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Wilanów Palace (Warsaw) — one of the most valuable monuments of Polish Baroque. The historic mansion was built in the late XVII century. However, each subsequent owner it was rebuilt.

wilanów Palace

History of the Palace

The Building combines traditional Polish manor house with parts of the Italian rural Villa and a French Palace. InJanowski Palace Built for the king of Poland Jan III Sobieski and Maria Kazimiera, his wife, the Italian architect Augustin Locci. Later it was rebuilt several times such architects as Giovanni Spatstsio, Jan Zygmunt, Deibel, Szymon Bogumil Zug, Peter Aigner and Francis Maria Lanci.

After the king's death the Palace was inherited by sons, and then — the property of noble families: magnates Senesky, Czartoryski, Lubomirski, Potocki and Branicki. Each family has made to the appearance of the building, in the interior of the Palace, the garden and its infrastructure and some changes. It should be noted that in 1805, at the initiative of the then owner stanisław Kostka Potocki, part of the Palace was devoted to the creation of one of the first public museums in Poland.

Interior and exterior

Wilanów Palace was declared a historical monument in 1994. The architecture of the Palace (facade with one-story wings in the semi-columns with pilasters) combines the art of building the European tradition of the old Polish manor. The Royal apartments, located in the Central part, decorated in the Baroque style. The interiors in the South wing — this is a real sample of the artistic style of the XVIII century. The Northern wing was decorated in the XIX century by count Potocki, the then owner of the manor.

wilanów Palace how to get

The Whole floor is dedicated to the Polish portrait gallery of XVI-XIX centuries. In the paintings of artists immortalized the image of the monarchs, representatives of great aristocratic families, artists, glorified the country. To the right of the main gate, visitors can see the neoclassical building of the so-called old kitchen, and guardhouse, was built in 1775–1776 years by the architect Tandem. The stables were placed under the leadership Lanci (1848–1850).

Wilanów Palace is surrounded by a garden on two levels. The Park was created according to the scheme of the French geometric plantings of the XVII-XVIII centuries. The landscaped portion of the pond retains the English character. The area is decorated with statues, fountains, and small samples of garden architecture.

Museum in the Palace

In 1805 on the initiative of Aleksandra and Stanislaus Kostka Potocki in Vilanova, the Museum was founded. Wilanów Palace became a state property since 1945. In 1954, when a thorough restoration works and found valuable frescoes and sculptures of the Palace and the Park began a new life. At the same time underwent a thorough reconstruction of the interior.

wilanów Palace, Warsaw

In 1962, the anniversary of the siege of Vienna, the Palace was opened to the public. The Museum operated until 1995 as a branch of the National Museum in Warsaw, and then was transformed into an independent institution. Since 2013 it is called the Palace Museum, king John III Vilanova. From the first years of the XXI century, the activities of the PANOPTICON is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of culture of the country.

wilanów Palace in Warsaw how to get

The Museum organizes temporary exhibitions, conferences and seminars, conducts research, publishes books both scientific and popular, organizes educational events dedicated to the cultural values and natural heritage Wilanów. Palace And the Park also became a venue for cultural events, concerts and meetings.

Wilanów Palace (Warsaw). How to get there?

The Palace Is open year-round except for late December and early January, as well as the most important religious holidays-good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, Christmas, Dormition and 1 November. The Palace is also closed to the public on Tuesdays.

The Cost of admission to the Museum is 20 PLN, reduced-15 in the Park — 5 and 3 respectively. On Thursdays the entrance to the grounds is free, but is conducted on the basis of a ticket issued at the box office.

Many tourists are worried about what the Wilanów Palace? How to get to it? It does not less frequently asked question. The Museum is located about 10 km from the centre of Warsaw, at the end of the historical Royal route. Right here numerous bus lines.

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