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A Fairly common and popular animal species — it is rats. Breeds of rats are different variety. They live near humans for many thousands of years. In Eastern countries these dear animals are a special honor. Many benefits they bring to science, since a large number of experiments is carried out on the rats.

rats breed rats

Varieties of fancy rats

Today, the growing popularity of fancy rats, which are in many respects different from the usual and have a fairly extensive classification. Currently there are 137 species of these animals, of which a large number belongs to the class of those who decided to keep the house and care for them as Pets. Rats are smart, easily trainable and very quickly get used to the owner.

Rats breed "standard"

They represent the most numerous and popular group. Rats breed "standard" are distributed worldwide, therefore we can not determine the main area of their habitat. It should be noted that this type occurred many other varieties. The characteristic signs of rats in this class:

  • A fairly long body, which, moreover, is a large (massive);
  • Cropped coat;
  • The ears are wide form;
  • Long tail with a distinctive hairline.

Weight rats is 300 to 500 grams and usually depends on the sex of the animal, and the quality of food.

breed fancy rats

"Satin" the rat

Breeds of fancy rats with the same name have merit — this extra long coat that is quite dense and rough, but amazingly brilliant. It is worth noting that the colour of the rats of this class may be different, as there is no particular shade, characteristic only for them. For all other topics, such as body weight, length, this breed is similar to the others. The main habitat of the "satin" rats are usually Europe and the United States.


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Rat breeds Rex

At first glance, these specimens look like little hairy animals. It is connected first of all that coat they have is not like all other varieties, and Vice versa, sticking out in different directions, thereby creating a kind of vzjeroshenij. This makes the rat a very attractive and funny. If you look to the hairline, you you also notice that on the back of the coat has a distinctive whorl. For such outward signs of this breed of rats is considered the most original among all the others.

Breed Dumbo

This group of rats different from all the others with my ears. They have rats, "Dumbo" is located much lower than all other breeds. Also characterized by a more rounded shape and large size. Rats breed Dumbo can be different colors and have fur of any type.

rat breed Rex

It is Worth noting that this interesting breed name is taken from a Walt Disney cartoon. A somewhat elongated tail and torso, resembling the shape of a pear, are additional hallmarks of this rat. You breed rats Dumbo very high requirements to the contents. They do not tolerate dust, so their cage should be kept in high purity: more often to change the litter, wash and disinfect the tray rats.

Breeds of rats: rare

Naked rats — this rock occurs much less often than others. The main feature and characteristic external feature is the complete absence in the body of any hair. But on certain parts of the body you can see a small amount of wool. Is the head, paws and belly. It is worth noting that the body can also be seen vibrissae, although in many cases they may be absent. On the scalp usually is barely noticeable wrinkling.

rats breed Dumbo

Tailless rats — the name of the breed speaks for itself. In other words, a distinctive feature of these rats is the complete absence of a tail. Another feature associated with the shape of her body, which resembles a pear. Tailless rats — smart enough and active animals compared to other breeds. The representatives of this class can be of three types on the basis of hair: curly hair, classical or hairless. Tailless rats are different colors.

Odd-Eyed rats — these are the animals that have eyes of different colors. It is believed that in nature we find only three color pairs of eyes in rats: black, dark ruby hue and red. Remember one important detail: the more intensive the contrast between the color palette of the eye, the more expensive it will cost you an animal.

Tricolour rats-types of rats with this coloration, many people know under the name "mosaic". They considered to be valuable and unique, as in nature is very rare to find a rat with a distinctive tricoloured coat. It should be noted that the color mosaic of this breed can be very diverse, but it is always present white color or very light shade. A distinctive feature of these rats is the fact that the inheritance of this color mosaic is not transmitted, so the tri-color rat offspring can be a solid color.

Deciding to have a representative of any breed pet rats, remember that these animals in a short period of time become fully manual and not even a bite. But at the same time demand a lot of attention and care and careful care. breeds of domestic ratsIn the diet of these animals are unpretentious. Happy to eat as a ready food from the shop and regular food. Importantly, in the diet were products of plant origin. It is based on cereals, grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. Feed these animals twice a day. So like rats — the animals are nocturnal, most of the fodder they usually leave for the night.

Like any other pet, they eventually become attached to the person, have their habits and peculiarities. The sad thing is that a very short age of the rat. Breeds of rats (representatives of almost any kind) have a life expectancy of up to 3 years. It is therefore recommended to take the animal aged not more than 1.5 months. Today it is becoming popular even exhibitions of rodents of different species, in which the jury will choose a worthy for improving the breed of individuals, rewarding them with prizes and diplomas.


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