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This material is devoted to a description of the painting "lace" Tropinin. Though this work is not world famous, but it has important features, which further will be discussed.

A short biography of the artist

Vasily Andreevich Tropinin - amazing man of destiny. He was born in the family of a serf. Since childhood the famous artist showed talent in the depiction of people and animals. In his youth completed a course an auditor in St. Petersburg Academy of arts.

essay on painting, the Lacemaker

In the Mature age was emancipated. At that time, already famous artist was forty-seven years. Tropinin was the acknowledged master of the realistic and romantic portraits. The artist has always stressed the internal appeal. In the course of his career, the artist painted over three thousand portraits. Such works include the painting "lace".

Detailed description picture

In this work the painting "lace" I would like to focus on the history of the portrait. When a talented artist was free, he had to prove his skills for the rank in the Academy of arts. One of three paintings exhibited at the Commission, was "lace". The first thing that catches the eye when considering fabric, is a person, but rather the sight of the girl. It is soft and gentle. A slight smile touches the lips of masters. In the picture the girl weaves lace, and it seems that she for a moment raised his eyes to the artist. This moment managed to convey to the painter on the canvas. description of picture Tropinin's the Lacemaker


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Particularly noteworthy are the hands of masters. They are graceful and nimble fingers pressed against each other, we can only guess how difficult and painstaking work the girls. But in their skill, skills and skill. In composing the painting "lace" I would like to draw the attention of the viewer on the lower part of the canvas where it is possible to consider the result of the work girls: small piece of lace. Also in the picture you can see the tools for weaving: bobbin winder, a large number of which indicates the complexity of the pattern and the high craftsmanship of the simple workers.

Color palette painting

In the writing for the film "lace", pay special attention to the description of light in the picture. A feature of the style of the artist is to transfer the flood of sunlight. Russian painter perfectly coped with this task, and it gave the fall of the light beam on the girl's face. Basically, the artist chose soft colors, even gray. But surprising is the fact that the whole canvas looks both soft and solemn. The light falling on the girl's face, gives him a little mischievous look and also creating a romantic mood.

The impression of the picture tropinina "lace"

Let's Start simple. For students 4th grade essay on the painting "lace" Is an example of understanding the beauty of hardworking girls, who represented the people, its history and what I wanted to show artist: inner beauty of the common man. One moment. The sight of the girl, thrown at the viewer, or included in the minute man, full of curiosity. The hands froze for a moment, stop working. All this was transmitted by the artist with amazing simplicity and truth.

picture of the Lacemaker essay grade 4

Essay on the picture of the "lace" must convey the meaning of the picture itself, namely the attitude towards women as a beautiful decoration, but as a daughter, wife, mother, sister, whose work is invaluable and great roads. The image masters master have invested a lot of warmth. The work was exhibited in 1847 at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. From the first days it gained sympathy and was greeted quite warmly by the public. Today, this painting is highly valued, and to see the original in the Tretyakov gallery of Moscow.

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