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February 23 – is a celebration of the brave men – defenders of the Fatherland. Of course, they all deserve gifts. Must be very responsible approach to this issue. Choosing a gift for February 23, the Pope, need to be particularly resourceful. On this topic we will now discuss.

A gift to the father. What to pay attention to when choosing?

Choosing the gift, you need to put your heart and soul, only then can we really find the most suitable thing.

gift on February 23 Papa

What a gift on February 23 to select the Pope? Of course, it is necessary to start thinking long before the festivities, it is desirable that the thing was not only original but also useful. To make it easier to choose a gift for February 23, the Pope, we will outline the basic rules that will help you.

Rules for the choice of gift for dad

First, you need to consider the age. Of course, to choose a gift on February 23 for the boys easier than Mature men. People in this age prefer a more practical, quality items rather than a variety of detail.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the interests of the father. Men, like children, incredibly happy gifts, especially if they meet their desires, preferences.

Third, if your father is over fifty years old, leave modern and fashionable gifts for others. Older people likely will not appreciate a variety of stylish things. The latest gadgets also unlikely to be suitable as a gift to his father. Although if your dad is a technical genius, you can opt for a stylish tablet, smartphone or other similar device.


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Gift Ideas for father

unique gifts on February 23

How to choose a gift on February 23 dad? Now consider good options:

  • If dad is a connoisseur of tea or coffee, you can give him a drink or the elite version.
  • Good gift for father will be a Parker pen or an expensive lighter.
  • If your father is doing business, you can give him a nice shirt, a tie or cufflinks. Only the color should be bright, but restrained. You can give dad the business case, purse or a watch company.
  • The Father who plays Board games, you can give a good set of chess, dominoes, backgammon.
  • It is Possible to give her father a bottle of good brandy or whiskey, which you need to order a special label. To create such a thing, it is better to contact the designer. It will make the label for you. You can write on it, for example: "Cognac “Colonel”".
  • The Jar can be a good gift for my dad. It is desirable to place the engraving. This gift is ideal for those men who often go fishing or camping.
  • If your father has a profession, deals with tools, then you can give him a special tool box. In that case he will be able to keep all your things in order.
  • USB flash Drive and original shapes - a great gift for dad. Such a thing will be useful to almost everyone, because it is possible to store useful information and photos. There are stick in the shape of a grenade, a gun or a bullet.
  • For the motorist the perfect gift will be a fancy steering wheel or driving gloves. The Navigator is also in this case, it can be a good gift. Thanks to him, your father will be able to find the street or house tips will help on the shortest path to get to the right place.
  • Good gift for father on day of the defender of Fatherland will become complex vitamins. So you once again show dad how much you care about his health. Practically never sick person will be helpful to drink a course of vitamins. After all, spring is coming – it's time to not only love, but also of vitamin deficiency.gift on February 23, beloved

Men's gifts for the true defenders of the Fatherland

Choosing the gift on February 23 beloved father who served, are worth attention to things, reminiscent of the army's past. They emphasize his masculine greatness and amuse the ego. For example, you can make dad happy with a gift order “Favorite defender” or figurine “the Main protector of the family”. Such a thing need necessarily be placed in the case.

gifts for February 23 for the boys

What are some more unique gifts on February 23? A good option – this gun. This gift will be appreciated even by the man who is not fond of hunting. Someone wants to shoot at targets. Perhaps your dad will hang it as a decoration on the wall.

Not inferior in status and sword. Such a thing would be a great present for a dad who is a connoisseur of history. Elegant sword can be a wonderful decoration of the interior.

Binoculars – the actual gift on February 23 dad. A similar piece in military style can be a decoration and a toy for future (or current) grandchildren.

Give emotions dear dad

what a gift on February 23

What a gift on February 23, the Pope to choose? You can make dad happy by giving him emotions. Now we will tell you what are the options for such gifts.

Give dad a certificate for teaching the game of tennis or Billiards. Especially if he is interested in such fun. Maybe when he retires, will be able to start such a game.

If the father served in the airborne troops, he had no health problems (especially heart), then you can offer him a parachute jump. Otherwise, you can make another air gift, bringing a large poster with congratulations on the helicopter. Yes, the pleasure is quite expensive, but for your beloved dad did not mind neither the time nor the funds.

My dad has a sidekick? Then the meeting with him, especially if they have not seen, for it will be the best gift. If this is not possible, it is possible to replace a real meeting virtual. How to do it? For this you only need a computer with a webcam (or laptop) and Internet. Due to the variety of resources you can chat with friends from different parts of the world. It is possible to arrange an online conference with several people (coworkers, for example). Such communication will bring a lot of positive emotions, conversation or meeting will be remembered for a long time.

Make a gift with your hands

You Can make a gift on February 23 for the boys and men with their hands. How? Now describe how you can please the Pope, and other defenders of the Fatherland. We hope that our tips will help you.

children's gift on February 23

What you can do on February 23 gifts hands? For example, bake a cake or a cake with dad's favorite cream. If you don't have talent in cooking then order such cakes from the master. For example, the Pope is a player you can present a cake in the shape of a chessboard. The player will have to taste the confection in the shape of a ball. You can make a themed cake. It is decorate with ribbons, flowers and other attributes of the holiday, made of mastic.

Bank of Goodies for dad-sweet tooth

To make a gift on February 23, beloved dad, you will need:

  • A Bank of glass;
  • Candies;
  • Chocolate medals in a Golden wrapper;
  • Colored jelly beans.

Advice: choose multi-colored candy, then the gift will look brighter and more original.

Prepare gift beautifully:

  1. Take a jar, place it on the bottom several medals.
  2. Now you will need jelly beans and candy, they need to be separated by color.
  3. After a neat start to pour in a jar of jelly beans by color – first one, then another and so on. You can, for example, start with cool colors (green, blue, purple, brown), then move to dark (yellow, orange and red). Then close the jar lid.
  4. The gift was really festive, tie a jar with a beautiful ribbon. To complement such an amazing gift for dad-a sweet tooth you can, of course, the postcard.

Creative gift from kids to dad

on February 23 gifts hands

The Child may dad to do a children's gift on February 23. How? Now let's consider a few ideas:

  • First, to draw daddy a picture. There it is possible to depict tanks, flowers, weapons and many other attributes of the day of defender of the Fatherland.
  • Second, you can make a card. To do this, take, for example, a small piece of cardboard and colored paper. First you need to work on (cardboard). It must roll twice. On the one hand you need to decorate it. In the middle you can write all what you want to wish your father. To create the jewelry used colored paper, it should be cut letters, flowers, ribbon, maybe even a tank. In this case everything depends on your imagination.

Wrapping up

Now you know how you can please daddy. We reviewed the original gifts on February 23 for the father. Hope you will be able to find something worthwhile. Good luck!


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