What is the reason for cloudy urine in children?


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Surely every mother, noticing any deviations in the tests of her child, begins to panic and think the worst. For example, very often there is cloudy urine in children. What should I do in this case? Seek help from a pediatrician? Not to pay special attention to this fact? Let's look at why cloudy urine appears in children in this article, and what to do in this situation.

cloudy urine in children

General information

According to experts, in a healthy child, the color of urine may vary somewhat from light to rich yellow. This fact in medicine is explained by several reasons. First of all, it depends on the use of certain medications, as well as on the consumption of beets or carrots (bright yellow color).

On the other hand, cloudy urine in children indicates that it contains a certain amount of salts and other impurities, which, in turn, indicates possible diseases and inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system itself. In this kind of situation, you cannot do without the help of a specialist. The doctor should do a series of tests and establish the true cause. In addition, cloudy urine in children can change its hue and even consistency from the most ordinary contact with air. For example, if changes were detected in the pot not immediately, but after some time, there is no cause for concern.

cloudy urine in the child in the morning

External factors

Cloudy urine in a child in the morning may appear due to some external factors, namely drinking regime, changes in body temperature and physical activity. Injuries, in particular in the area of the genitourinary system, can also affect the change in hue. Burns, vomiting, diarrhea - all this directly affects the nature of urine.

Isolated cases

With single changes, parents do not have to sound the alarm, because the amount of liquid drunk the night before, diet and stressful situations - all this can provoke such a problem as cloudy urine in a child. Komarovsky (a well-known pediatrician) gives in his lectures a lot of the most common reasons that change the usual situation. However, if the cases are regular, it's time to consult a specialist. In the presence of concomitant symptoms (for example, pain and discomfort), it is likely that the disease lies in the kidneys.

cloudy urine in a Komarovsky child


In conclusion, it should be noted that if your particular case does not fit any of the descriptions presented in this article, you should go to the hospital and take the necessary tests. Remember that it is better to prevent the disease at an early stage and once again not worry about the health and well-being of the child, rather than subsequently exposing the child's body to serious medications. Special preventive measures are also considered an excellent option. So try not to let the baby catch a cold, monitor personal hygiene, perform physical exercises. Such simple recommendations will then protect you and your children from possible health problems.

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