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Everyone who has ever rested in a children's camp knows perfectly well that a rare day there was without any contests, role-playing games or theatrical performances. Time goes by, and the saying "old old" is no longer relevant in this regard. This can be said with confidence, because for several generations in a row, children who grew up in the countries of the Soviet and post-Soviet space have been playing games such as "robber Cossacks" and "war" with pleasure, and having arrived at the camp, they are looking forward to Neptune Day and, of course, the Day of Laughter.

fun day at camp

What is a Day laughter?

A day of laughter in the camp - this is a kind of antipode to Halloween, a fun and scary holiday of all kinds of scarecrows. Jokes, practical jokes, unusual contests, in which not so much ingenuity and speed are evaluated, as the ability to smile charmingly and laugh contagiously, are a mandatory program, but such a commitment does not even bother the guys at all. The day of laughter in the camp is an entertaining game that not only stretches for the whole day, but also surprisingly involved counselors and educators in the process. 

The benefits of laughter

One of the heroes of James Crews' wonderful but slightly frightening fairy tale "Tim Thaler or sold laughter" once said that of the various explosions, he recognizes only the explosion of healthy children's laughter. Considering that at school and at home, children only hear that "don't turn around" and "be careful", the Day of Laughter for children, especially in the midst of summer holidays, has become a real gift. This is a great opportunity to get distracted and relax.


fun day at camp scenario

As usual is there a Day of laughter at the camp?

Of course, given that modern children are unlikely to be interested in contests held once for their dads and moms, something special is coming up every time. That's why it's a Day of laughter. In the camp (the scenario is usually developed individually by a team of counselors), it is allowed to improvise, which grateful participants perceive with a bang.

As a rule, the guys are divided into two teams, each of which prepares its own logo. Recently, given the universal computerization of the younger generation, emoticons have become incredibly popular, which become a kind of symbols of this fun and funny holiday. The reward for winning this or that competition is quite original, it's not boring chocolate-biscuit bars and sweets, but painted freckles. Not on their faces, of course, although some in the excitement manage to put a war paint"on themselves and on a friend. The marks are placed on the smiley logo. Whose smiley face will be more freckled, he won.

fun day for kids

Among the contests I would like to mention those that have an element of group psychotherapy. We were all teenagers once and remember how many tears were brought to us by "ugly" noses, teeth, ears or eyes. And how many unpleasant minutes had to go through in connection with the "funny" surname... But the contests "Whose nose is better" and "Horns and hooves" help teenagers get rid of complexes and understand that there are no ugly people, and if you treat your real and imaginary external flaws with a sufficient amount of healthy humor, life becomes much more beautiful.

In a word, the Day of Laughter in the camp gives children not only a long-awaited opportunity to have fun properly, but also to look at themselves from the outside and see their comrades in a different light.

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