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The Foundation of any buildings – a well-designed Foundation. To ensure its durability need quality construction materials. Foundation block wall (this is the transcript of the FBS) will help you achieve success in creating robust designs with little cost.

What is FBS?

Transcript FBS

The Foundation blocks, designed to form the Foundation of the house, perfectly withstand the load and give the assurance that the house will be strong, despite possible errors in construction. They are made of reinforced concrete. Technical characteristics allow to use FBS for the erection of walls and erection of support buildings.

Apply the product in different types of construction, and they are very popular. FBS differ in durability, strength.

What they produce? The basis for the Foundation building blocks (FBS) used concrete – and light and heavy grades. Using reinforcement, they are strengthened, becoming a reliable building material. Form-box.

These blocks that with their help, the Foundation and walls to build easier and faster, you can reduce the financial costs. They help to properly distribute the load on the basis of construction and to make the walls strong, hardy.


Construction of the units should be accompanied by monitoring of each phase of work. The most crucial moment – technology performance of joints between components. Their thickness should not exceed 2 cm, it is desirable that it was equal to 1.5 cm Should monitor their filling, the correctness of the creation of expansion joints. FBS units (decoding acronyms – Foundation blocks wall) is not allowed to be laid so that seams between the first of them next to coincide with the termination of the Foundation.


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Laid in cement mortar. The technology is similar to a method of laying bricks. The blocks did not deviate from the vertical during work, use a plumb. For proper and smooth arrangement, in the process of construction of the first and the following floors are guided by the axes of the building. With the help of a drawing outlining the location of lighthouse blocks: for the erection of a building first placed in the corners and intersections of walls of the future building. Then you can pack the rest of FBS.


FBS blocks transcript

At the beginning of the break of the axle to the future foundations of the building. Prepare pits and trenches, align them. If the blocks are laid on sand, additional work is needed. In the case of work with a different type of soil required sand prisypka, wider than the blocks themselves. The bottom of pits before laying of FBS must be dry-no snow and rainwater.

During installation follow the drawings. At the beginning of the work stack majachnye blocks, the top is leveled with the help leveling. Fastened by means of cement on the basis of bricklaying. Monitor the quality of joints. The alignment of the walls of the basement and is made of CFC of the walls occurs at the inner surface. The joints should be pointed and filled in. Fundament - prefabricated and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages

PBS Foundation

First of all, special importance is the speed of construction of the building of the Foundation building blocks (FBS). The material is easy to process, convenient. Units can have mounting tabs, but produce FBS and without them.

There are different classes of strength of the material, depending on the concrete from which it is made: 7.5, 12.5, 15. There are variations of the surfaces of the blocks: for painting, tile, invisible in use, the front. FBS-durable material, resistant to wear and tear. It is easy to predict how it will behave under different conditions. Installation of FBS results in a strong thick wall that is resistant to damage.

The disadvantages include the high cost of the material. Furthermore, the units of FBS are particularly sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity. The cost kompensiruet the fact that the material gives the result quickly – the building is built without delay, without difficulties.

The Foundation blocks (FBS) in a short time to build a safe, durable building. Needs only to observe the main rules of working with the material and stick to technology.

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