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In recent years, the demand for bicycles. And no wonder, because it is environmentally friendly (does not pollute the atmosphere by harmful exhaust gases), cheap (no need to pay for fuel or tolls) and healthy transport (supports muscle tone and gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day). So people switched from car interiors and public transport to bicycles. It is possible to get to the place of study or work, of course, unless it is on the other side of town. This practice has already taken root in Europe. Today we talk about Stels Navigator 630. What is that model which has the features, description, reviews?

A Little about "Stealth"

"Navigator" – a whole line of mountain bikes. She is represented by many models. These bikes are manufactured at the factory "Stealth" one of the Russian company. Its main task – the issue of cheap bikes for the masses. Sometimes Stels Navigator 630 and other relatives can be found in Auchan. So many cyclists call it "sanbika".stels navigator 630

Quick feature Stels Navigator 630

This bike type is mountain. They, in turn, are divided into subgroups: suspension and hardtail. Stels Navigator 630 belongs to the latter group. Hardtail in English means "hard back". And true, this "Stealth" suspension is only on the front wheel, therefore it has to belong to this group.

He Frame is made of aluminum alloy. It is a lightweight material and does not corrode. The bike itself weighs about fifteen pounds. It's a pretty good weight for Gornik.

Depreciation here are the spring-elastomer fork with a course of eighty millimeters. This is not the best option, as the cheap plugs from the "sun Tour" are rarely working at one hundred percent. They fulfill only the large shocks, leaving the rest of the vibration.stels navigator 630 reviews

The Wheels are standard – twenty-six inches. Brake system disc. Only twenty-one speed (front three and back seven stars).

Stels Navigator 630: feedback

"Navigator 630" – this is the most common mountain bike. It is suitable for riding in style cross-country (move over rough terrain with climbs, descents and natural obstacles). This unit is perfect for those who do not need too a good bike. For a reasonable price (20 thousand rubles), the company delivers a fully functional and ready to ride product. It is perfect for short walks in the Park or woods, but for more serious problems you need to purchase something more high quality.

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