best!

October thirty-first. The month ends rather sadly, but without these people everything would be even worse. Prison workers, pre-trial detention centers and sign language interpreters, happy holiday to you! Probably a coincidence, but Halloween is also today...

Holidays in October 2014

There are also so-called floating dates. When the holiday is attached not to a number, but to the day of the week. It turns out that such holidays fall on different dates every year. And this year, such holidays in October will be celebrated as follows...

The sixth of October. A holiday for architects and architectural workers, and all nations honor doctors on this day (assigned to the first Monday of October).

October twelfth. Agricultural and processing industry workers. Hooray for you, hooray (assigned to the second Sunday in October)!

The nineteenth of October. We can't go anywhere without them - workers of the food industry and road facilities, health to you, dear ones (assigned to the third Sunday in October)!

October twenty-sixth. Gentlemen motorists, you are here, at the head of the table, in the red corner, so to speak, and hide the certificate away for today and the keys too, congratulations (assigned to the last Sunday in October)!

october 12th holiday

Company party. To be or not to be

Is it worth celebrating professional holidays? Definitely, yes. A competent manager can, through corporate events, not only make friends and rally the team, but also find out its strengths and weaknesses. Find out who is really worth what, find an approach to each employee so that his work becomes more motivated and effective. A lot of goals are achieved and issues are resolved when people are in an informal setting.

How to celebrate a professional holiday

In order for everything to be decent, noble, decorous, and all the tasks you set (read above) were completed, the organization of the event should be very clear, competent and thoughtful.

october 14th what a holiday

Do not arrange "drinking parties" in the workplace, distract people from alcohol. Let it be, but in small quantities, and there will be a lot of contests, sweepstakes, thematic scenes and so on.

If the team is not too big, you can spend everything in the office on your own. The average one is to take out into the fresh air and arrange, for example, family sports competitions with kebabs for participants, or a costume show, or a karaoke tournament.

A large team (factory workers) should be divided into groups that are in contact during work or, conversely, bring together those who do not meet on the territory of the enterprise.

A carefully thought out and planned corporate event can become a real holiday for employees and pride for the head!

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