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The Nazarbayev University in Astana was created only six years ago. During this short period the University has established itself as an elite institution, combining the original traditions with modern training and the best educational model. This is confirmed by the increasing number of applicants and students, and a high level of knowledge of graduates. Compliance with all international standards of teaching contributes to the educational system of Kazakhstan to the world level. Today, Nazarbayev University has managed to become the focus of the research activities of the Republic.


The Annals of the University began six years ago, when in the fall of 2009, the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the institution. It approved the development strategy for the next three years. Then the University was called the “New University of Astana». However, in the summer of 2010 it was changed. Since then, the University is called the Nazarbayev University.

Nazarbaev UniversityThat fall the school opened its doors to its first students. The number of students rapidly increased with each passing year, and today the University receives higher education more than two and a half thousand people. And in 2015, the school awarded diplomas to its first graduates.

Goals and mission of the University

The University of Nazarbayev pursues a noble mission: to create a reference model, which serves as a model for all higher education institutions in the country. This is the first University in Kazakhstan, working on the principles of academic freedom and autonomy.

The Main objective of University is to prepare professionals who will subsequently contribute to the development and prosperity of the state. This is possible through the adherence to international standards the quality of teaching, careful study of international experience and implementation of innovations in educational process.

Nazarbaev University in Astana

University Structure

Today, the Nazarbayev University has seven schools and one center. They are trained in various areas, including: engineering, technology, Humanities and social Sciences, business, politics, education and medicine. For each of the faculties in several fields.

The Training is for 5-9 years, depending on the chosen direction of training. This suggests that Nazarbayev University, faculties and specialties which allow each applicant to choose the most attractive profession, and is a true symbol of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Different programs

Training in the institution is conducted in four programs. The first of these – Foundation. This is a preparatory course for high school graduates. It is followed by the bachelor, where you can get education in 16 specialties, and master's degree (doctorate). The fourth (and last) step is the program of increasing skill level. They serve to complement knowledge and skills in preparing both civil servants and top managers of small and medium business.

Nazarbaev University Bienestar

Research activities

The Nazarbayev University was conceived as an institution of research type, therefore, most attention is given to scientific work. Currently the Institute runs three centers.

The First of these – innovation system, Nazarbayev University – develops projects on energy technologies and study their impact on the environment and climate. His mission is of particular importance, as Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources. Thus, the work of the Centre contributes to the growth of the energy sector.

An Important aspect of the University are the developments in the field of medicine and healthcare. This deals with the so-called Centre of life Sciences. The goal of his work – the development of knowledge in the field of nature and medicine, and use the received information for prevention of various diseases and prolongation of life.

The Center of educational policy of the University is engaged in extensive research in the relevant field. Its main goal-the creation of innovative projects in this field, the study of experience of foreign systems, make recommendations for the reform activities.

Today the University has about 45 research laboratories, is working on more than 80 projects. On higher level activities is confirmed by numerous scientific works published in national and international journals and patents granted to experts of the center.

Nazarbaev University of gratteri

International relations

Another argument positively characterizing the Nazarbayev University – Bienestar, or international relations. The University is famous for its close contacts with leading educational institutions in the world. Strategic partners of the University are the largest American and British higher education institutions. The University supports the student exchange program and also acceptstraining of foreign citizens. In addition, the best students of the University are given the opportunity of internships in foreign educational institutions-partners.

It is Worth noting that the majority of teachers of the University – foreigners, who came here from the US, UK, Australia and other countries. Invited professors from partner universities. Also has a program of exchange of teachers and joint research.

International cooperation is one of priority directions of activities of the University. This is, without doubt, contributes to the output of the education system of Kazakhstan to the world level.

Nazarbaev University the bachelor

What to do in University?

All of the above to see how many opportunities for quality education and successful career gives Nazarbayev University. How to go to this University? This question is highly relevant and interested a large number of applicants. However, be aware that the University places the highest demands on applicants. So to be his student is not easy.

As mentioned, there are the following education programs ucebnom institution with the name of Nazarbayev University: undergraduate, graduate (PhD) and postgraduate courses. There is also the possibility of pre-University preparation-Foundation. Accordingly, each program has its own conditions of admission.

So, to become a student the basic Foundation course, applicants must apply and register online. After that you need to pass the entrance exams. Training on the undergraduate as possible for graduates of the basic course and directly after secondary schools. The highest requirements are put before entering the master's or doctoral degree. This experience, and recommendations, which includes the characteristics of the professional qualities of the candidates.

The Cost and conditions of learning

Many students are interested in, make use of Nazarbayev University granturi, or grants that allows you to learn at the expense of state and sponsorship investments? Yes, this is possible. The state allocates grants that cover all expenses for the training, so applicants who successfully reach the entrance examinations, have the opportunity to engage in free of charge.

So in 2013–2014 was education provided in the Preparatory center for five hundred students. In addition, grants Nazarbayev University will provide free accommodation in the hostel, and involved in the program preparatory to and meals at state expense. There is also the option of paid training. First of all it concerns the master's and doctoral programs, however, it is possible for undergraduate students. In this case, the cost will be about 21 500 dollars per year.

Tuition at the University is conducted in English.

grants Nazarbayev University

Student life

Nazarbayev University cares about the comprehensive development of its students. Therefore, in addition to training in the specialty, the students have the opportunity to engage in various clubs and organizations of the University. Everyone can choose something for everyone: culture and art, different types of art.

Much attention is paid to health and physical training of students is therefore an integral part of University life is a sport. In my spare time any young person can engage in University centre with experienced trainers. And it's not only recreational activities, but also prestigious tennis competitions at the local, national and international levels.

 Thus, the Nazarbayev University-the University is really high-class center of education and research activities in the country that serves the prosperity and successful future of Kazakhstan.

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Hello! You have some mistakes in the text. The university opened its doors for students in 2010 or 9 years ago. You wrote 6. It is not an elite but a merit-based institution. And current # of students is about 5 000 people. Do you have contacts of the person who prepared this article? Thank you

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