How to raise a kitten correctly: a little cunning and a lot of affection


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As has been known for a long time, a cat always walks by itself. Cats are wayward animals who, despite everything, try to act only the way they like. Therefore, the question of how to raise a British kitten, another purebred or mongrel cat is not entirely appropriate. You can slightly adjust the behavior of this fluffy lump, but it is almost impossible to educate to raise a kitten correctly

Mode from diapers

Of course, the behavior of an adult cat is a direct result of raising a kitten. After all, if a pet is properly raised from an early age, it will remain so when it grows up. Therefore, do not allow even a small kitten something that would never be allowed to an adult animal.

For example, you do not need to ignore the constant scrambling of crumbs on your shoulder, scratching your feet or clothes, climbing on the table, turning over pots of flowers, etc. While your kitten has not yet grown up, it is able to react to the harsh intonation of the owner in order to stop doing sabotage. In the future, your pet will learn how to respond correctly to a slight increase in voice.

How to properly raise a kitten if there is a child in the house

Prohibitions should apply not only to the kitten. If you have a small child, first of all, you need to carry out explanatory work with him. Stop his attempts to throw, squeeze, strangle in the arms of a small animal, and even more so to beat. Thus, the kitten will have to constantly protect itself from physical to raise a kitten affectionate

After such tortures, it is completely pointless to ask how to raise a kitten affectionate. After all, the most likely outcome after such treatment of a pet is a nervous, biting and scratching animal, and not a calm and gentle kitten. In order for a kitten to have a happy childhood, all family members, without exception, should treat it kindly and affectionately.

How to raise a kitten correctly: learning from mom

The most important taboo in the treatment of both small and large animals is violence. All you will achieve is retaliatory aggression from the animal. As a rule, cats do not understand why they are being beaten.

If your baby is very naughty, it is best to do what a mother cat would do: put strong and at the same time gently pressure on his tiny nose. Try it and you will touch his nose with your finger, so he will understand that he is behaving badly.

How to raise a kitten correctly: let him decide everything himself

Cats are proud and independent animals. While the kitten is still growing, its behavior can still be significantly influenced. You need to try to convince the animal that all its habits are purely its decision, and not its owner. That is, you need to turn his favorite activities into unloved ones.

how to raise a British kitten

For example, if a crumb has chosen the habit of climbing on the table, put a couple of empty tin cans on it, a sharp roar will immediately scare away a curious kitten. In the future, such a procedure will be associated with something quite unpleasant for him, and he will simply stop doing it. If your pet has started checking the trash can, you can pour water into the bucket. Thus, the next "revision" of the bucket for the content of something edible will turn into a terrible cold shower.

All these tricks will be effective only if you pay enough attention to a small animal, love and take care of it. If you only think about how to properly raise a kitten without creating favorable living conditions for it, then all your attempts will never succeed.

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