Transsexuals: who are they?


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Transsexual. Who is this Transsexuals - who is it? We often hear this term, but we may not always be correctly interpreted. So what there is a speech about a serious personality disorder or perversion? This is what we will cover in this article.

Transseksuali: who are they?

The term was introduced over forty years ago. What did he mean? Transsexuals (photo of it is presented in this article) - people who all their life deny their nature, i.e. the men hated their masculine nature (traits, dominance, body structure), and women – their female nature (body structure, responsibilities, temperament). Mostly this disease affects the strong half of mankind.


How to recognize them?

A person who denies their nature, can be divided into three categories:

  • Passive (they did not take any action and try to suppress their desires);
  • Passive-active (such people don't decide on plastic surgery or other drastic measures and usually just use the clothes of the opposite sex);
  • Active (they take female hormones, go under the knife to change your body and completely reject its natural beginning).

Do Not confuse transgender people and people with changed orientation (e.g., Transsexual (photoHomosexuals). In terms of sexual contacts they are attracted to it like myself, but with heterosexual tendencies. For example, a male transsexual who reject their masculinity, feels like a woman, and therefore attract men with normal sexual orientation.



Changes in the human body, leading to the fact that the person is not able to connect your mind and biological entity together, happen when the baby is in the womb. They can be caused by abnormal development of the chromosomes, causing the disruption of the formation of hormonal balance. Acceptance of contraceptives after pregnancy may cause improper development of the person.


Shemale in ThailandTranssexuals- who is it? About 40 years ago, transsexuality was considered some kind of mental illness, but later it was identified as a separate disorder, independent of pathologies of the brain and Central nervous system. As such there is no treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease it may appear differently. For religious reasons and because of the reluctance to upset their loved ones, people suffering them consciously suppress the instincts of the opposite sex and sometimes even quite successfully. They can create a family and lead a normal life. But so few succeed, and most transsexuals do not hide their nature, agreeing to the sex change surgery, after which some of them even manage to get married and lead a normal life.

Transseksuali in Thailand

In this country, the most humane attitude to people with such a disorder. Transsexuals (who they are, we already considered earlier) can openly Express their “I”, not afraid of persecution and censure. After all, according to the Thais, all people can be four genders (men, women, like men and like women).


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