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How to prepare children for school? Perhaps this issue becomes relevant not only on the eve of the child's admission to the first grade, but also long before that. As a rule, caring parents begin to actively think about this as soon as the baby reaches the age of three. Foreign languages, logic, art, the basics of reading, arithmetic, spelling – all this sooner or later is sure to await a modern child.

Section 1. How to prepare children for school. The relevance of the issue

how to prepare children for schoolGoing to school is an important step in the life of a child and his parents. Today it is considered that before sending your child to the first grade, you need to prepare him according to the full program. But how do you determine what kind of knowledge a child should receive in order to make it easier for him to adapt?

In fact, the goal is not only to teach a child to read, write and solve simple tasks. Preliminary training should first of all help him mature intellectually, emotionally and psychologically. Otherwise, it may happen that an intelligent and quick-witted kid will not be able to find a common language with his peers. And a man who is too independent simply will not be able to sit until the end of the lesson. Even worse, if the child knows the entire first grade curriculum thoroughly, then he will simply not be interested in going to school.

At the initial stage, it will be necessary to form a certain level of thinking in the child, develop memory and attention. He must learn to communicate with his teacher and classmates, to be independent and organized.

Section 2. How to prepare children for school on their own

prepare a child for school at homeIf you follow certain rules and follow the recommendations of specialists, then the child can be prepared for the first class on their own. First of all, parents need to realize that their baby is unique and stop comparing him with other children. Otherwise, you risk developing an inferiority complex in him with all the consequences that follow from this. And your task is to turn the learning process into a real pleasure for both of them.

Perhaps the kid will not immediately understand the value of your studies. Then it is you who should arouse his interest in learning, accompanied by certain motivations. Try to pay more attention to your child. Answer his questions, listen carefully to him, find out what he is afraid of and why he does not want to study. Just do not get angry or scold the baby, especially if something does not work out for him, be patient.

And preparing a child for school at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Make it a rule to discuss with him everything that you see around, this will teach the baby to clearly express his thoughts and attitude to any situation. Do not delay the lesson time, it should not last more than 30 minutes. Get creative together: modeling, applique, mosaic. Turn learning into an interesting game, teach your child to a certain mode.

Section 3. How to prepare children for school: specialized courses

prepare for schoolIf you have decided to enroll your child in specialized pre-school courses, then you need to study this issue in more detail. Agree that there are a lot of ads like "I will prepare for school quickly and efficiently" now, because everyone is trying to earn, as they say, an extra cent.

In some places, the training includes not only basic lessons and textbooks, but also classes with a psychologist, physical training.

It is good if classes are held at a school where you expect to send your child in the future. This will help him to adapt faster, to understand exactly what requirements are imposed on first-graders. In addition, the kid will immediately learn how to communicate with peers and teachers. This is a big plus compared to classes with a private tutor. In the latter case, the baby will only receive the necessary minimum of knowledge, but will not be able to learn how to live in a team.

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