How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the home: rating, reviews


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A vacuum Cleaner – an extremely useful device, despite the fact that most of the time it spends in storage. Many both love and hate him. Of course, vacuum cleaners help to keep your house clean, but they can also be sources of trouble, which makes intolerable even the most simple cleaning. Some of them are very noisy and heavy and have too few or too many accessories. In other containers that are difficult to empty or disposable bags, which is difficult to find a replacement.

In principle, the consumer is subjected to various potential trouble, and it's not just excuses not to do the cleaning. In addition, today's market has expanded considerably, offering a large variety of models belonging to different categories. So how do you narrow the options to find the best vacuum cleaner for home, easy to use and do a good job? Of course, after reading this buying guide.

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the house?

According to reviews, whatever the requirements of a particular buyer will certainly find a model corresponding to the image of his life. The problem with buying a vacuum cleaner is that there are many options, and find the perfect can be tricky. In addition, the available vertical, outdoor, manual and even the convertible models, which, depending on configuration, capable of developing into one of the listed types.

Here follows a summary style best vacuum cleaners for the home, their key features and details about what type of cleaning is best suited for each.

vacuum Cleaner bag Oreck Touch

The Vertical model

Today, this is the most common type of home cleaner. As a rule, they have a pedal that you press to change the angle of the machine to increase its maneuverability. The functionality of vertical vacuum cleaners can vary considerably. For example, Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean, which costs 18 thousand rubles., comes with two accessories, and Dyson Cinetic Big Ball for 41 thousand RUB comes with nine. But usually these full-sized devices work better than their smaller counterparts, so they are the best vacuum cleaners for the home, if the purity of the harvest is the most important.

The price Range for a vertical vacuum cleaner – 3 to 40 thousand rubles. Their average weight is 6-8 kg.

Distinctive features of the vacuum cleaner of this type is the vertical position, the availability of containers or trash bags, accessory set, including hose, tube and nozzle for cleaning corners or stairs. Many models can switch from cleaning carpets to hard floors.

The Potential owner of a vertical vacuum cleaner should have a place to store something tall and have a need for deep carpet cleaning. Such machines usually weigh more than others. Therefore easier MOP vacuum cleaner can be a good alternative.

good vacuum cleaner

Outdoor models

Vacuum Cleaners of this type are popular in Europe. They are more versatile than vertical, because they can be raised and moved to the place of cleaning. These devices are equipped with a full-size engines, so that the user gets versatility, suction power is wasted. According to user reviews, they are perfectly cope with the cleaning of stairways, as they can carry and use the hose pipe and nozzle, it is easy coping with each level.

The Average price – 3 to 60 thousand rubles, the average weight-4-6 lbs. Most floor cleaners provide the same capabilities for cleaning, and vertical, while offering increased mobility. They are easier, but you still need to raise at least 4 kg. in addition, we have to bend over to move the vacuum cleaner around the house. Of course, you can pull it over the hose, but then the device's movement becomes uncontrollable, and it often turns. Long hoses and power cords are easily entangled and difficult storage, because the tube is not always possible to attach to the body.

Best vacuum with bags for home, according to experts, is the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog. It is expensive (60 thousand roubles), but it is a purchase for life. Cleaner copes well with carpets and hard surfaces. The model is equipped with a turbo brush and filter that absorbs odors, and is covered by 7 year guarantee.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Automatic model may seem a frivolous novelty, but they really are doing everything possible so that the floors were clean. Enough to let themto begin its work, and they will be circling for carpets and hard floor surfaces, removing dust and debris. Robot vacuum cleaners do not provide the same purity, and a full-sized model, but they are pretty good with maintaining order in the intervals between full cleaning.

Robot-vacuum cleaner Neato Botvac

The Average price of such devices-from 6 to 60 thousand rbl. the Average weight – less than 5 kg.

Eat robotic vacuum cleaner battery, which is recharged by the docking station. Have touch control. The time of operation is set to a custom schedule. Robot vacuum cleaners provide different cleaning modes, including clean carpets and flooring.

This handy high tech gadget can be used only as a Supplement to the primary cleaner. Modern models such as the Roomba 980, allow you to remotely adjust the work schedule and monitor the movement of the device through a smartphone application.

According to experts, the best robot vacuum cleaner Neato Botvac is Connected. Model use the laser navigation system and automatically returns to dock for recharging. It also connects to your home wireless network and managed using the phone. The design in the form of a semicircle allows you to clean sections of the floor along the walls and in the corners. Li-ion battery provides a longer period of Autonomous work. And eco-mode for a long time prolongs the operation of the device.

Vacuum cleaners for the home

What good would cleaning, each rug starts to show its age. But often it's just the spots and dirt embedded in the fibers. Get out of the situation will allow a good vacuum cleaner for the home. The best models are the vertical Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 and portable Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624. The first of them provides excellent results even for light carpet with 5 rotating brushes that provide a 360-degree cleaning. It copes even with old stains left behind by Pets, and cleans most hard-Packed of the darkened areas. For reviews vacuum cleaner even without the cleaning solution cleans carpets fast and dries them with its powerful suction and the discharge of heated air.

Portable models

These mini-vacuum cleaners are perfect for small cleaning. Some of them are wireless, and therefore well suited for quick and easy cleaning of cars and vans. They also are a great Supplement if your main vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a sufficient number of nozzles, or if there is no desire to include it every time you detect the disorder.

Dyson vacuum Cleaner V6

The Average price – 1,2-12 thousand rubles. Average weight-about 2 kg.

Portable vacuum cleaners are lightweight and incredible easy to store. Some models are wireless. It is a good cleaner for home small size and rapid cleaning.

According to experts, the best hand model is Black & Decker CHV1410L. It is surprising suction power. Li-ion battery provides the device for 15 minutes it is enough to perform the tasks for which handheld vacuum cleaner is designed. Comes with corner and combo brush.

Vacuum Cleaners-mops

The gap between manual and vertical models is vacuum cleaners-mops, which offer agility first and a cleaning ability second. It is convenient to store and easy to carry. These models typically operate on batteries, so allow you to clean where you can't get the model powered by. However, the vacuum cleaners of this type are less powerful than their upright competitors.

The Average cost-in the range from 1.5 to 35 thousand. the Average weight – at least 5 kg.

Distinctive characteristics of vacuum cleaners-mops are the ease and lack of power cord. They can be used for cleaning carpets and hard floors. Great for cleaning small debris. For reviews, good cleaner for home, which can be transferred without much difficulty, – Shark Rocket. It weighs only 2 kg. MOP copes cleaning pet hair, cleaning curtains and car. Comes with full set of necessary accessories.

According to experts, the best wireless vacuum cleaner-a MOP is Dyson V6. It weighs 2 kg, is well balanced, allowing you to lift it over his head, and easily transformirovalsya in a manual option. However, be aware that battery with a minimuminstalling capacity sufficient for 15-17 min. However, most owners appreciate this model and use it as a primary because of efficiency, it is not inferior to many vertical.

Dyson DC59 Motorhead


The Advantage of Central systems is the ease of use. They keep you from having to move the vacuum cleaner's body – the user holds only the handle of the brush that is connected with the suction hose with a length of 9-12 m, which is connected to a special outlet. Stationary systems are relatively quiet, because, usually installed in the basement or garage and rarely need to be cleaned of dust.

However, they are expensive and require professional installation. In addition, long hoses are bulky and occupy a lot of space.

According to experts, one of the best models is Central vacuum Purvac Barracuda, providing maximum suction power with minimum noise. Serves 400-800 sq. m. the capacity of the bag is 15 l.

In Addition to selecting the appropriate type of cleaner, the user before making a final decision, should be determined and some other issues.


The experience of using the different types of vacuum cleaners can come to the conclusion about the need to have more than one vacuum cleaner. Full-size car – a vertical or floor – perfect for a thorough seasonal cleaning. Smaller, more comfortable models – robots, mops and hand – can serve as an ideal tool for local cleaning.

A Good cleaner for home reviews referred to as convertible model which will take care of all your needs in one versatile device. Usually a full size car cannot be made smaller, but the vertical Shark Rotator Powered Liftaway can be turned into outdoor. Similarly, MOP-vacuum cleaner Black & Decker Stick turns into a hand when you need to get to hard to reach places.

Shark Rotator Lift Away was recognized the best universal model. Like upright vacuum cleaner it you'll be directed by the brush and a bright light. The presence of the hose, telescopic tube and accessories, including multipurpose and corner, easier cleaning of hard to reach places. Turbo brush easy to cope with pet hair. Outdoor version is easy to carry and is best suited for cleaning stairs.

Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean

Container or bag?

When buying a vertical or floor model will have to make a choice between disposable bags and reusable container. The bags hold more dust, but they do not allow to assess the degree of filling, without removing them from the cleaner. They also avoid the entry of dust into the air during disposal, but the need to regularly buy replacement parts.

The Popular models of containers have grown since the invention of the dual cyclone in the 1980-ies. These containers are made transparent to make it easier to determine the time to fill them. The container is freed and reused. It is still the need for filter replacement that will cost more, but it should be done less frequent than buying bags. Models with both versions of dust collectors are widely available, so choosing between them is a matter of personal preference.

The Best Bagless vacuum for the house is the Oreck Touch. This well-designed device, easy to use and with excellent features. At a cost of about 23 thousand. the model according to the feedback, represents the best offer among cars of high class.

Also the best rating of vacuum cleaners for the home, according to the experts, from the point of view of reliability is the Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean. It combines the functionality of high-end models, rugged build and low cost. Vacuum cleaner with long hose, transparent container with a washable filter and handle, HEPA filter, 3-level lever to adjust the height and cleaning system the turbo brush.

Powered by mains or battery?

Maneuverability MOP cleaner largely depends on how the power to the motor. Most models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, but if you want to clean the whole house without interruption, you should think about a device with a cord, for example, Shark Rocket.

Otherwise, you need to check the battery life of the battery, because, depending on the model it can vary considerably. You should also check the presence of the indicator of the battery level. Hate to interrupt harvesting for recharging of the battery. Not all models provide the user with information on the duration of the work, but the best cordless vacuum cleaner for your home, such as the Bissell Bolt Ion, equipped with useful displays.

vacuum Cleaner Shark Rotator Lift Away

Valuable additions

Most of the good vacuum cleaners for home offers lots of accessories and various advanced functionality. Most of them (for example, corner nozzle) is pretty standard. But there are features that users find particularly useful. Those who decides what is good vacuum cleaner when making a purchase decision can use theman important argument. These include:

  • Special nozzle for cleaning pet hair, especially with a rotating brush (like the Dyson v6 Motorhead), can facilitate the collection of wool for a fluffy pet;
  • Nozzle in the form of mops (like the Dirt Devil Lift &Go) simplifies cleaning of the parquet flooring;
  • Blade that clears the turbo brush from the accumulated debris on it (there are several models of the company Electrolux);
  • No filter, which reduces the need for regular maintenance (successfully used in recent upright vacuum cleaners, Dyson Cinetic).

Do you need a HEPA filter?

Today, the best rating of vacuum cleaners for home are equipped with special HEPA filter, which removes from the air of harmful allergens such as mold, smoke or dust. To some extent, do all the filters, but the more expensive variety must capture not less than 99.97% of particles.

Asthma, allergies, or those who are concerned about air quality, perhaps, is to draw attention to vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. On many models they are removable, allowing you to replace to wash them with water. The presence of a HEPA filter may seem really good, but some of the alternative cleaning systems demonstrated similar results. Therefore, pre-need inquiries – reducing emissions from different models can vary greatly.

About performance

The functionality in each category of machines for cleaning can vary greatly. Unfortunately, outside of a good cleaner for home, which are reliably correlated with the cleaning power, yet to find. Available as effective and inexpensive models, and devices with high power suction that do not work well. The cleaning quality depends on a combination of suction capacity, shape and design brush roller.

Choosing a good vacuum cleaner for your home can seem daunting. Produced a variety of models, varying in price and its functionality. First of all, you must determine the type intended for regular cleaning.

Is There a pet that sheds often? In this case, a good vacuum cleaner for the house will be a model with attachments for dust and hair stuck under furniture and in crevices.

If the vacuuming does not want to, but there is a desire to keep the house clean, the robot cleaner will reduce the frequency of regular cleaning.

You Need something like vertical machine, but easier? You should consider the purchase of cleaner-mops.

You do not need to be limited in their preferences, since each price segment you can find a great model. Therefore, those who decide what vacuum cleaner is better to buy for the house, you should think again. No need to focus on the most expensive options, believing that only they can properly do their job.

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