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In our article we will look at how to make a simple arbor made of metal, using the most common and cheap materials. Metal gazebos deserved popularity among gardeners not in vain. Simplicity of design and harmonious appearance – is that like the majority of gardeners. Because the design turns out not too bulky and can easily fit into any landscape design.

In addition, such buildings can serve faithfully for decades (unlike wood), and most importantly – does not require close attention. Only need once a year to inspect for the presence of corrosion. Reliability, simplicity, durability and strength-these are qualities that are inherent to the metal gazebos.

Types and forms

With regard to the appearance of gazebos made of metal (with your hands how to make them, describe later), the choice depends entirely on your needs and preferences. The most common are round, square and eight hexagonal, rectangular. But nobody stops you can choose any form to build the gazebo of your dreams.

arbors for the garden, metal

There are several ways to build arbors

  1. Portable & ndash; use a variety of mounting accessories.
  2. Welded – the most reliable and quick method of installation.

If you have no experience with welding, it is possible to use the method of Assembly of the frame using bolts. Nothing prevents you to combine both methods to make multiple modules of the frame, which can quickly be connected together.

As a rule, gazebos are built of metal with a blank wall or completely open. For summer use it is recommended to build gazebos, in which one side is deaf. If you wish to use the building in the cold season, you will need to establish a kind of “protection” – all openings are installing polycarbonate or PVC curtains.

How to choose the right place?

The Most important thing at the initial stage – is to choose a place for installation of the gazebo. The landscape and the view must first delight in the beauty of those who rest in the gazebo. But not worth it for a lovely view neglect the technical part. To consider the direction and strength of the wind is necessary, otherwise the frame will not be sustainable. This is especially important in cases when design to the base is not rigidly fixed.

Pergola with your own hands from metal dimensions

If it is wrong to choose the installation location, the structure may tip over or slide. Before installing it is desirable to pay attention to the ground level. After all, when rain can occur in flooding, if the gazebo will be located in the lowlands. So it's best to put a skeleton on the hill or mount the floor.

How to choose a basis?

Gazebo – it is easy to build, so you can use one of two types of reasons:

  1. Concreted with the mortgage in the land supports. It is welded to the frame of the gazebo.
  2. Low-depth support or strip Foundation – ideal for the construction of a collapsible gazebo.

In that case, if you are going to build a sealed design, you need to have sex. For portable designs, the best option would be some kind of a floor made of paving slabs.

How to use metal?

The Frame is best done from tubes of circular or rectangular cross section, wall thickness 2 - 3 mm. Pipe with a circular cross-section have a slightly lower cost, but working with them difficult. Beautiful scald the pipe, but still keep the strength, will be very difficult. Therefore, if you decide to save money, think a hundred times.

garden furniture made of metal

You Can use the profile of aluminum – it is easy, but welding can be done only by machines. Therefore, in the home, this frame is easiest to assemble with bolted connections. And the steel profile pipes – this is a cheaper material, and to work with him a lot easier.

Main parts drawings

Metal arbors are made with your own hands is quite simple, and the cost of materials is not very high. Therefore, the pocket and the physical condition of the building will not harm. This article considers all phases of construction, design and finish metal arbors for the garden. On any drawing, you will find the following elements:

  1. Floor – according to its form need to make a layout on the site on which you planto build a gazebo. It is recommended to adhere to certain parameters. For example, between the supports should be a distance of not more than 2 m. it is Better to do less distance than more, since the increase in increases the risk of structural failure. Are required to establish the longitudinal beams – they are able to give the floor rigidity. If you do not install these beams, the floor will stand unstable.
  2. The Presence of the roof provide for a specific project. In some designs it may not be. When you are drawing, you need to consider one thing – make the rafters of approximately 0.3-0.5 m outside the frame of the gazebo. This arrangement of the roof will protect the structure from exposure to rain and snow. Rafters must be placed on supporting pillars. Advance look at the drawings of gazebos made of metal, to have an idea about how are the elements relative to each other.
  3. Rear and side walls – these structures are shown on all drawings. The supports are arranged vertically, and the bar located horizontally, must be indicated on the schematics. The length of all bars should be equal to the distance between the vertical supports with the exception of the width of the profile pipes. The first bar should be placed at a height of approximately 0.8 m above the floor. With its help, amplifies the strength of the structure, it is fasteners the plating. In addition, these rails serve as railings. The third bar should be placed on the same level with the ceiling – it is rigidly fixed the upper part of the structure.
  4. Wall from the entrance – there needs to be an opening. You can use the default values – a width of 80 cm and a height of 2 m. the design of this wall there are also beams, only more of them – the three formed a doorway. These parameters must be met during the construction of a gazebo with your own hands out of metal. The design drawing is given in the article.

Please note that the supporting pillars that are installed vertically must be above floor level. Length of protrusion shall be equal to the height at which is located the floor minus the height of the embedded structures, which are located in the basement. When using low-depth supports to do the tabs do not need – stroke already laid.

What you will need tools

In order to avoid problems during the construction, you need to be such a set of tools:

  1. Bayonet shovel.
  2. Angle grinding machine (grinder).
  3. A Ladder.
  4. The Building level.
  5. Drill or screwdriver.
  6. Welding machine (optional).

Construction Materials

If you decide to build a pergola from metal and polycarbonate, you will need the following materials:

  1. Cement, water and sand.
  2. Fittings for the manufacture of Foundation (optional).
  3. Fittings for the manufacture of fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, screws).
  4. Material for the sheathing of the roof.
  5. Material for treatment of the side walls.
  6. Paint for metal.

As for paint, it should be designed for use on the street. Do not have to be large temperature range. And most importantly – direct sunlight on the paint coating should not act. In addition, the paint protects the metal, it gives it an even and attractive appearance to the frame. So choose the color wisely.

Building the Foundation

Primarily in the construction of gazebos, metal garden you need to get on the site for the construction of all kinds of vegetation. The soil must be removed – approximately 10-15 cm in the construction of low-depth of the supports is recommended to remove soil in those areas in which they will appear. In that case, if you plan to do a full strip Foundation, then, according to the plan, it is necessary to dig the trench. Note that the faces on the sides must be positioned in the center of the tape Foundation.

Gazebos of metal and polycarbonate

The width of the trench should be about 20-25 cm, depth 25 cm from the bottom of the trench needs to Wake Sands – about 10 cm, then a rubble or stone (same thickness of the layer). These two layers must be thoroughly compacted and level. To save on concrete, can be used in the construction of the Foundation stone of the coarse fraction. But first you need to place a mortgage on the project. Mortgages set vertically, strictly on the level. All arbor sizes metal you can find in the circuit shown in the article.

Pouring the Foundationproduce as thoroughly as possible, all voids are filled with concrete. It is recommended to use rebar – thickness not less than 10 mm. Thus you can make the whole base design strength. 3-5 days after the pouring of the Foundation pit to fill with sand and water, and then compacted to make a smooth surface.

How to assemble a frame

On a pre-prepared drawings needed to assemble the frame of the gazebo – the roof and floor. The coating is not set, assembled frame only. Thus it is necessary to use welding or fasteners. The whole structure is mounted on the frame and rigidly fixed on the base. Then make the fastening of the horizontal rails and the door opening.

Simple gazebo, metal

All elements of the design necessarily must be painted. It is advisable to use paint, which already has a ground. Special attention should be paid to welds – they are the most vulnerable. Not allowed to have streaks and smudges. It is best to use a roller.

Covering arbors

If you have the desire, the lower part of the structure is sheathed. You can use any material but most often it is done with polycarbonate. It looks quite attractive, rather than sheets. The latter, incidentally, can also be used for plating. But he warms up quickly, so in the summer the inside will be very hot, if the pergola will be installed in the sun.

Gazebo with barbecue, metal

In the manufacture of the gazebo with their hands out of metal (the sizes indicated on the drawings, listed in the article) can be applied and decorative forged elements. Decorate the shell elements is possible by means of metal rods. For example, a delicate wrought-iron elements arranged between the railing and the floor, can highlight individual style metal gazebos.

Manufacturer roof

The easiest way to make a gable roof on the gazebo. First, all the procurement is done on the ground – two pipes connect at a certain angle and lock. On the centers of opposite sides of strapping bands rack. The height should be equal, otherwise the roof will curve. Stands need to connect using the run.

arbor Sizes metal

On Top you need to install a pre-fabricated truss legs – fix them in three places. You need to fix on two sides of the binding and on the run. Be sure to apply a layer of primer and paint on all surfaces of the roof construction. As a roofing material, you can use the profiled sheet, polycarbonate, or metal roofing. The easiest way (and cheaper) to install the polycarbonate.

To cover her roof, the rafters to make holes. The polycarbonate sheets also need to drill holes that match those on the roof frame. To fasten sheets to be using a special roofing screws with the rubber washer. The construction is over, you can build a gazebo, put it in benches, table and barbecue. It should be noted that the construction of a gazebo made of metal with a grill brick need to do major Foundation for the latter.

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