What is WWW: the story of the creation of a worldwide network


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What is the WWW? This question torments many people who recently received Internet access. But if you think about it not every experienced computer user will be able to accurately and completely respond to this. So, over the three mystical letters we type in the browser address bar to access any website?

What is the world wide web?

The World Wide Web or as it is called in our country, the world wide web, is a longer version of the abbreviation WWW. It is a single network of information resources, the relationship between them is provided by Telecom and is based on a hypertext representation of the data. What is the WWWIt would Seem that now the educated person should understand, what is WWW, but for ordinary people the above sounds at least strange.

The Internet as a distributed information system

The First question which is to understand to understand what is WWW – than the network of information resources available for us when we use the Internet. All information that we may present the world wide web is stored on a large number of dedicated servers, which are computers connected in one network. The user who wants to receive this information, accesses the server through a special program — a browser that allows you to view WWW documents. The interaction between server and browser takes place via defined rules that are inherent in the HTTP Protocol.

WWW Value

What is hypertext?

The Second question, which sleduet to think in order to fully understand the meaning of WWW — what is hypertext. The HTTP Protocol allows you to surf the Internet only with the textual information, which is written in special language — HTML. He, in turn, is a markup language. It is through this format of documents provides the ability to transmit data in the world wide web because it not just conveys all the necessary information and displays it on the user's screen exactly in the form in which it wanted to pass the author.

Speaking in plain language, what is WWW — we can say that this is the Internet. It will not be wrong, because this abbreviation translates as the world wide web. It appeared in 1989, when the scientist Tim Berners offered the world their innovative project. Since then it's been 15 years, and now almost every house every day someone enters in the address bar of the browser three magic letters WWW to get to your favorite resource.

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