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In the film “Mission impossible 3" of the actors and Director J. J. Abrams tried not to lose the excitement of the first two films. To help such a legend as Tom cruise, his partner on the set was elected to star actor Philip Hoffman.


For work on the project “Mission impossible 3" of the actors had already gathered a bit in the new line. After effective work in the previous two missions, the main character Ethan hunt no longer wants to save the world and then take another left to experience the pleasure. Now the hero is pleased to share the experience with the younger generation of agents. He teaches cadets, and even started a family. How long such an idyll in the life of Ethan?

Soon he would again have to risk their own and their colleagues to rescue an innocent man in trouble.

The Unstoppable Ethan hunt performed by Tom cruise couldn't stay long on the rest. He will return to work for the salvation of his pupil from the hands of another well-known crime of the villain. All goes according to plan, and will have several times to make adjustments to it.

mission impossible 3 actorsThis time, in addition to old colleagues, his command a couple of new agents. The actors of the movie “Mission impossible 3”

and Eddie Marsan.

- Maggie q.

Keri Russell.

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

- Michelle Monaghan.

- Billy Crudup.

- Tom cruise.

- Ving Rhames.

- Philip Seymour Hoffman.

- Simon Pegg.

And this is not a complete composition.

The old-timer Tom cruise

The project “Mission impossible 3" of the actors got a good push in the career. But Tom cruise was filmed here at the age of 44 years in the status of a movie star with a world name and the undisputed recognition in Hollywood. After the first two “missions” he began doing stunts in the frame. In his age he remains in good physical shape (1962 year of birth).


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Among his achievements is to specify 3 of the award «Golden globe» and 3 nomination «Oscar» all 3 times there wasn't one more step to the top in film. The Academy somehow decided not to award him a statuette.

The Undisputed recognition and critics, and the audience brought him the film “Magnolia”, in which he starred at the age of 37 years. Since that time, Tom experienced an enviable rise in his career. He claims the glory of the most famous stars in Hollywood history.mission impossible 3 actors and roles

Outstanding actor Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014) five years younger than the actor, but hardly could boast at least the same physical form. And yet his acting talent is recognized the most popular in cinema and in theatre. From Hoffman's success story is mostly from a great acting school and experience on stage and in film. Among his partners in the shooting were real legends such as Robert De Niro and Tom cruise, and the prototypes of his characters was a very influential personality. Versatile ability in acting is confirmed by the most diverse role.

His colleagues recognize the undeniable professionalism in the game. Philip gathered rave reviews from critics and fans with no outstanding physical abilities and external data. Just a great performance of the role. In the third “mission” she starred at the age of 39 years and 47 years, was found dead in his house.the actors of the movie mission impossible 3

The Heirs bond

Working on the project “Mission impossible 3" of the actors and the Director left a lot of space for special effects. With so many dangerous stunts, the film's protagonist Ethan, of course, is the tradition of James bond in the frame. A leading intelligence agent also combines analytical skills and physical fitness. J. J. Abrams from his Director's seat was interlaced with sharp, the plot the love story and drama with lots of fighting, shooting and chases.

In the film “Mission impossible 3" actors and roles continued the idea of the first two films, but the filmmakers still managed to surprise its audience. They fully justified the high expectations.

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