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Everyone knows that pike is truly one of the most predatory and aggressive fish our waters. Because of this it is often  gets the hook of the Fisher. However, not all realize that the behavior of the predator changes depending on the time of year and the weather. And, therefore, need to advance, even in the summer, to know what to fish for pike in the fall. That is, when the seasons change it is necessary to change gear.

What can tell the fishing calendar

fishing for pike autumnAfter Analyzing the records of the fishing calendar, it can be concluded that the pike are best caught in March (during spawning), and then from may to June, and finally from mid-September to end of October. The best season for catching predatory fish this autumn. Therefore, thoroughly prepare the gear for fishing pike will need it by September.

Pike caught in the Fall good as it starts “autumn zhor” by which fish is supplied the essential nutrients and fat for the winter. Before you can understand how best to catch pike, you should remember the main features of the places where it lives during different seasons. The hunter arranges an ambush, or, as they are called, "Parking" in the waters where moderate or weak currents in the bays and in pools. Each pike reserves a certain territory, guarding her, not allowing their relatives. Because in the warm season the ponds rich in vegetation, in summer the predator holds in its thickets. But sometimes you need to change something to fish for pike. In autumn it is better to use other gear, because with the advent of cold weather, its habits change.

What to catch pike in the fall, what better to use gear

bait for pikeIn the autumn the pike chasing fry together and almost at the surface of the water. This means that the bait should select a superficial or weakly sinking. By far the most correct answer to the question:"what to catch pike in the fall?" is: poppers and wobblers!

Popper is the lure that floats on the water surface. During the "wiring" tackle this having a special design that not only mimics the behavior of fry, but additionally emits a squelching sound, which also attracts predators.

fishing-rod and tackle for pikeBut today on the shelves of specialty stores dominated the fishing lures. They are different. For warm autumn period it is recommended to acquire weakly sinking lures (sinking no less than 1.5 m), as at this time, the pike hunts at the surface of the pond in search of basking in the fry.

More on what to fish for Northern pike

In the Fall, in addition to crankbaits and poppers, you can also catch up on various “chopper” or "bait". In the beginning, in September, it is better to use all types of lures that are particularly glibness and quickness "games" on the surface of the water. But, the colder the water becomes, the more passive and lazy moving predator. Therefore, it is necessary to change tactics and what to fish for pike in the fall. Instead of quickly playing gear "shallow water", it is recommended to use deep sinking lures and big baits from silicone.

Changes in behavior of the predator is explained by the fact that in early September the water temperature in rivers and lakes is still quite high, but with the onset of autumn frosts it drops dramatically, which significantly affects the activity of the pike. For this reason, she changed tactics and began to hunt large and slow-moving prey, not wasting energy in vain to catch fry or a small, but fast fish.

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