The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador". Meanings and images


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The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador" Vyacheslav Butusov became known to the General public in 1997. She became part of the sound track of the famous film by Alexei Balabanov, "Brother 2". Today it listens to the second generation of fans of Russian rock. In a situation when a musical "DIY" forgotten on the second day after their performance, almost twenty years of my life for a song - a very advanced age. "Gibraltar Labrador" is not the only masterpiece that has survived to our time from the era of the nineties. This kind of particle at that time. Clung to him the definition of "dashing nineties". Perhaps it perfectly expresses things. But only those years were neither stupid nor incompetent.Gibraltar Labrador

"Gibraltar Labrador": what is this song about

The Most common mistake in the perception of this work is to attempt to understand it from the point of view of elementary common sense. He doesn't work here. This song is simultaneously about nothing and about everything. She has her own internal logic and energy. The best minds tried to analyze the "Gibraltar Labrador". The text is laid out on the components and tried to figure out what it is encrypted. A simple idea that is a surreal flow of ideas and images that come to mind not to everyone. Here are all interconnected, paradoxical reflections and multi-refractions. To understand it is absolutely not obligatory, that you can just enjoy. Hit Butusova evokes strong emotions. "Gibraltar Labrador" love or reject, but few people this song leaves me cold. Even those who proclaim this piece of stupid nonsense, say it with concealed envy. They understand who in this situation is stupid, the song or its critic.Gibraltar Labrador Nautilus


"Gibraltar Labrador", “animals”. What happened next

This is the most famous Russian rock band under the management of Vyacheslav Butusova ceased to exist more than ten years ago. But the glory of it grows and becomes stronger. All who care about the poetics and imagery of Russian rock, you know by heart and "Gibraltar-Labrador" and all the rest of the creative legacy of this team. The leader and founder of "Nautilus of Pompilius" continues a solo career. What he writes is very creative in its own way interesting. But, to the regret of their fans, for all the past decade, he has not created anything that could stand next to the masterpieces of his early work.Gibraltar Labrador text

In film

Without the energy of Russian rock is difficult to imagine the films of the famous Director Alexei Balabanov. Sometimes it seems that this music in his films "Brother" and "Brother 2" is even too much. But it is intonation nerve and allows the author to say much more than that you can make a traditional cinematic means. Absurdist "Gibraltar Labrador" bright colors characterizes the world in which the action of the militants Balabanov. This technique is equally effective in reflecting such realities are not similar to each other cities, like St. Petersburg and Chicago. Music "Nautilus of Pompilius" does not lose its expressiveness and in Illinois.

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