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            no matter what Anyone said, but reading is always in fashion. There is a large number of people wanting to live, to grow and develop, to learn something new and experience the fate of fictional characters with all my heart. Biggest disappointment for a lover of books, is that often his friends don't share his preferences in literature. But both want to share their opinion, to hear the position of the loved ones together to open up new and highlight important. It is for this case, developed service ReadRate. It offers a huge amount of functions and features, is simply a treasure trove of  useful and valuable information. It makes your passion for reading a social activity, allowing you to share your emotions with the world.

             the First thing that catches the eye, in addition home page — these are the Top 100 best books of all time read more at the link Http:// It is a fair rating based on the opinion and activity of the users of this project. No advertising and public relations, the only independent assessment on a 10-point scale of all works of art. Thanks to this rating, anyone can find a book that is really worth a read, because people's opinions are not based on empty space.

             in Addition to the ranking of the best books there rating from celebrities and editorial. First lets find out what reads your idol or favorite actor. If the book is interesting, it is quite possible it will be to taste you. The second contains those books that you should read according to the wording of the draft. In addition to these ratings, are published on a weekly individual top.

             Thanks to the ReadRate, book lovers will always be up to date on all news from the world of literature. Moreover, by using the service you can discuss an event with people from around the globe. And the tab called collections will allow you to learn about the book's genre or topic that interest you.

             Its users, the service gives the ability to sort books, make read the works of those books that you only plan to start reading. Thus, it is possible to track what is interesting to your friends and acquaintances. To mark the works of writers, to add quotes, share interesting content and their experiences in social networks. And if you have a PocketBook, some actions are automated: mark books read, started works, etc. If you like constructive criticism and you can't wait to show off their knowledge and emotions, if you know how to Express my thoughts on paper, you have to like writing reviews on the website of the project.

             ReadRate is not engaged in the trade of books, but he will tell you where to buy what you like at a lower price. And will show the library where you can apply for a loan and borrow the book absolutely free of charge.

            Whoever you are, than to not do it, the project ReadRate allows you to not feel lonely lover of literature, you will find new friends and like-minded people from around the world. You will feel a pleasant sensation of living in a society where I appreciate and love books where you can without any fear to Express their opinions and find a piece that you will read the following.

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