Fur envelopes for newborns – reliable protection on frosty days


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There is no brighter and more joyful event for every family than the birth of a child. How many pleasant troubles are associated with this happy day! In addition to parental love, your baby needs a lot of different things that will ensure his comfortable life. This is a stroller, a cradle, the most diverse clothes for crumbs, etc.

fur envelopes for newborns

Today we want to talk to those parents who are expecting an addition to the family in the winter months. Consequently, the baby's first walk (discharge from the hospital) falls on the cold season. The question immediately arises: "How to dress a child so that he does not freeze, and so that he does not feel hot?"

Previously, children were wrapped in a thick cotton blanket on cold days. It turned out to be a rather large "bundle", which was difficult to hold in your hands. But today there is no need for this: in a children's goods store or even in the market, you can buy gorgeous, warm and light fur envelopes for newborns. Thanks to them, the child will always be reliably protected from the cold. The most important advantage of such an envelope is that it easily adapts to a stroller, car seat or sled.

fur envelope for newborn

Fur envelopes for newborns: varieties

Depending on the cut, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • Fur backpack (standard model);
  • Zippered envelope;
  • Transformer envelope.

How to figure out which product suits you? When buying fur envelopes for newborns, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material used. It is best if the model is made on sheep fur. Such samples are best protected from moisture, retain heat well, and are hypoallergenic.

Fur envelopes for newborns for carrying are sewn using special technologies, repeatedly tested so that cold air does not penetrate into them, so that the product does not lose its shape. The products of the Polish company "Nobel" combine waterproof fabric and high-quality sheep fur. They are great for the baby's first walks.

It should also be noted that the mentioned fur envelope for a newborn has antibacterial properties, regulation of humidity levels, excellent air permeability. It can be made from a single piece of cloth or from pieces of fur, which does not affect its quality at all. Both samples are equally warm and light. If fur envelopes for newborns are sewn from the skin of an adult sheep, their price will be lower than the cost of a product made from lamb skins.

down envelope for newbornThe second most popular is a down envelope for a newborn. It must be remembered that it should be used with caution, especially if the baby showed signs of allergies. In addition, these products require careful care and hand washing in almost cold water. Downy envelopes are a great solution for strolling in a stroller or traveling in a car seat. In it, the baby will be warm and cozy.

When the child grows up a little, you can use the envelope as an airy warm blanket or a soft play mat. When purchasing this product for your baby, pay attention to the system of Velcro, zippers and lacing. Here, convenience in the process of dressing the baby comes first. It is important that the envelope is widely opened and easily and quickly fastened. Try to buy it with a drawstring on the edge of the hood so that the baby's head is reliably protected from wind and frost.

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