As Eeoneguy is associated with the oil? The truth about popular new!


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YouTube — mega hosting, which any registered user can upload your video. "YouTube" became popular due to the fact that people have the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts, show your creativity and Express themselves. Thanks to this site started to grow rapidly. The scale of visits is rapidly growing up, and the service there are many users who have uploaded thousands of videos. Began to emerge entire genres. And one of those — videoblogging. What is it?

Videoblogging — this is one of the new and rapidly developing online trends. While the TV is remaking the American projects of a creative person living on YouTube to create original shows that gather millions of views. One of these young talents — popular videobloger It. That's what we will discuss in this article, but rather about how Eeoneguy associated with oil.

I — who is it?

How Eeoneguy is associated with the butter?

Eeoneguy — is one of the most popular videoblogger, which has a huge audience. At the moment It has more than 3,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, most of which is school-age children. What is it with this guy? The secret of success — a vivid and memorable way that seemed funny. One of the integral parts of this image — sunflower oil. As Eeoneguy is associated with the oil? To know the answer to this question you can read this article.

How Eeoneguy is associated with the oil?

On the vast world wide web you can often see a variety of pictures, videos, jokes, in which Ivan rudskoy drinking oil. But why? How popular videobloger associated with sunflower oil?


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Media person, always cause a hype around his person. So, many people are interested in the questions: “As Eeoneguy is associated with the oil? Why is he drinking?” This article is intended to help users who need answers to the above questions.

Why Eeoneguy loves oil?

Why Eeoneguy love butter? The first time the works has declared his love for this "drink" in a video titled «How to promote the channel”. In it I shared with your followers rules that helped him become popular. One of these rules reads: “Every morning drink oil!” As you might guess, Eeoneguy took a kind of parody of the bored many question about how to succeed on YouTube.

Eeoneguy and oil. Why popular video blogger loves the "fragrant gold"?

Video “How to promote the channel” has become quite popular, many users liked the idea of oil. Eeoneguy noticed this and began to promote this theme in his other videos. Thus, I began actively to promote the oil as the best drink that gives him energy, strength and enthusiasm. Then oil became an integral part of the Rudskoy and firmly rooted in the minds of its young viewers.

Eeoneguy drinking oil

Sometimes many users interested in the question: “Why Eeoneguy love butter? Why not petrol, milk or any other liquid?” As stated by Ivan in one of his videos (“As It answers the most popular questions about himself”), his love of oil is rooted in childhood. When a young video blogger I was a small child, he accidentally stuck his hand in the jar. And, unfortunately, the unfortunate circumstances limb stuck in the Bank. The hand of the future Messiah YouTube was trapped in a glass trap. But then came to the aid oil. Rudskoy used it as a lubricant that ensures the slide and helped to pull the arm. As he said himself, Ivan: “Oil gave their "blood" to release me". After this incident, the oil Ibanga has become almost a best friend.

Relatively recently (or rather 27 February 2015) on channel Ivan released the video titled “Is oil”. It Eeoneguy in a manner peculiar to it told about all the advantages of oil as a drink. In fact, this video is a kind of adaptation, a parody of the popular and acclaimed movie “Is "Skype"”.

I actually drink oil?

Eeoneguy and butter why?

Not just possible to notice that Ivan is drinking in his video oil. But is it really? Do Eeoneguy drinking oil? Of course not. Oil in large doses is dangerous to humans. It stimulates the stomach and damages the liver. So drink it in any case impossible.

As for Ivanka, drink oil during the video - just a joke, part of his image. Actually it's not butter and the other liquid, which is just a similar color (for example, Apple juice, etc.).

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