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In recent years, Hollywood has a huge number of new faces. They come to America from different parts of the world, trying as quickly as possible to realize your dreams. Often these people are indeed very talented and is able to achieve the desired in any way possible. This primarily refers to young Directors, who do not hesitate to experiment with genres and bring them something new. And one of such people is undoubtedly Stewart Hazeldine. At the moment, his filmography consists of just two films. However, each of them eventually became a commercial sense.

"the Shack" - a new word in the genre of fantasy

In this article we will talk about his recent directorial work entitled "the Shack". The film of 2017 was very atypical for fantasy. It touched on many important topics. And all this spiced with brilliant acting and quality special effects.

the shack movie reviews

From the article, you will learn detailed information about the actors and other members of the crew.

Plot of the film "Cabin"

Until recently, the life of Mack Phillips was more than successful. He was everything the man dreamed in his younger years. But overnight, he loses everything. So at this point in time he is going through a serious personal tragedy, to cope with which will be incredibly difficult. None of the relatives and friends of people could not manage to get Poppy out of the depression.

Octavia Spencer

But soon his whole life is changed. The main character gets the opportunity to meet with God Almighty. To do this he will be in some remote cabin. But the main character conversation with God? And why God wanted to communicate with him? Mac to discover these and many other truths that will allow him to look at the world in new ways.


The Director of the film "the Shack" (USA), as we mentioned above, was the British filmmaker Stuart Hazeldine. Before the filming of "Hut" on account of Stewart was only one job. We are talking about a cult in our country, the Thriller "the Exam". It told an incredibly tense story, the events that occurred during the selection of several employees on a large position in a successful company. Everyone one present wanted to get a coveted job and was willing to go to any lengths to achieve this goal. Movie not had a major box office success both in Europe and in America. However, the feedback was predominantly positive. Many noted the incredibly original script and quality for a debut Director.

However, despite all this, in the Director's chair Stewart Haselden did not return for many years. The reason for that could be a box office bomb, which brought some loss of the Studio engaged in the production of "test". And only now, many years later, the Director once again entrusted the project. This time off he had not in his native Britain and in Hollywood. It is still unclear why the producers fell on Stuart Hazeldine, given its small experience. Nevertheless, the Director of "Hut" is well coped with his work, creating a significant motion picture in 2017, it is successfully passed in both the United States and outside the States.

Tim McGraw

It is Noteworthy that initially the role of Director and performer supporting roles wanted to play the famous actor forest Whitaker, is well known to all lovers of modern American cinema. In 2014 he negotiated, but they were not successful.


Also noteworthy is the fact that as the operator of the movie The Shack was made by an experienced Declan Quinn, who you may know for his work on the following films: "Vanya on 42nd street", "Leaving Las Vegas", "28 days," "Breakfast on Pluto" and "new York, I love you." In the "Shack" also played a prominent role, giving this story a lot of new colors.


And finally, we should mention that The Shack was also recorded acoustic version of the song Stars. Performed incredibly successful in the world of Christian rock band Skillet.


In the cast of the film included as a more or less known to the mass audience actors, and very young boys and girls. So it makes sense to mention the most important actors of "Hut".

Starring Sam Worthington

In the dramatic fantasy "the Shack," Sam Worthington has suddenly received a major role. This actor many are accustomed to seeing all sorts of action movies and blockbusters. But as it turned out in the end, Mack Phillips in his performance was more than convincing. The actor brilliantly coped withthe task entrusted to it, and certainly did not look out of place in the film.

the shack

Sam Worthington-Australian actor, born August 2, 1976. Most of the life this man has lived in Sydney. That's where the future actor of Hollywood has got the appropriate education at the National Institute of dramatic art. It was there that Sam learned all the basics of acting, and as a result was able to break on the big screen. However, the success of the actor also came not immediately. Before fame, for many years Sam Worthington was forced to do minor roles in not the most visible and expensive projects.

The First attempts to get a place in Hollywood for Sam steel auditioned for the role of the new James bond in 2006. But as you know, instead of Worthington was then selected Daniel Craig, who continues to play the role of 007 to this day. But Sam was not discouraged and continued to attend various auditions. And thus, luck has smiled to the Australian. He was seen by James Camerona, who was involved in the development of its new large-scale project "Avatar". In 2009 the film was released on the big screen and produced a real revolution in world cinema. Suddenly Sam Worthington became a world star. Offers poured in one after the other. In the same year he played the title role in the fourth part of the successful blockbuster "Terminator: salvation". Only the feedback he had already rather negative than positive.
 the cabin movie 2017

A year Later, thanks to its stunning physique, Sam continued to establish themselves as the hero of fantastic thrillers. And this time the Australian was lucky enough to try on the image of Perseus in the film clash of the titans. Among the huge number of militants and thrillers in his career the actor has also observed a much more dramatic role. This primarily refers to the movie "Everest" in which Sam played the role of one of the freight forwarders, who made a famous ascent in the past. The movie was vivid and intense, and could become a hit rolled. However, the full extent of the dramatic ability of the actor is revealed in the "Shack", which will definitely please all fans of his creative activity.

O. Spencer

The Role of God in the film suddenly went quite well-known actress Octavia Spencer. I must admit that many have doubts about the fact that the woman will eventually be able to cope with such a difficult way. But in fact, Spencer even exceeded all possible expectations. Largely thanks to her acting, the film was a solid success. Then we present to your attention a brief biography of the actress.

Octavia Spencer was born on 25 may 1970 in Alabama. There she received the highest education in the Humanities. However, she soon came to the conclusion that he wants to connect his life with film. But the beginning career has developed for Spencer not as successful as many other stars of the present day. The actress ' debut was in 1996 in the court drama "a Time to kill". That's only role was episodic and very few people noted.

For more than a decade Octavia Spencer was forced to do small roles in movies and on television. And only in 2010 it finally came the long-awaited glory. It happened thanks to the dramatic film "the Servant", which became one of the biggest hits of the rental. In the end, Octavia was nominated for several major awards. She even managed to get the "Oscar" for best supporting actor. Hardly an actress before that could even think about such a resounding success that it had fallen.

hut the plot of the movie

And, despite more than forty years of age, the actress began to invite all sorts of major Hollywood projects. In particular, you could see her in the films "the Station Frutal", "Through the snow" and the dystopian franchise "Divergent". A second major achievement in her career is rightly considered the recent biographical drama "Hidden figures" which also was nominated for "Oscar" in 2017.

T. McGraw

Tim Macgraw played the role of Willy. In contrast to the aforementioned personalities, he is known not only for its appearance in various films and television series, how much of a music career. For more than 20 years, McGraw is one of the brightest representatives of the country, repeatedly winning top of the charts. Tim no problem collects the whole halls and toured the world with new hits. Many musicians eventually decide to try their hand at the movie. But that's just not for everyone, lack of talent.

However Tim McGraw quite well fit into the overall storyline, adding to it his incredible charisma. Soif you're liking his acting, I advise you to get acquainted not only with his other work in films, and musical albums.

Film "the Shack": what the critics say

As always, the critics had a chance to see this movie long before it came out in wide release. The "shack" was able to break into numerous film festivals, where the film received the first assessment. That's just turned out they are not as what they wanted to see the film. Journalists are unable to penetrate the whole depth of this dramatic story, with the result that the film was rather negative than positive reviews. Many critics did not like it was a story that seemed to them inferior and even primitive.

cabin cast

Also, the reviews of the movie "the Shack," critics noted that they were not impressed and the work of the actors, despite the fact that caste was attended by famous personalities. But that's exactly what had to appeal to all, without exception, is the brilliant camera work. In this regard recensiti were unanimous.

Customer Feedback

Regular viewers, as often happens, took movie where loyal professionals. So the vast majority of reviews about the film "Hut" and a positive assessment on sites above average. Many ordinary lovers of massive movie and fell in love. They were well aware that the film is unlikely to be a masterpiece and will go down in the history of the film industry. However, despite this, the "Hut" allows you to spend a free evening. Moreover, according to reviews, the film "Hut" also makes one think about many important things.

As you know, is not always necessary to listen to opinion of others. You should see the movie and objectively evaluate it. Long known, how many people-so many opinions. One can say with certainty – the film definitely worthy of attention.


Eventually we got one of the most underrated films of this year. Unfortunately, such films are extremely difficult to compete with much larger projects. But despite this, the film "Hut" (2017) will pay off in the worldwide box office, as his budget was not some kind of transcendent. So to all lovers of unusual and to some extent the author's cinema this film is mandatory viewing.

And we can only hope that the next movie Stuart Hazeldine it will be much sooner than 8 long years. This man definitely has impressive talent that needs to be disclosed.

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