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Today we tell about a writer by the name of Marat Bulanov. The author considers himself a freelance artist. Writes modern prose. Also from his pen out of a poem.


Marat BulanovMarat Bulanov born in 1961, September 7, in Perm. She studied at the art-pedagogical faculty at a local Institute of art and culture. Part of the life he devoted to journalism. Worked in the field of differential psychophysiology. Creative activity has become engaged since the beginning of 2000-ies. Published in anthologies, magazines and Newspapers. The first book was published in 2011 and in Moscow. It is called “familiar”. Other books: “the Yakut stories”, “So bright was the word”, “Chronicle of a drop”, “Political genetics”, “Faces of the subconscious”.


The Book “familiar” was released in 2011. In it Marat Bulanov describes truly in-love heroine. She is not afraid to speak to strangers about their feelings. Love-blind. She can be ruthless and cruel, especially if there is an animal poison of jealousy. Passions eventually leads to rash actions, dirty quarrels, the desire to settle scores with life and illness loving person, heartlessly abandoned in difficult times. We are talking about a very controversial work.

The Book “Chronicle of a fall" was also published in 2011. According to some critics, it Marat Bulanov managed to find an organic combination between the extraordinary truthfulness of the exciting life story with the depth and seriousness of thought. Work in simple language tells of a painful disease, hoping for the best, bitter failures, the search for oneself, jealousy and unrequited love. The author talks about the talented people who failed to realize itself and roll downhill. The hero of the novel is coming to the line.

In 2012, he published a book called “Political genetics”. In it the author asks a question about contradictions of human relations. People are selfish by nature. But why is this trait most often wins out over altruism?. On such important questions and tries to answer the author.


Marat Bulanov reviewsNow you know who Marat Bulanov. Reviews of his work are very diverse now and we will discuss them. Often readers strengths publications by this author include plenty of colour illustrations. The style of presentation not everyone likes. In addition, not every person can buy the author's book in stores, because they come in small numbers.

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