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Almost every modern person is a user of the personal computer. PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones have become an integral part of life in our time. Computers and laptops can be used in work and entertainment: to watch a video, movie, listen music or play games. But what if there is any problem with the working of the PC, for example, lost sound in the earphones or the speakers? To find ways to solve this problem in this article.

missing audio

Possible causes of no sound

The sound on the computer or laptop may be missing for several reasons. Here they are:

  1. Shot down the audio settings.
  2. Broken headphones or speakers.
  3. Enabled the Windows Audio service.
  4. Disabled in device Manager.
  5. Incorrect BIOS settings.
  6. Conflicting programs or viruses.
  7. The Failure of the sound card.

Test sound settings

First of all, you need to check whether sound is enabled on the computer. This can be done by clicking with the left mouse button (LMB) on the sound icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The volume slider should be in the middle bands or above. You also need to check volume setting is not muted at all. If the icon is crossed out in red, then click on it.

missing audio

If the volume slider has always been at a high level, and the sound is still there, you should click the right button of the mouse (ICR) on the sound icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select "Sounds" and then "Play".

the lost sound in the earpiece what to do

The icon Next to the speakers or headphones should be a green checkmark indicating the device is connected to the computer. If in its place emblazoned the red cross or the grey down arrow, you should click RMB on the device and choose "Enable".

Test the device for performance

What to do if there is no sound in earphones, and in columns it is?

In this case you can unplug the headphones and plug them to another computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a suitable connector. Next you need to include any sounds or music, thereby to test the headphones on performance.

If the device is in working condition, so it's the computer or its settings. If there is no sound and when connected to another device, you should go out and buy new headphones.

Make Sure that Windows Audio service is enabled

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, stray user settings Windows Audio. To understand why there is no sound in the headphones, you need to check the correct operation of this service.

The First step is to call a context menu for commands the key combination Win+R. In the window that appears write the command services.msc.

In the opened Services window, you need to find Windows Audio.

laptop has no sound headphones

In the line "Condition" should be set to "Running" and "startup Type by default" - "Automatically." If not, you need click RMB on the service and choose a named property.

Next, as shown in the proposed in the article photo, select the following sequence: "Auto" - "Start" - "Apply" - "OK".

what to do if headphones sound disappeared

Disconnected device

Another reason that there is no sound in headphones on laptop or computer is to turn off the device. To test this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to "start".
  2. In the search bar to register the "device Manager" and click on it.
  3. In the list find "Sound, video and game controllers".

If any of the devices in this paragraph is indicated by a gray arrow (as shown below), you must click on it RMB and choose 'Activate'.

the lost sound in headphones on laptop

If this doesn't help, you may need to update the sound driver.

Incorrect BIOS settings

If the user has recently conducted some manipulations with the BIOS, perhaps accidentally lost settings or they are installed incorrectly. This needs to be checked.

To enter the BIOS, when the computer must repeatedly press Del, F2 or F10. What of these key launches the BIOS of a particular operating system are displayed when you turn on the computer next to the word Setup. Press this key immediately after turning on the computer, but before the operating system starts.

Once managed to get into the BIOS, open the Advanced tab and find the lineHigh Definition Audio. On the contrary must be set to Enabled. If it is not, and put the status to Disabled, it needs to be changed to the above value. Next, you need to save changes and exit BIOS.

These actions in most cases, solve the problem with no audio on the computer or laptop. After a restart and turning on the computer, you should check to see if the sound.

System Restore

If the user knows, and then when the sound disappeared on the computer, then you can try to fix the problem using system restore:

  • To roll back your system to a specific restore point, you need to open start and in the search bar to register "system Restore".
  • In the opened window to read the warning that all the recently installed programs and documents after system restore will be deleted, and click "Next".

missing audio

  • Find and select a restore point, after which, you may have lost the sound in the headphones or speakers. If no such point in the list, set the checkbox next to "Show more restore points", choose from the additional list and click "Next".
  • After clicking the "finish" button, run system restore to a selected point in time.

It is Important to remember that to cancel this process after you start it is impossible. If your computer has important files and documents you recently saved, they should be moved to a flash drive or any other memory card.

After system rollback, your computer will restart. If the problem was a recent installation of programs, the sound will appear.

Virus programs

Perhaps the lack of sound on your computer or laptop associated with viruses. You should carry out a thorough check for malware and eliminate them, in case of detection.

The Fault of the sound card

If after using all the previous tips question - lost sound in headphones what to do still, it remains to take the last recommendation: to replace the sound card.

This is an extreme method, which is only after all of the above tips did not solve the problem with sound.

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