Children often get sick: causes and ways to solve the problem


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Unfortunately, modern children cannot boast of excellent health and strong immunity. And this is even regardless of what kind of lifestyle their parents led before and after the birth of the baby. So what could be the reasons that children often get sick, and what to do in such situations?

children often get sick

About the reasons

It is necessary to solve the problem by finding out its causes, everyone knows about it. So why do some children often get sick? First of all, the reason for this may be quite close contacts with infected people. Most often this happens in kindergarten, school, at the market, where the baby can go shopping with his mother, and even on public transport. It is also bad for the health of the baby and the wrong atmosphere of the place where he lives. So, the child's room should be ventilated, moderately warm (in no case hot), it is necessary to monitor the humidity level. A toddler can often get sick because of a sedentary lifestyle, too short walks in the fresh air. The baby is more likely to get sick from a small draft that will slip through the house than from soaked mittens from melted snow in winter. Oddly enough, those babies who do not eat right often get sick, get few vitamins and nutrients. So, parents should carefully monitor the diet of their child, excluding all harmful products and saturating the body with only useful trace elements. Well, there is another, very global reason why children often get sick: poor ecology. And if you can somehow cope with the previous options on your own, then parents, unfortunately, cannot improve the level of ecology in the whole region.

a child's throat often hurts

What to do?

The next question that may worry many parents: "What should I do if children are often sick?" The first thing that logically comes to everyone's mind is to find out the reasons for such a situation. To do this, you may need to consult a pediatrician, who, in turn, can redirect you to an ENT, an allergist and other doctors. In addition to medical intervention, a mother should monitor the temperature and humidity in the child's room, limit her baby's stay in front of a computer or TV, walk more with her own child in the fresh air. It is also necessary to ensure that the toddler has enough physical exercises for the development of the body. Even such simple acts can significantly strengthen a child's immunity. In addition, it is also good to temper your crumbs. You can do this already from the first years of life. Pouring or wiping with cool water, swimming pool visits, therapeutic gymnastics are good. However, it is necessary to observe certain measures so as not to disrupt the thermoregulation of the baby and not finally kill his immunity. Various preventive measures to prevent certain diseases can be excellent helpers.

a 3-year-old child often gets sick

Medical care

What else can you do if, for example, a child (3 years old) is often ill? Doctors may recommend vaccinating the baby when another outbreak of infection is predicted. So, it is good to carry out such actions with children who go to kindergarten or school. If, for example, a child's throat often hurts, it is necessary to seek help from a narrow specialist – an otolaryngologist, who can tell you what the cause is and what are the ways to treat such a problem.

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