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Sometimes childbirth occurs with some complications that predetermine injuries in the baby. Most often, the cervical vertebrae may be damaged. In this case, the neonatologist will advise you to wear a special collar.

Trench collar

Trench collar for newbornsWhat kind of item is a Trench collar for newborns? In fact, this is an ordinary retainer, to a certain extent relieving the load on the cervical spine. And this contributes to the accelerated restoration of the basic functions of this part of the body.

Wearing a collar is very simple. It is made in the form of a foam circle with Velcro at the ends, which make it possible to adjust the volume of the tire.

This collar has a beneficial effect on the development of the child, as it normalizes the blood circulation of the brain.

What do I need to know?

When buying a trench collar for newborns, consider several key points:

  1. The above-mentioned collar is prescribed only by a doctor, since the indications for its use are very serious – short neck syndrome, hyperexcitability, torticollis, depression of the nervous system, motor disorders.
  2. The collar sizes are selected individually, taking into account the body volume and weight of the child.

Trench collar for newborns priceBefore buying, the distance between the middle part of the collarbone and the angle of the lower jaw is measured. Only after receiving this data, you can purchase the collar that will suit your baby.

The height of the collar ranges from 3 to 5 cm. It would be nice if the doctor tells you how long he should be on his neck and shows you the method of dressing him. If it is not possible to contact a medical institution, and you need to put on a collar, you can try to do it yourself. The collar of the Trench for newborns is installed under the chin with the neckline up. The clasp will be at the back. Put your finger between the baby's skin and the tire, the distance should not be too small, so as not to cause discomfort.


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The duration of use is determined by the doctor, and parents must strictly follow this prescription. It is also important that the skin under the tire is always clean. This will help to avoid irritation and redness, which make it impossible to wear a collar.

Types of collars

Trench Collar for newborns reviewsThere is a Trench collar for newborns and a similar splint for adults, which is usually prescribed for frequent headaches, cervical osteochondrosis, subluxation of the first and second spine. They differ slightly in size and appearance, but are worn the same way.

The collar should be worn only on the body, taking into account the height and circumference of the child's neck. The degree of fixation is free, so as not to cause breathing difficulties and discomfort.

Trench collar for newborns: price

The cost of the collar is acceptable and generally depends on the specific manufacturer.

Trench collar for newborns: reviews

It is worth noting that most of the reviews about this device are positive. Of course, caring for a newborn is complicated to some extent, but when used correctly, the collar guarantees a positive therapeutic effect. Do not ignore the doctor's appointment and try to limit yourself to one massage. This can cause complications – progression of torticollis, chronic neck pain, impaired cerebral circulation. Self-medication can cause irreparable harm.

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