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The mother's Prayer have great power. A prayer to the most Holy Theotokos on children reinforce this power many times. For children they are of great importance. It is believed that prayers are coming from a loving mother's heart, the Lord accepts immediately. Moreover – prayers to the virgin Mary asking for the revelation of mercy for children. She is the most kind and gentle Mother of earth, constantly praying and asks for mercy from his son Jesus Christ. Prayer to the most Holy Theotokos on children – one of the most powerful prayers.

prayers to the most Holy Theotokos for children

Every prayer coming from the loving heart of the mother, the Lord accepts with joy. There is nothing more sincere than a mother's prayer for their children. Moreover, the fruits of this prayer are endless. However, should parents choose the words of the prayer as a great sin to pray for the welfare to be obtained at the expense of others. About the sinful thing also it is not necessary to inquire. Of course, the man has every right to ask the Lord for material, earthly things, for example, about children's health, about their happiness, academic success, material welfare, but should not be praying to forget about the higher, spiritual values and plans of the Lord.

Every mother can always turn to the blessed virgin Mary words of your heart. But the Church offers the prayer to the most Holy Theotokos on children.


a prayer for the intercession of the Theotokos for children

The history of the feast is rooted in the distant past. It is celebrated in the middle of autumn – 14 Oct. It is believed that on this day the mother of God sheds a special favor for everyone who accesses it. Therefore, the prayer for the Intercession of children is considered the most strong and powerful. Most often the virgin Mary on this day, sought protection and patronage. But we all know that the holiday is associated with the marriage. Therefore mothers in the day to ask about how to successfully marry off their daughters. Those whom the Lord has not yet blessed with children can inquire about the imminent pregnancy and healthy baby. Huge power has the following prayer for the Intercession of the children.

Prayer on the occasion “Cover”

"Oh virgin Mary blessed virgin Mary, protect and wrap Her protection my children (names) of all children in our family, adolescents, infants, baptized and unnamed, carried in the womb. Cut them with a garment of Your mother's love, teach them the fear of God and obedience to their parents, ask the Lord, Thy Son, the gift of salvation to them. I rely on Your mother's watching, because You are all divine Cover Thy servant.

The blessed virgin, grant me the image of Your Divine motherhood. Heal mental and physical ailments, my children (names) that we, the parents, caused them their sins. Fully present the Lord Jesus Christ and You, the blessed mother of God, the whole fate of their children. Amen."

Prayer for the children of the blessed virgin on the feast of "Pokrov" will be heard by the Lord.

Prayers for the birth of healthy children

Sadly, today the problem infertility is quite acute. Despite the fact that modern medicine has made some progress, yet the majority of couples suffer because their lives never comes the long-awaited soul. However, there is a solution. In most cases it is enough to sincerely pray to the Lord. Prayer blessed virgin Mary for the gift of children is incredibly powerful. It can confirm everyone who doctors put scary diagnoses and who in spite of all enjoy happy parenthood now.

Special assistance in healing from female ailments, and for the gift of children has icon of the Theotokos of Tolga. Prayer to the most Holy Theotokos on children before this icon can create a miracle.

prayer to the most Holy Theotokos of the birth of the child


"Oh, most Holy virgin Theotokos, Holy Cherubim and Seraphim, the most Holy of all! You, Loving Mother, You revealed His mnogozalny the blessed icon of Saint Tryphon and it has created many miracles, and to this day he creates out of mercy to all of us. Kneeling and fervently pray to You before Your most pure image, o our intercessor. In mnogostradayuschy of our life do not deprive Your gracious protection of us, Thy servants.

Save us and protect, the Queen, from the piercing arrows of the evil demon. Strengthen our faith and will of our to all of the righteous, so as to always follow the commandments of Christ, soften our stony hearts with boundless love for the Lord and allothers, grant us a heart of repentance and defeat the devil in our heart. Yes it will be purified from all contamination of sin, and we will be able to offer to the Lord the fruits of their good deeds.

Oh, Merciful Lady! In this tragic hour, grant us Your powerful protection, help us, helpless, protect us with His hand from fierce evil, for much good may bring Your prayer to our Lord, Thy Son.

Looking on Thy Holy image worship You with hope and humility, the essence of You and share my prayer glorify You with the appearance of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. To him belongs all power, honor and praise. Amen."

Some sources say that it is also a strong prayer for the sick children of our lady.

Prayer 2

prayer for the sick children to the most Holy Theotokos

"Oh, Auspicious Lady, the immaculate virgin Mary, accept these prayers with tears to thee from us, unworthy of Thy servants before healing Your way, for You alone can hear our prayers and to fulfill all the will of the supplicant.

Lighten the sorrow of all repenting and praying for forgiveness of the sinners, cleanse the body and spirit of the lepers, cast out all devils, save me from offense, forgive all the sins of miluy and small children. Free from the prisons and shackles of worldly passions, You Righteous, to the Queen of the most Holy Theotokos, because everything is done only by petition to Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Oh, Blessed mother of God, blessed virgin virgin Mary! Don't stop praying for us, Your unworthy servants, glorifying Thee and the Holy name of the Lord, and worship Thy immaculate image. Amen."

A mother's Prayer about the children of the blessed virgin Mary, coming from her soul, always ready to help in all difficulties and troubles.

After Reading these strongest prayers, in your own words ask the virgin Mary for the gift of a child. Prayer to the most Holy Theotokos of the birth of the child in this case will be several hundred times greater force.

If the kids are sick

A mother in grief cries out to the Lord asking healing for my sick child. And rightly so, because no one can comfort her and help. Prayer for the children of the blessed virgin Mary – is the cry of every mother mourning her sick child. There are some powerful prayers of the Mother of God for help in diseases of children. You can also pray in your own words. The pain in the heart of the mother whose child is sick, will necessarily be heard. You can also consult the accepted prayers of the Christian Church. Incredibly strong following prayer for the sick kids.

Prayer to the most Holy Theotokos before the icon called “Healer”

a prayer for the children of the blessed virgin Mary

"Oh, the Almighty, the Benevolent Mistress mistress virgin mother of God, accept these prayers bring to You with tears in his eyes from us unworthy of Thy servants in front of Your healthful way questioning with affection, thou to You the Most omnipresent and hears our prayers. For each request do ease the sorrow, afflicted health grant, from any diseases to heal, demons run, from the hurt and misery relieve, cleanse the lepers and small children are helping, the lady Theotokos, from all the passions of the doctor. Only Your petition to the Son of God's warm hope for the healing of our Chad (name). Be merciful, deliver to Thy Son this petition and give us hope and faith in miracles You do. In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen."

Prayer to the most Holy Theotokos on the health of children will necessarily be heard, even if you say it in your own words. The main thing-to believe in its power and grace.

The Nativity of the Theotokos

September 21, all Christians celebrate one of the most important feasts of the Orthodox Church-Nativity of the blessed virgin. This blessed day is directly linked with the saints parents of the virgin Mary-Joachim and Anna. For a long time, the Lord has not sent them children, and they constantly prayed to Him about the miracle. As a result, the Lord heard their prayers and sent them to her daughter-the virgin Mary.

the Nativity of the Theotokos prayer of the children

All women who for various reasons cannot have children are blessed, if you will constantly pray to the blessed virgin Mary. Prayer for children on this day so strong that the fruit can come in for a short time.

Prayer for conceiving a child of the most Holy mother of God

prayer to the most Holy Theotokos to grant children

"Oh, Immaculate, Blessed virgin Mary, the Lord had been begged by the Holy entreaties, God given, of the Lord beloved, the chosen mother of our Lord Jesus Christ in its purity of body and soul. Who will praise You or not to please, after all, the Birth of Your –that is our salvation.

Accept our prayers unworthy of Thy servants, I do not abhor the cry of our hearts. You celebrate again and again, Your glory sing, to Thee I cling with affection, as an intercessor philoprogenitive. We beseech Thee, ask of Thy Son Jesus Christ our God, bestow upon us unworthy, godly lives, we shall live, as anything that our God, and for the benefit of our souls.

Oh, blessed virgin Mary, the Queen of heaven, look down with all the mercy on Thy servants, addressed to You, who were unable even to get posterity, send Your petition by the powerful healing from infertility. Oh, mother of God, hear our prayers, soothe the sorrow and grant the courage to live in prosperity.

Humbly seek refuge in You and pray, to ask from the merciful Lord for our forgiveness for all the sins, what we've done at will and without. All that a righteous life will have us ask of Thy Son, Christ the Saviour.

You're our only hope in the hour of death, give us Christian death and enter into the Kingdom of God. With all the saints we beseech Thee tirelessly glorified the one God, the father and the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen."

On the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary prayer for children is particularly strong. You can also pray to the virgin Mary for the health of their children or of a happy future.

Prayer for the children of the most Holy Theotokos will always be heard and accepted.

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