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Swimming is a competitive sport. Annually hosts a number of events around the world. But swimming helps to restore health, develop physical fitness and coordination.

It is Also the most netravmirovannymi view loads, unloads the spine. Therefore, many parents send their children into swimming, and go to the pool. So, where to go in Vladimir?

pool Surface

Top 5 swimming pools in Vladimir

We have selected five best hotels in Vladimir, judging by the reviews on different forums (the rating is in stars, the possible options from 1 to 5 inclusive):

  1. Swimming Pool fitness club "Ant". For reviews about pools in Vladimir, he got 4 stars. Visitors say excellent professional training, good functionality of the pool in the fitness center.
  2. In second place again, the pool is one of the fitness clubs in town. This Is World Gym. Those who use the fitness center, talking about polite service, good equipment. The rating pool is 3.7 stars.
  3. Third place in the ranking of the pools at a pool complex of the Ministry of defense. This swimming centre Sporting club of army (SKA). Of the downsides of the visitors say a big enough crowd of people, inconvenient working hours (on weekends from 7:30 to 13:00). From pluses: there is a sports section, steam room and sauna, gym. The results of the feedback about the pools in Vladimir, it gets 3.5 stars.
  4. "the City health center" among all the pools in Vladimir has own sports school. Private visitors are offered a low price for one class and a convenient work schedule (180 roubles for 1,5 hours, from 8:00 to 20:30. Sunday - day off). Rating - 4.7.
  5. The Only pool in Vladimir, which is in our list and has length 20 meters, called "Lybid". Rather, it is the entire sports complex. A rating of 3.7, mainly refers not to the pool. One visit will cost 200 roubles, the subscription on month - from 1000. Clients tell me about the pool in a positive way.
City center


In Vladimir are a place to swim. Moreover, as novice swimmers, and professional athletes. I would like to mention only the lack of places in the city where there is a swimming pool 50 metres away. But it is not critical.

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