Do I need math classes in the senior kindergarten group?


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Kindergarten is the first place where a child begins to really learn. Of course, he gets knowledge at home, but in the preschool education is clearly compiled by methodologists and planned. So if they say that the years spent in kindergarten are the most carefree, it's only because the training there is carried out in a playful way. If the educator has informed you that math classes are waiting for the child in kindergarten (in the older group and the middle one this is most relevant), literacy and even English, do not be afraid! If we talk about arithmetic, your child will simply be taught to count in the forward and reverse order, distinguish numbers, understand what a set is, etc. In this article, we will talk in more detail about what math classes in the senior group are, and give some examples.math classes in the senior group

Features of teaching mathematics in the senior group

Your child has gone to the senior group, he is already on the threshold of school, which means that it is necessary to give him the basic skills of all the main subjects for first graders. They begin to introduce mathematics to the preschool in the middle group, where children learn to count to five and learn the basics of arithmetic. Math classes in the senior group, first of all, involve repeating what has already been studied (4-5 lessons) and expanding the material. The duration of the lesson increases slightly (from 20 minutes to 25), but the amount of information increases several times. Based on this, the educator should monitor how children perceive information, and be sure to introduce game exercises into the lesson plan. In general, you need to remember that lessons are held with young children, even if it is an older group. It is best to make a math lesson entirely playful. Then no child, whether he has an analytical or humanitarian mindset, will get bored.senior group math class

Entertaining math in DOW

The older group will be happy to accept the new material, designed in familiar realities. So, when making a lesson plan, start with an interesting and fascinating introduction. We will give you an approximate lesson plan that can be used not only for kindergarten classes, but also at home.

Lesson "Help the mice"

mathematics in the DOW senior group

This lesson is designed to repeat the count up to five and consolidate the count up to ten. The teacher divides the group into two teams and says the introduction: "Today I met two mice, they were very hungry, and you guys know that mice like cheese. Let's help them, I will ask you puzzles, and you will guess. For each correct answer, the team gets a piece of cheese for their mouse." The teacher gives the children 5-6 tasks for the account. Here are the sample tasks:

  1. "Four gray cats were sitting by the path // And each cat has... legs."
  2. "Gave the mice a hedgehog // Eight gold earrings // Who will tell me from the guys // How many were all the mice?"
  3. "Birds flew over the river: a raven, a pike, three tits, two hedgehogs, five pigeons // How many birds, answer quickly!"

Give the guys time to count the necessary items. If there are difficulties, ask them to draw what you say, and then count it. This is how visual attention will develop. Don't forget to give a prize to the winning team for each correct answer. In the end, it is desirable that both "mice" get their lunch.


You can use the DOW manuals or come up with fun puzzles yourself. The main thing is to make it clear to the child and parents that math classes in the senior group are not scary, but fun and informative!

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