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Despite the fact that the method of seedling in vegetable production is a very time consuming process, it is used by most gardeners. Planting seeds in open ground is an easy and convenient method, but it is effective only in certain climatic zones. In Siberia is practically useless to sow heat-loving plants in the open ground, because they still do not manage to grow the fruit during the short warm period of time they have left.

The pressing question for many remains the germination of seeds. How effectively performed this task, depends on further development of the plant. Sprouting allows you to raise the percentage of germination, increase the viability of seedlings, accelerate their growth and development. Today we will talk about different techniques, which uses green thumb to simplify this task.

germinating seeds

Basic gardening

It would Seem that there can be challenging. Germination of seeds occurs naturally. You can simply place them in a humid and warm environment. But the reality is not so simple. The seedlings that turn weak, it is killed. So, there are certain rules, following which you can significantly improve the germination rate.

Germination should occur in accordance with the peculiarities of biology of vegetable crops. Before becoming a green sprout, the seed must go through several stages of development. That is, he needs to swell, to sprout and grow. At each of these stages, he should be provided with optimal conditions. If you are going to navigate the needs of the plants you can grow strong seedlings and to a wonderful harvest.


Seed Germination is performed using this simple method. Despite the different methods by which the grower is trying to increase the effectiveness of their work, essentially it does not change. So the seed woke up, he needs to provide contact with moisture. Only then aktiviziruyutsya supply of nutrients. Even the temperature or availability of oxygen are not as important, but water is the beginning of a new life. But their importance is decisive for the next steps.

So, let's sum up a little of what was said. The germination of seeds before planting requires the following conditions:

  • Required moisture;
  • Heat;
  • The air;
  • Light.

After the seeds have sprouted, they can be sown in the ground. Maintaining optimal conditions, you'll get fast and friendly seedling growth.

experience the germination of seeds

Traditional method

It has its advantages and disadvantages. But let's take first things first. Each gardener has his own experience of seed germination. Most often it is performed by the classical scheme. Seeds are soaked in the bowl, and after the swelling is transferred into the soil. Now we must keep a suitable humidity and temperature to plants was an incentive to grow. To ensure the greenhouse effect the glass or package.

But growers often use other methods of growing seeds, which seem to them not only more convenient but also productive. Let's look at each of them, so you can form your own opinion.


He has not yet received widespread popularity, although we must admit that is quite progressive. It is well-established for the cultivation of cucumbers. So you may want to adopt. To do this, take the sawdust. They must be from hardwood and definitely stale. Fresh not suitable for these purposes, and coniferous sawdust.

Now the procedure itself. It is quite simple, it may well be familiar to every gardener. A shallow container is filled with sawdust and poured hot water. You must wait until the substrate is saturated with water. In parallel, there is and it to cool. That is, the temperature becomes comfortable for planting seeds.

Now it's time to plant the seeds. If they are endowed thick protective shell, i.e. the following technique to speed up germination. For this purpose, each seed needs to hold between the handles of the scissors and lightly press it to open. Do not overdo it, it does not need to flatten. The seeds are then laid out on the surface, prisypaya top with dry sawdust. Seeding depth of not more than 5 mm.

Capacity you need to put in a warm place and close the polyethylene. It is important to properly care for the seedlings, not to allow them to stretch. For this you need to harden the seedlings, that is, to lower the air temperature.

germinationseed before planting

Seedling without land

Not everyone wants from early spring to force the windowsills with boxes of earth. It's not very aesthetically pleasing, and creates some inconvenience. So growers went even further and found a way of growing plants without land. The quality of the seedlings is excellent. Conditions of germination of seeds is not too burdensome for the owner. This method has several advantages:

  • To embed seedlings require very little space.
  • The Root system is very strong, much better than plants that are grown in the ground.
  • Very pleased with the germination of seeds.
  • The speed of the fruiting of such plants overtake like those grown in the classical way.
  • Virtually eliminated the risk of blackleg.

Cons of alternative methods

When they hatch the seeds in nourishing soil, they immediately begin to extract nutrients. In this case the root system will develop in accordance with the number and quality of these substances are in the soil. What we see in the case bessmertnogo germination:

  • Seedlings do not get the nutrients and require regular fertilizing.
  • If you overdo the sprouts, the roots will cease to grow, and the trunks will be pulled out. As a result, the seedlings will completely unsustainable.
  • After the appearance of the first leaves to avoid picking in the ground. That is, the plants will still take up space on your windowsill.

Landless method of growing seedlings

If you still have not heard of germinating seeds in toilet paper, then this method may become a real discovery for you. It's pretty simple and very convenient, it does not require expensive devices. Everything you need you already have on hand. The basis will be the usual roll of toilet paper. But for convenience it is recommended to use an auxiliary material which will keep her shape. There are several ways, each of which has its own characteristics.

conditions for the germination of seeds

Plastic bottle

This is the easiest way that you can practice it on the windowsill every spring. It will take a minimum of time, and you can see all the germs, ready for further development. Need to prepare:

  • Large bottle. You can take 2 liters, but it is better to use a capacity of 5 litres.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Plastic bag.
  • The Knife.
  • Water.
  • Seeds.

The Bottle should be cut in half. On the bottom lay several layers of tissue paper and moisten it with water. After that, on the surface, lay the seeds and pack the container in polyethylene. Definitely need some holes to seed the air to flow.

The Conditions for the germination of the ordinary. You need to put a hothouse on the window, where it will be warm and light. The greenhouse effect eliminates the need to water the plants. The rate of germination of seeds increases several times. On the third day can appear the first shoots. But keep in mind that the layer of soil there, so as soon as the development of the root system, you will need to transplant the seedlings into another pot.

sprouting on the windowsill

The Moscow method

The Germination of seeds in the toilet paper is done in different ways. The above has its pros and cons, but it is not the only one. It is very convenient to use a makeshift greenhouse, created on the basis of cloth and paper. You will need the material at hand, which does not require material investments:

  • Toilet paper.
  • Buckram. You can take a crisp packet or a piece of tape that was left from last season.
  • Water.
  • Scissors.
  • Seeds.
  • Capacity for the resulting rolls with seeds. It can be cut off plastic bottle.
  • Filings.

Preparing greenhouse

The cloth should be cut into strips 12 cm Long can be any, it does not affect the result. They need to spread out on the surface of the table top and covered with toilet paper. Spray it with water and place the seeds at intervals of 4 cm Put the seeds closer to the middle. On top you need to cover with another layer of paper and spray again. Close another strip of film. It only remains to gently roll and fasten it with elastic bands.

Clipped To the bottom of a plastic bottle need to fill chips and some water. Now placed in of her rolls. While put on top of the package, but as soon as the first sprouts, it will need to be removed. When the plants are old enough, they can swoop down. Typically, this method is the germination of tomato seeds. Approximately 2-3 cm is the optimal size.

germinating seeds in the toilet

Snail laminate

There are plants that can handle a transplant. But others are extremely painful for picks, get sick and can die. The germination of pepper seeds is necessary to carry out delicately enough not to damage delicate roots. This is perfect sliced into strips, the substrate under the laminate. It cut into strips and then doing the same procedures as in the previous example.

What is the difference?You can do without picks. To do this when the shoots reached 2-3 cm, we should carefully deploy the snail, cover it with earth, and again to collapse. To the ground not scattered, it should be slightly damp. Now set obtained snails on the tray and don't forget to water.

What is good about this method: seedlings in "Raleigh" can be kept until it is sufficiently strong, it does not need mandatory swordplay – can be directly planted in the ground. No need to feed the plants – in a good soil is all they need.

germinating seeds in paper towels


Growing seedlings on a windowsill is not the most simple. Today we discussed several ways by which you can greatly simplify your life. Empirically you can choose the one that is the most convenient. To improve the growth and development of plants can be used for fertilizer.

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