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The herpes virus occurs in 90 percent of all people. And children are no exception. After all, this disease is very contagious, it is transmitted through common objects, toys or with a kiss. It is believed that by the age of five, 80 percent of children are infected. The disease is not always manifested by open rashes, if the immune system is strong, the virus may be present in a latent form. But usually parents see if a child has herpes. His treatment should begin immediately.

herpes in a child treatmentAlthough medicine still cannot cope with this virus and cure herpes definitively, it is the responsibility of parents to prevent re-infection and the spread of herpes throughout the body. Without proper treatment, the disease causes suffering to the child and can cause complications. If the rash has a large area of distribution, there is an increase in temperature, headache, sleep disorders and irritability.

The herpes virus in children, as in adults, is in a dormant state in the body, becoming active during hypothermia, stress or decreased immunity. Most often, rashes appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth or the nasolabial triangle area. But if you do not follow the child and let him comb the bubbles, the virus can spread throughout the body. Rashes occur on the hands, feet, scalp or genitals. They are usually the most painful.

For some reason, parents believe that the most harmless disease is herpes in a child. They carry out treatment on their own, usually lubricating rashes herpes virus in childrenGreen. But in fact, it is a viral disease that requires the use of antiviral drugs, and not only external, but also internal.

Most often, the drug "Acyclovir" is used for the treatment of herpes. It is available in different forms: ointment, gel or tablets. Interferon preparations or Arbidol are also used. In addition, it is necessary to teach the child to wash his hands more often, observe the rules of personal hygiene and not scratch infected places.

Many parents are interested in the question: "If a child has herpes, is it possible to treat it with folk remedies?" Yes, in addition to antiviral therapy, it is necessary to strengthen immunity with the help of extracts of echinacea, ginseng or eleutherococcus. Give the child more vegetables and fruits, the food should not be too hot, especially herpes in a child of 1 yearIf the rash is located in the mouth area.

Bubbles instead of pharmacy ointments can be lubricated with tea tree oil, sea buckthorn or fir. You can treat rashes with a solution of calendula or propolis tincture, make lotions from a decoction of chamomile or Japanese sophora.

This virus is most dangerous for the youngest children. Usually babies who are breastfed are protected by antibodies from mother's milk, but artificial babies are often infected. Herpes in a 1-year-old child is usually severe. A high temperature rises, the baby refuses food, is capricious and sleeps poorly. Pain and itching are very poorly tolerated by such children.

Every parent should know how herpes manifests in a child. The treatment is usually the same every time, and in the intervals between relapses, strengthen the baby's immunity and harden it.

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