Guppy - aquarium fish: maintenance, care, reproduction


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Guppy is a small aquarium fish that belongs to the Peciliaceae family. Its homeland is the tropical reservoirs, rivers and lagoons of North, South and Central America. Guppies prefer water temperatures close to 25-27 °C. However, they can live at a lower temperature, up to 4 °C.

guppy aquarium fishGuppy is an aquarium fish that is very popular with aquarists. The fact is that its breeding and maintenance do not require much effort and expense. Guppies are absolutely unpretentious neither to the food nor to the water temperature. But they are very beautiful, interesting and do not resemble each other. They differ in size, color, and tail shape.

Care for aquarium guppy fish

To contain these creatures, you will need a container of any size. It can be at least a three-liter jar. But in order for the fish to be comfortable, it is better to buy an aquarium.

The main factor for their maintenance is water quality. It should be clean, so don't forget to change it regularly. And make sure that the amount of water does not reach the edge of the aquarium. The fish are very mobile and can easily jump out of the water and die. And you don't want to lose your guppies.

Aquarium fish likes to live beautifully, so it is necessary to diversify its dwelling. Plant the plants. Guppies love Indian fern (or water fairy). This unique plant is a kind of living filter.guppy aquarium fish care

Don't forget that fish also need light. The aquarium should be illuminated at least 10 hours a day – in winter and 12 in summer.

Place the soil on the bottom of the aquarium. It should not be too small, so as not to interfere with the growth of plants, and not too large, so that the remnants of feed and fish waste products are not clogged into it, turning the aquarium into a swamp. The soil must be cleaned at least 2 times a year.


Guppy aquarium fish food

Guppy is an aquarium fish that eats almost everything. She is absolutely not picky about food. In addition to worms, he will willingly eat finely chopped meat, fillets of fish and squid. It treats dry food, vegetable food, cereals well. The main thing is to remember that it is impossible to overfeed fish with food. This leads to various diseases and the cessation of reproduction. The diet of fish should be dominated by live food. It is best to buy not very large. For example, a small moth, daphnia, cyclops, coretra, "viviparous", artemia and a wingless drosophila. Useful for guppies and pipefish. It contains a lot of proteins. But it is not suitable for pregnant females.

aquarium guppy fish breeding

Aquarium guppy fish: reproduction

Already from the age of 3-4 months, guppy fish can bring offspring. Guppy is a viviparous fish. This means that unlike most fish that lay eggs, it produces fry that are already fully formed and ready to swim and eat independently.

You can stimulate fish spawning by replacing water or increasing its temperature by a couple of degrees. The age of the female depends on how many fry she will have. For example, a large adult female can give about a hundred fry in one spawning. And young fish – no more than 20-30. But remember that guppies are very prolific. And in order to avoid "overpopulation", put the males out of the aquarium in time.

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