Rickets in children under one year old: signs of the disease


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Rickets is considered one of the most common childhood diseases. It is classified as a polyetiological disease of the exchange type caused by a lack of phosphorus and calcium salts in the body, as well as a violation of their transportation and metabolism. Rickets is quite pronounced in children under one year old. The signs are expressed in a violation of the development of the child's musculoskeletal system. Lack of mineralization of the osteoid (vitamin D deficiency) causes bone disorders.

how rickets manifests in children

Rickets in children under one year old

Signs of the disease in the early period (2-3 months) are manifested by the following indicators:

  • Fearfulness and anxiety;
  • Anxious and shallow sleep;
  • Flinching from sharp sounds;
  • Increased sweating of the face and occipital part of the head.

How rickets manifests in children

Up to a year signs manifestations of rickets are divided by severity:

1. Easy degree. During this period, it is immediately noticeable how rickets manifests in children:

  • Obvious malleability of the skull bones and the edges of the fontanel on the head;
  • Inability to hold the head;
  • Pronounced rib "rosary".

2. The average degree. At 6-7 months , they become noticeable:

  • Muscular and nervous disorders;
  • Motor delay (does not turn over and does not sit);
  • Growth and weight gain is slowed down;
  • The development of bone softening is observed;
  • The teething schedule is broken.

3. Severe degree. It is manifested by various complications:
what rickets looks like in children:

  • Internal organ damage;
  • Bone and nervous system abnormalities;
  • Mental and
    Physical development lag.

Closer to the year , it is already clearly noticeable, what does rickets look like in children:

  • Thickening of the ribs;
  • Slight protrusion or hollowness of the chest;
  • Impaired posture and deformity of the limbs.

Causes of the disease

The lack of vitamins belonging to group B, vitamins A, zinc, magnesium and high-grade protein in the body is the most common reason why rickets develops in children under one year old. Its signs are also determined for many other reasons, for example, due to:

  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Lack of phosphate and calcium salts;
  • Prematurity;
  • Improper feeding and frequent diseases;
  • Poor ecology;
  • Endocrine disorders.

The most common form of the disease is D–deficient rickets (with a lack of sunlight, vegetarianism, late introduction of animal products into the diet – meat, fish, yolk).

Prevention of the disease is of great importance.

Preventive measuresrickets in children under one year old, signs

The child's health depends entirely on the behavior of the expectant mother, attentive attitude. Prevention should begin in the perinatal period:

  • With walks in the fresh air;
  • With proper nutrition;
  • With timely treatment of anemia and toxicosis;
  • With taking prescribed medications and vitamins.

Breastfeeding children under one year is the best prevention of rickets. No artificial feeding will replace the lactose of breast milk, which significantly contributes to the absorption of calcium. Frequent walks in the fresh air are recommended. Allow the child to move actively.

Excessive consumption of flour products by a child is undesirable, since they inhibit the process of bone mineralization and the absorption of calcium by the body.

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