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What the book can tell us the secrets of dreams? To explain them, allow you to understand what a vision one or another picture? Of course, the dream!

Drove the car – perhaps such a vision is the worst for those people who own a car. What can this mean? For a full understanding should look at several sleepers.

dream interpretation stolen car

Value for the Modern book interpretations

So, what we can tell this dream? Stole a car – means that a person should expect change. The book also says the car is a symbol of wealth and financial prosperity. And if expensive things (such as a machine) dream of a man even in the night, so the welfare of such means for him a lot.

Sometimes this vision is purely indirect. That is, the dreamer lives with hope, sets a solid goal, making big plans, and generally worried about, will he be able to achieve or not.

In some cases this vision is the personification of feelings concerning unrequited love. Especially if behind the wheel of the stolen car sat a heartthrob of the dreamer.

stole a car in a dream

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of stolen car – to the fact that soon man will have to show quick reactions. This vision warns about occurrence in life unforeseen circumstances. So what to do if the person and, accordingly, will have to think quickly. Otherwise, a high probability to miss something. The dreamer will not be the initiator of events. However, to influence the course of their development.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century advises to be proactive and not be afraid to take even the most radical actions. Would be much better to change the usual way and take my chances, than give up and watch from under the nose of other people take away what is dear to the dreamer.

There is another interpretation, which gives a sleeper. Stole a car, and people saw this and began to chase after her with all his strength? This means that in reality he's too concerned any question. Most likely, this is due to his work. The project, which the man puzzled, yet to be realized. Therefore it is not necessary to worry too much – all ahead. And the result is sure to delight the dreamer.

 to dream of stolen car

To Be a hijacker

When a person sees in the dream itself, acting as burglar and car thief car, – it is a vision that carries an entirely different meaning. If the dreamer in reality there are enemies, rivals with whom he had a personal account, you can be sure – soon they will have to pay for all the perfect. And not with the help of a higher power: the dreamer will take revenge.

If a person stole a car and smashed-it really is a sign. Now it's the right time in order to restore the lost justice. And it is better not to lose this chance, because not the fact that he will be given soon again. So as not to suffer from a sense of unfinished business, should take on him rolling up his sleeves.

The interpretation of the vision for girls

The Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is quite a different interpretation gives a sleeper. Stole a car? Unfortunately, the girl is waiting the disappointment in her chosen admirer. It is likely that he will soon show all its flaws. Perhaps it will be a Mama's boy, which will need eyes. Or an inveterate womanizer, whose new relationship – this is another frivolous adventure, which he did not attach much importance. So the girl should closely relate to the choice of its potential second half – that it was “a good, reliable car", not “the machine, which is easy to take”.

 had a dream that stole a car

Freud Dream interpretation

When a person sees him steal an incredibly expensive car – career growth. The possible salary increase and the award or promotion.

Sometimes, however, such visions are merely a reflection of the human desire to purchase a new powerful car. Perhaps the dreamer is so obsessed with his idea that he is already at night dreaming.

In the symbolic understanding is that the car means business, a job, a project that will take a huge amount of time and effort. However, with all these cons and costs the person will receive a worthy reward.

But to steal a car and break it, got in an accident – it's to loudto clarify the relationship. And, most likely, a quarrel or a scandal will arise through the fault of the dreamer. Even if the reason for this will be it unintentional, accidental action. So in the near future we should be careful in terms of committing some deeds or actions.

 stole a car and broke

English dream interpretation

If you stole a car in my sleep – it could be a good sign. Anyway, so interprets this vision of the English dream.

To See yourself getting into a vehicle – to choose their way of life. It will not be easy. However, the result will delight the dreamer by far. You just have to be prepared for the fact that often have to face difficulties. But they will be solvable.

And if you had a dream that stole a car that belonged to a dreamer? In that case, if the person himself it is not closed, and because of this his car was stolen – to trouble, which soon may arise through the fault of the dreamer. So he must be more prudent and careful, and this applies to all areas of life.

If you stole a car while sleeping a person who currently is experiencing doubts about his personal life and close relationship with someone – it is possible that they are not unfounded. Soon the dreamer will reveal the truth concerning his second half. It is possible that he will experience pain and disappointment in the person to whom I felt something sublime and bright. Maybe it turns out that the elect or chosen one was someone else.

There are a lot of other different interpretations. But to understand what was a dream or that vision, it is necessary not only to look through the downers, but also to listen to their own sensations experienced in a dream.

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