"Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness": the value, meaning and alternatives


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There are some sayings that would seem to need no explanation, such as “teaching & ndash; light and ignorance – darkness”. But some still do not understand their meaning. But not only for such people is written by our article. In fact, our tip for all, because it is not only the value of the proverb, but something else.

learning is light and ignorance is darkness

“Knowledge – power”

So spoke bacon – one of the leaders of the New time. He was so active and energetic companion that died, conducting a science experiment. Our world would be completely unable to sign under his words. Reality obeys the professionals. They develop new gadgets, write books and texts on the Internet (journalists, for example). The world revolves around those who know something.

the meaning of learning is light and ignorance is darkness

If man learns nothing, he is not that success in life will not reach, all his life he will be a slave to the system and other people, so the “doctrine – the light, and ignorance – darkness”. However, to be completely honest, we should say that the person who successfully learns, not necessarily to become a big and important chief. In Russia, the reality is that “smart” often, on the contrary, to control others. And the secret is that you have the latest influential parents or other relatives. Thus, the fate of the educated man in Russia – be aware of their unenviable share, to suffer, to cry and to understand how things in the world. Of course, that is little consolation for those who think that by saying “doctrine & ndash; light and ignorance – darkness” can be motivated. But believe me, it is better to be aware of their existence, to make it light than to wander in the dark and think that the way it should be. However, we digress. Go to the value.



learning is light, ignorance is darkness of the proverb

Actually, it's not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand that value. The word “knowledge & ndash; light and ignorance – darkness” meaning is this: education – it was good, and the lack thereof – bad. And in our time it is especially important. The sociologist Ulrich Beck in the book “the risk Society. Towards a new modernism" notice that in the modern world is very high requirements for people. Higher education (U. Beck focused on Germany, of course) is a minimum requirement for any successful person in modern society. It is noteworthy that both in Russia and in Germany there is a glut in the market of specialists with higher education. For as many frames there are no jobs. This is true in the homeland of Pushkin, and in the homeland of Goethe.

Education in Russia

Even Vladimir Putin said that will be enough to be able economists and lawyers, they are already too much. But the universities have not heard the President's Directive and continued to cook nobody needs frames. Therefore, newly minted professionals after graduation was engaged in anything other the activities studied. Okay, we all know that we have two realities: the one – in fact, and the other – on the securities.

The Aphorism "doctrine & ndash; light and ignorance – darkness” gives definitely the right direction, but many, because of the strange requirements that even the cleaning woman in Russia must be higher education, go get it, not particularly caring about the light that will overcome and dispel darkness.

“Scientists & ndash; light and ignorance – pleasant shade”

In a modern interpretation of the classic aphorism can be viewed as anything. For example, we can say that this is a prank. And you can take this idea as a symbol of time. In today's Japan, one of the most popular causes of death – fatigue. And the inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun are constantly learning – this is a prerequisite to their professionalism.

Therefore, sometimes it really is better to stop and leave pleasing to the eye and heart of the gloom. In other words, the aphorism “scientists – the light, ignorance – darkness" (Proverbs actually, I should say, guide the person correctly) is correct, but it, like everything else, should be treated with caution.

In addition, it is necessary to recognize another unattractive fact: in Russia and in any country of the world there are people incapable of learning. Unfortunately, their destiny – the eternal darkness.

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