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Audiences love films with participation of actors of the ordinary. So in the eyes of many was Ewan McGregor. His filmography includes more than sixty works, with diverse and multifaceted. Evan with equal success, delves into the images of rich and poor, happy and unhappy. He is subject to even an alien mind, and his bright eyes irritate not one woman's heart. As he appeared in the movie? What are his life plans? And how did you pronounce his name?

Ewan McGregor filmography

First steps

In the Spring of 1971, in the small province of Crieff in Scotland was born a boy and named him Ewan Gordon McGregor. Already by the name we can conclude about the glorious lineage of the family. The mcgregors – an ancient Scottish clan with its legends. So, rumor has it that his ancestor was a son of the king of Scots Kenneth. Father Ewan, James Charles Stuart, worked as a physical education teacher and was a school consultant protransilvania. And his mother, Carol Diane Lawson, worked at a school for children with disabilities. Except Ewan, the family is the eldest son of Colin, they have a difference of two years. Now Colin is the pilot of the military air forces of great Britain. There is a family of creative personality – uncle of Ewan, mother of Denis Lawson. He starred in the epic "Star wars”, where she played the role of Wedge Antilles and piloted a tie fighter. This element of the biography it has in common with star nephew. Nine years Ewan was confident in his desire to become an actor. Such a determination can envy not only of many Hollywood celebrities, but almost all children.

Time to learn

filmography Ewan McGregor

The Academy Morrison passed the education of all children of the family of Mcgregors. May have been affected by the fact that the father here worked as a teacher. It should be noted that the name Ewan not very convenient for pronunciation, and remembered it a little harder than was required for a successful career in the movies. So often the actor called Ewan McGregor. His filmography is filled quickly, but he began by modern standards, later at the age of 16, when he took a job at the Perth Repertory theatre.

And first to play was not offered, and gave a simple working-technique. The payment was small – almost £ 50 a week, but Evan was willing to do anything to get closer to the stage. A dream come true on the set of the show “the Message to India”, where the guy is given the lead role.


The Song

The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador". Meanings and images

The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador" Vyacheslav Butusov became known to the General public in 1997. She became part of the sound track of the famous film by Alexei Balabanov, "Brother 2". Today it listens to the second generation of fans of Russian rock. In...

A Movement in the right direction

Stage experience gave you confidence and perseverance. Now Evan went to the school of drama and music Gildhall, which moved to London. By the end of the study, a proposal to play in the film of Dennis Potter's "lipstick on your collar". By the way, this work is most important for McGregor, as it influenced the literacy of his behavior in front of the camera and gave valuable professional skills.

Getting the path

The First big role was in for the actor in 1993, when the screens released film “being human”. But before that, there were a number of television films and the role of the second plan. The attention of the audience and critics, the actor has drawn in 1994 after her role in the movie "Shallow grave", but truly successful was in 1996, when rocked iconic for American teenagers picture “Trainspotting”. For McGregor it was a starring role. In parallel, a job and personal life, until the beginning of the film, a young man met Eva Mavrakis, charming Frenchwoman working kinodizayn. The age difference of 4 years in favor of eve does not become a hindrance for a relationship, the couple soon tied the knot. To their Union two daughters – Clara Mathilde and Esther rose.


In 1997, Evan played in the episode of «Ambulance». It's his favorite TV show. For the first time he received a negative role and was ready to take a shot of the audience itself. By the way, these actions were justified because the rating of the actor rushed up. Still, the appearance of MacGregor speaks of inner nobility, so basically he was offered the role in the intellectual cinema, which is not always held in high esteem. But everyone likes blockbusters. “Star wars” George Lucas made Macregor a star worldwide. Moreover, this effect was only given the first episode of the epic, and the second and third parts fastened it and picked up Macregor in the ranking of highest paid actors in Hollywood. He got the role of Obi WAN Kenobi, the mentor of the main character. Despite the fact that the role was not the main, the audience is remembered as the main opponent of Darth Vader Ewan McGregor.
movies Ewan McGregor complete filmography

Filmography and sacrifices for work

For youth tapes “Trainspotting” McGregor had to, because he felt that the painting will be successful. The actor changed beyond recognition, reached complete exhaustion, as he played a drug addict. Besides, it was necessary to study the behavior of what Evan had visited Edinburgh drug dens. A year after the filming of the auditions for the painting “Emma” Evan caused serious doubts about the Director Douglas Macgrath, because he thought that the actor's problems with heroin. How to make a typical addict nice young man 1850? It was another test of will for the actor, but he did it and took the role. As he considers EvanMcGregor filmography it is a clear proof of how properly to experience a series of UPS and downs. It is this contrast that makes us stronger and wiser, stimulates career growth. Evan knows that for sure and trying to improve; in 2000, he became the producer of the film “Nora”, where he played a major role.

New stage

In many ways, a landmark for the actor was the role in the musical by baz Luhrmann “Moulin Rouge”. Here McGregor revealed his talent as a performer, his voice became a decoration extravaganza of colors in the picture. Yes and the partner does not disappoint! The film's success is not overshadowed even family scandal Nicole Kidman and her divorce with Tom cruise. In the story the picture was intentionally written for Evan. His character – a modest and talented young man experiencing his first love. Alas, his lover turns out to be an expensive courtesan, who also wished for a wealthy Duke. What will win: love or money? The picture keeps the tension, though, does not remain completely dramatic. Harmony of feelings, beauty and music. After the movie Evan again quietly went underground and some time not appeared in public. This is his usual trait, because he has a very negative attitude to the photographer. He even participated in the organization of society "People against paparazzi".


I Must say that as a child Evan went to Sunday school. Here he also participated in theatrical productions based on biblical stories. He has developed and musically: in high school played the French horn and was a drummer in the school orchestra. Besides, the guy played drums in the group. In the struggle of interests movie won for several reasons. First, Evan likes black and white films of the 1930-ies. And secondly, he regularly fell in love with the Actresses after watching the movies and wanted to be with them on the same level.

On the set of the Thriller "Shallow grave" relied on luck Ewan McGregor. Filmography, biography, and experience novice Director Danny Boyle spoke in favor of the actor. In fact, it was the first film Boyle. But the work was a success and it was followed by three joint project influenced the career development of Evan. The preparation work was thorough. For example, before filming "Shallow grave" of all the actors lived together in one apartment, to get used to each other and appreciate the meaning of the plot. Premiered at the international festival in Portugal, where, by the way, the film has received recognition as the best film of the year. He Evan got the first film from a major British magazine Empire.

The World

Ewan McGregor filmography biographyThe hero of our article extensive filmography. Ewan McGregor, meanwhile, remains secretive man and does not demonstrate his personal life. He is not seen in scandals, does not conflict with the producers and partners. Critics mostly speak positively of him. For example, the famous Rolling Stone magazine has compared the picture “Trainspotting” with “an injection energy”. In 1996 added a new project filmography, Ewan McGregor starred in the drama "the diary", where for the first time in its practice played a bisexual with a secret mania for calligraphy. Film critics have called highly sensual and erotic.

Bad experience

Not always a very good chose movies Ewan McGregor. Complete filmography has several failed works. In particular, in 1997 the actor played Martin Bells, a watchman at a morgue in the Thriller “Night duty”. The resonance pattern is not caused, and in the office collapsed – only a million dollars of fees. Then came the role in “Kiss of the snake». This is the directorial debut of Philip Russo, who worked as a operator. McGregor got the role of the Dutch architect Chrome. The reviews were contradictory, so the picture was immediately released on video. No better was the reaction to the drama «better than usual”, which became the third collaboration of McGregor and Boyle. Evan played the janitor, Robert, who stole the boss's daughter fell in love with her after the intervention of angels. The film earned nearly $ 12 million, and was on the verge between cool and sharp. But his role brought to film. The main job of the actor is not only movies. Ewan McGregor full filmography of which close to one hundred works, founded the company Natural Nylon along with friends. It functioned until 2004, was released six pictures.
Evan McGregor ewan mcgregor filmography

Present and future

In the archive of the actor's many provocative works, such as drama ‘Velvet goldmine", where he played together with Jonathan Rhys-Myers. The main characters were sexy scenes, but also music, where McGregor was filmed naked. More recently, the role of the Scottish pop group auditioned actor. By the way, in professional circles, it is still known as Evan McGregor (Ewan Mcgregor). Filmography of the actor, alas, is not replenished with this work, because Courtney Love having rights to the book-the source, reacted negatively to his candidacy. After that, Evan took a vacation and went round the world trip on motorcycles.

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