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In kindergarten, children try to prepare for almost all holidays. New Year's Eve is no exception. They are waiting for him with special impatience. What can be the New Year in kindergarten, how to think over the matinee so as not to miss anything?

new year in kindergarten

About the script

First of all, it is necessary to come up with a good quality scenario for all holidays. It is better if it is invented independently, by the forces of parents and educators. So it will be possible to take into account all the wishes and preferences of children. So, how does the holiday itself go? Most often, this is a journey through a certain fairy tale. There must be a presenter who will lead everything, as well as Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden – personalities thanks to whom miracles happen and all desires come true. Along the way, you can also use other animal characters or cartoon characters who can help children go all the way in search of a bearded grandfather with a bag of gifts and a granddaughter. It is mandatory for every child to perform at the festival, say at least a couple of words or tell a rhyme. Also, in advance with the kids, you need to learn one or more dances, learn songs – all this needs to be demonstrated at the matinee to relatives who will be sitting in the hall.


The New Year in kindergarten should be fun. Therefore, kids should be happy to attend the holiday itself. To do this, it is good to prepare several riddles for children, they must be involved in various searches, ask the kids for advice. So the children will feel not like guests, but participants of the evening. It's also good to improvise if the guys decide to dance not according to the script. Contests will also be needed, kids love to compete and receive small rewards.

 new year's matinee kindergarten


What kind of New Year in kindergarten does without festive costumes? Parents and children need to think about this in advance. Outfits can be selected according to the theme of the holiday or selected at the request of the child. It's good not just to buy another suit, but to think over its details together with the baby, to make something yourself. So it will not only be original, but also valuable in terms of handmade.


So, kindergarten, holidays… New Year. What is important not to forget is about gifts for children. What is the best thing to present to the kids? Because not all modern mothers feed their babies with chocolates, it would be simply unwise to give gifts from them. A gift from a grandfather should be useful in terms of the development of the baby, as well as suitable for all children, regardless of gender and interests. You can pre-prepare albums and pencils for drawing, give finger paints or elements of a puppet theater, coloring books or useful encyclopedias. These things will definitely be useful to every child and certainly will not harm his health.

kindergarten holidays new year


What should parents do if the "New Year" matinee is coming? The kindergarten is unlikely to mind if relatives are active and want to be involved in the event. An excellent option would be if moms and dads agree to take part in the concert, dress up as various fairy-tale characters and perform certain roles. It will be more interesting for children, because kids always like to play with their parents. And communication with your crumbs will definitely not be superfluous. In this case, the New Year in kindergarten will pass without unnecessary problems and difficulties.

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